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  1. Is baseball no longer using Driller Park?
  2. The note at the end refers to scrimmages. That money goes to the chapter. Officials are not paid for scrimmages
  3. Yes. Football is the only sport where "gate" still factors. You can google uil 1204 and see the pay for all sports in Texas In East Texas, $200 would be an extremely high game fee. Matt Steps assertation that many guys get more than that is probably more true in the areas with a lot of large schools. Officials do get paid mileage. Some schools fudge on the gate as well. Not a perfect solution out there, but I wish they would raise the Varsity pay and get rid of the gate. Subvarsity pay has gone up in recent years...but I would not complain if it were higher. The officials that love the gate are the ones that only work 5A and 6A games. Plus gates can be large in the playoffs as well.
  4. Come join us on the 17th. You can show us what in shape looks like.
  5. There is a chapter in Longview and one in Tyler. Coverage areas overlap. Longview chapter has more games to the east. There is a chapter in Longview and one in Tyler. Coverage areas overlap. Longview chapter has more games to the east.
  6. You guys like to talk about football, but do you have what it takes to be a Football Official? There is a need for more Football Officials all across the state of Texas and East Texas is know different. Come and be a part of the Tyler Chapter of the Texas Association of Sports Officals. Training is provided. We have an Informational Meeting on Monday July 17th at TJC West Campus in room 101. The meeting will begin at 6:30 and last approximately 1 hour. For more information check us out on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/tylertasofootball/
  7. And I thought they would automatically start out 5-0
  8. Don't know if the OC is leaving, but Maddox is going to be the OC.
  9. Matt Stepp (‪@Matt_Stepp817‬) 6/21/17, 3:29 PM Marshall has withdrawn from the Rowlett SQT likely will be subject to a one yr SQT ban #txhsfb #tx7on7 https://twitter.com/Matt_Stepp817/status/877624600057786369
  10. I agree 100% the sub-varsity teams have not been very competitive lately. Hopefully more numbers will mean more people can play at the lower levels.
  11. Jacksonville won the other semi. They are off to CS as well
  12. San Augustine, and Carthage Qualify for state. Palestine and White Oak lost in the semifinals. Palestine will host an SQT on 6/17 trying to advance to state.
  13. They will have to beat a great team in Central Heights to make it to the state title game....a little luck goes a long way this time of year.
  14. The days rest will still apply. It is basically 2 one game series. The days of rest will still apply, so if you throw more than 30 pitches in the semi you can't pitch in the final.
  15. Thats a pretty easy solution. I like the hire. Hopefully he will be given time to build a program and get the students excited about football again. Needs to stay a while. Hopefully he will want to and the administration will allow it....might be a reboot with a new offensive system possibly coming in.
  16. https://twitter.com/Matt_Stepp817/status/871688280126873604
  17. I believe it is Travis Jackson. He was at Overton...when they made several runs to Austin. Then he went to Mineola. This is his first year at CH. The previous coach, Robert Ellis is now the pitching coach for Panola Junior College. His son, Duke played CF for Panola this year and could possibly be drafted next month.
  18. Was just about to say what MattStepp said. See you in June
  19. They may not have their own field, but the playing surface at the field Panola and Carthage share is just about the best natural grass baseball surface in East Texas. Have not seen it in a year or so, but Jacksonville's used to be extremely nice as well.
  20. I would think rescheduled is the better word.
  21. Originally the Hallsville game one and the Bullard Canton one game were both going to happen on Thursday. Not sure why it changed. Hallsville Frisco was going to play first followed by the Canto Bullard one Gamer. I kind of wonder if someone else is using Mike Carter earlier on Saturday as well. 3pm is a late start for a Saturday game 2. If it goes 3 games it will mean a late start for TJC which is scheduled to play North Arkansas in a 3 game series to begin at 7pm on Saturday with a DH on Sunday. Lots of baseball this time of year.
  22. Lee lost to Oak Ridge 10-0, 3-1 two game sweep
  23. Having left Lindale, Scotty Albritton is the new Boys Basketball coach at Frankston.
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