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  1. The question to me would be why now. It would appear that you are trying to have something done to ruin their season, when you could have corrected it back then. I have no skin in the fight, but would question your morality of this. I am not even saying you did wrong. You may be right. If you are right you waited until now for a reason at least it looks that way. You hide behind a key board and I ask you his..... Why even post this? I watched Lovelady play Shelbyville in 2018 quarterfinals and they were great. My question is what team do you support and did you loose to Lovelady in the playoffs? This would answer a lot of questions. It would explain why you waited. Anonymously is exactly that. You put it on here for what reason? To cause pain, to point out a school? Hatred of a school? All things I would wonder. Once again you may be right. I dont know?? I just think if you were you could have handled it better.
  2. I may become permanent in a few years as myself and my wife purchased 11 acres in Shelbyville and will be building a barndo in a few years. My family on my fathers side both mother and father are from Shelbyville. We have owned family land for my whole life there. I have hunted Shelbyville for my whole life and make at least 1 or 2 Dragon games per year. I LOVE it in East Texas. My family calls it Gods Country.
  3. Thank you. I love seeing the passion in East Texas football. I know PNG has one of the better followings in the state, but it seems more evenly applied in East Texas than in SETX.
  4. What really makes me sad is that all this takes away from the kiddos accomplishments from PNG and SOC. SOC is an amazing program and I take my hat off to them for their accomplishment's over the last three years. Coach Todd is a great coach and is well deserving of all of his accolades. I respected him last year when we lost to them the same as I do with a win over them. Great kids, and great coaching. With PN-G having so many underclassmen back maybe we can play them again. I know the task is so very hard and percentage wise very small, I still think it would be neat. PN-G lost their starting QB during week 3 and a 10th grader led us to the SC. The starting QB made it back for the first game of the playoffs and played WR, RB, HB, Safety, and other positions. He is the player who ran in the winning TD for PNG. PNG is loaded for next season with many many returning starters. This was a young team this season. The Indians whole o line is back minus 1 lineman. 2 of the 3 d linemen are back and that number 4 mentioned above is back as well. The leading receiver is back and the QB 2 more years. Two of PNGs linemen have power 5 offers and one is a junior 6'5" 315lbs, while one is a soph 6'5" 295 lbs. We have them back 1 and 2 more seasons respectively. PNGs JV gave up 10 PPG for the season as well. I look for PNG to be competitive next season.
  5. Thank you for allowing us to enjoy this site. I visit it often because of my ties to East Texas and especially Shelbyville.
  6. The difference in this game is that PNG held SOC to just 167 total yards. PN-G had 288 yards. PNG 126 yards rushing SOC 106 yards rushing PNG 162 Yards passing SOC 64 yards passing
  7. The ball is already kicked and if you blow up the pic its at the 46 yardline
  8. This is Port Neches-Groves Indians 8th trip to the State Championship. Last night was our 10th Semi-final game.
  9. If you ever want to go to a home PNG game let me know I have 6 season tickets and all my kiddos have graduated. Id even let you have one for the Number 1 voted Rivalry in the State Mid-Count Madness/ Bum Phillips Bowl. PM me if you ever want to give it a shot.
  10. First in bold. That is a coaching issue. Second in Bold you are right on. Overall great posts. My Team had one of the worst defense in our history. We hired a new staff with one of the best DCs ever at our school. We went from the worst defense who could not tackle and were not aggressive to playing for the State Championship in one single season. The new defense never misses a tackle, is always in the right place, and are very ferocious when it comes to tackles. Last night we defeated the @2 ranked team in 5A DII with a shutout of their high powered offense. I offer this to you to say there is hope. It can happen. I love Shelbyville. I live 3 hours away. Shelbyville and Joaquin has both had my family members play in those school. Infact I have family members playing on Joaquin this season. I hope to move to Shelbyville were my grandfathers family is from, and my grandmothers family is from. I have already purchased my land there, just waiting on electricity to start the building process to move up there and complete the circle of life going back to my ancestral home. My grandfather was born in Choice and my Grandmother in Possum Trot(SP)? Good luck to both schools they are both near and dear to my heart. I go to at least one Shelbyville game each season.
  11. Be up that way in a couple of weeks to watch The Dragons play. Bought me some land in Shelbyville and hope to move up there in the next few years. Coming back home. Both sides of my family are from Shelbyville. A few generations ago though, some still live there.
  12. #7 Port Neches-Groves beat undefeated #2 ranked Fort Bend Marshal 7-0. The Indians held FBM to just 126 yards of offense. While the Indians rushed for close to 200 yards.
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