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  1. Canton is very scrappy at 7 on 7. Made a good showing in the state tournament last year.
  2. That is cool that those students will get to play in two different DI college stadiums this weekend. There are lots of those available in Texas this weekend since not a single Texas team is hosting a regional. Not sure how long it has been since that has happened, but I bet it has been a while. Two stand-up coaches going at it in this one. Should be a good series.
  3. From the Tyler Paper website. Carlisle advances to Class 1A Region III Finals, Douglass, Stephen F. Austin University, 7 p.m., Thursday (one-game playoff)
  4. That's what the rules say. Fans can bark, just no coaches. That is the way it is. Gotta follow the rules
  5. Wow. The umpire that did the ejecting has no history at all with the Bakers or Carlisle. Had never called a game for them prior to the weekend. Balls and strikes are not to be argues at any level...especially by a player. The only person that gets a little rope from time to time is the HC. Players and Assistant coaches are not allowed to argue by rule in the NFHS rules. In theory the assistant coach can be ejected just for leaving the area he is coaching in to argue. It does not matter what he said. If the player cursed the call as several witnesses have said then it is automatic as well. The field is an extension of the classroom and I sure hope that type of language is tolerated in the classroom. Players and coaches need to learn to control themselves: some umps do as well. But in most cases the rules are on the side of the ump.
  6. Gunner pitched Thursday, didn't he? We're they going to throw him with 1 day rest before ejection?
  7. Last I heard was 1-0 WS. Teams warming up to restart I believe they are still in the 2nd inning
  8. Agreed. Gotta have a longer lease this deep in the playoffs but if it went down as I have heard the ump did the right thing. NFHS needs to institute mandatory suspension rules like they use in NCAA and NJCAA. Makes the coaches think twice before reacting in a way that they might get tossed knowing they could be forced to miss the next game as well.
  9. Nope Split crew. Two from Tyler Chapter (Carlisle) two from Beaumont Chapter (West Sabine)
  10. Heard that Gunner struck out and cursed the umpire. Got tossed, then Rocky came in to defend him and got tossed
  11. West Sabine won the series. Cushing Game One 19-2 West Sabine Won game two 11-7 and game three 10-8
  12. Ballgame WH 8 Hville 3 Will face the Frisco Wakeland/Prosper winner
  13. Top 7 WH 8 Hville 3 WH is home team 2 Outs Runner on 1st
  14. Top 7 WH 8 Hville 3 WH is home team 1 Out nobody on Top 7 WH 8 Hville 3 WH is home team 1 Out Runner on 1st
  15. Top 7 WH 8 Hville 3 WH is home team
  16. The internet stream is terrible. The guys are always talking over each other and the audio levels are constanstly peaking so it makes it hard to understand.
  17. I saw one article that put the attendance at 1200.
  18. You might mean the new 3A which was the old 2A
  19. I agree. Not a fan of the new UIL Max Preps thing. They have agreements with several states. Probably trying a one size fits all approach to state playoffs. Not sure how many other states have three game series as a option.
  20. Maybe this series got Driller first Hughes Springs vs. Edgewood Best of 3 Driller Park, Kilgore Friday 7 Saturday 2
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