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  1. Originally the Hallsville game one and the Bullard Canton one game were both going to happen on Thursday. Not sure why it changed. Hallsville Frisco was going to play first followed by the Canto Bullard one Gamer.


    I kind of wonder if someone else is using Mike Carter earlier on Saturday as well. 3pm is a late start for a Saturday game 2. If it goes 3 games it will mean a late start for TJC which is scheduled to play North Arkansas in a 3 game series to begin at 7pm on Saturday with a DH on Sunday. Lots of baseball this time of year.

  2. Is Tyler ISD going to finally renovate the press box or the bleachers for the grassy field in the Horshoe? In all the games that were played at Rose stadium. Only two games were somewhat packed. To be honest not even the hometown teams can pack the home side. I remember a time wher JT fans had to seat on the visitors side because there wasn't enough room on the home side. Having the biggest high school stadium in East Texas use to mean something. Now was can't get fans to fill up a stadium 20 minutes down the road.

    Are you wanting them to add seats in the horseshoe? You just said they can't even fill up what they have. I agree the press box could be redone, but I think getting the bond for the High Schools is the priority right now. Both schools need some serious work.

  3. This could get interesting. All chapters have good umpires. It really depends on who you get for a game. The better umpires typically get the higher classification games.


    I wonder what the motivation was for starting this thread. Hopefully not to bash officials. The number of officials at the High School level is decreasing in all sports. Most of it is due to coach, player, and parent abuse of officials.

  4. Great point. It doesn't matter if it's JT or Lee. They are both owned by Tisd which is owned by the tax payers of Tyler. If and when the bond does pass. We still have to pass a bond to build a new Dogan, Hubbard, and renovate Hogg.


    It is a TISD thing. I think it is great that the School Board and Administration are trying to upgrade all the substandard facilities. Hubbard is a much better campus minus all the portables it used to house.


    Personally, after they get the High School bond settled and passed, I think it would be great to just build one or two new middle schools. Consolidation would be nice. Not sure if TISD could make it work with only 4, but that would have two feeding into each high school. Would allow a continuity of athletic programs as well. Right now it is hard for the smaller middle schools to compete with the larger ones. This past season Three Lakes football teams were enormous in numbers compared to Hogg.

  5. The Lee Campus is much older than the JT. If read all of the reporting about the proposed bond you will see that Lee needs almost a total rebuild due to the condition and age of the buildings.


    JT was over 90% rebuilt after the fire making it much newer and easier to renovate. This is not a case of Lee getting more money because it is Lee. There is more need.


    Everything does not have to be an us vs. them thing. TISD is trying to bring both schools up to par for the future. I for one think it is a great idea. The new elementary and middle schools are great. The high schools are next in line to be addressed. I hope it passes.

  6. Intentional grounding a tough call in a six man game. There really is no pocket per say and with only four officials the referee is responsible for everything behind the line of scrimmage the line judge and head linesman have to release with receivers.


    It does not help that sometimes officials that calll 6 man playoff games have not called much six man during the season. It is a totally different game, but once you get used to it it is a lot of fun.


    Were you there? What do you think about the fact that the back judge let the side judge talk him into not calling intentional grounding on the final Jonesboro scoring drive? What about Jonesboro getting FOUR timeouts in the second half?


    I don't usually complain about refs, but those two calls likely changed the outcome of the game. Too big of a game to make mistakes like that. FWIW, Union Hill had opportunities to close it out and didn't.


    Was a seven man crew working this six-man game? Usually six man only uses four officials...Referee, Head Linesman, Line Judge, and Back Judge/umpire....if it is a 5-man crew you just add an umpire. Never heard of a side judge and field judge being used in a six man game. Would be easy if it were though. 7 officials for 12 players.

  8. Gorman's starting QB was out against Garrison and White Oak. They were using a WR at QB. The starter came back this week against Ore City and the other kid went back to WR where he caught 5 TD passes. With that said, I do agree Grace is the better team. It seems to be a down year for Waskom.

    Not correct. Hobbs played QB against Garrison. Smith...SO QB...has played the past two weeks. His first two starts on Varsity at QB.

  9. Many of you on this forum love to post about your love for the game of High School Football. Why not get involved? The Tyler Chapter of the Texas Association of Sports Officals is kicking off meetings for the 2016 season tonight.


    Here is the information you will need:


    Location: TJC-West Campus 530 S SW Loop 323, Tyler, TX 75701

    Time: Monday July 18th 6:30pm

    (Meetings will continue weekly through the end of August with additional meetings during September and October, new member training takes place at 5:30pm beginning July 25th)


    ​If you have ever been interested in officiating you should come to the meeting tonight. Experience is not necessary. There is no better way to be involved in High School Football than to be on the field.


    ​Officiating is great hobby for those that love sports and it comes with added benefits:

    • Get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle
    • ​Opportunity to move up into higher levels of football officiating
    • Earn extra income
    • ​Training and development opportunities are provided
    • Make great likeminded friends
    • Opportunity to travel

    Check out the website www.tylerrefs.org

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  10. Beckville will play Maud tonight, Monroe, La at &7:30...WEST MONROE HIGH SCHOOL

    Could not believe that when I saw it, but I found the exact same thing on the Beckville ISD site.


    Baseball Playoffs - Regional Finals vs Maud

    June 2nd
    @ West Monroe High School - West Monroe, LA

    Game 1 Thursday, June 2nd @ 7:30

    Saturday location/time will be announced at a later time.
  11. Haven't heard anything about him, so I assume so. Checked Lindale's website and THSCA today and nothing was posted about that job being open. However, he does have a wife that is a principal at an elementary school in Lindale and a close friend of mine who has children in Bullard said they just hired a principal away from Lindale; just not sure who.


    The wife of the basketball coach is the one that just got hired in Bullard, but as far as I know coach Albritton is still at Lindale.

  12. Probably the same ump that called the Whitehouse-SS Playoff Series in 2012 or 2013 and was very questionable in that series. I later learned that he was either a groomsman or best man in the coach for Whitehouse's wedding. My understanding was that he could not call anymore Whitehouse games in District or the Playoffs. He did however call behind the plate in a non-district matchup between Whitehouse and Mount Pleasant in 2014 (Mahomes vs Kopech) and cost MP in that game as well.

    Not the same guy. Not even sure where these umpires were from. It was not people from the Tyler Chapter. Must have gone to the UIL or used a neutral umpire crew.

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