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  1. Historically my family is from the Shelbyville area. Living down here it's hard to keep up. How do the Dragons look for the upcoming season?
  2. Shelbyville Dragons Head Coach Jerry Reed took The Dragons to a State Championship in 1987 winning the SC game 11-1 over Blanco and took the Dragons back to state in 1988 to finish close to another SC. He was a great coach and it was a great several year run for the Dragons
  3. Anyone have any Info on the Shelbyville scrimmage? Any idea how they will be this season? I saw they have a bunch coming back.
  4. Chapel Hill's head coach is a great coach. He will be an asset for them
  5. Congrats Eagles from a PN-G fan. Good luck this season.
  6. I am an Indian fan so I have been a part of these crowds including the single site game record in 1977 even though I was only 4 years old. LOL.
  7. I thought you were referring to a single site game. This was a cumulative effort of multiple games. I misunderstood you.
  8. PNG owns a few of the top records for attendance
  9. Port Neches Groves vs Plano in 1977 where literally only one game was played 49500
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