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  1. Teague JV 22 New Waverly JV 0
  2. It’s amazing how Coach Finney can get the kids out. We had two sub varsity teams when he was at Teague.
  3. Teague at Troy on Thursday
  4. Teague at Hillsboro Teague at Troy
  5. Yes, she has all the tools to be a great one. She would be starting on the Fairfield Varsity if she wasn’t in Jr High.
  6. AT&T checks all the boxes better than any other stadium in Texas. As far as the home field advantage, Jerry Jones said if the Cowboys had exclusive rights to all the DFW high school players then all the players he would ever want would be those players . So maybe it’s not the location of the stadium but the talent of the players of the DFW schools.
  7. I’m sorry but nowhere compares to Jerry World and yes I was at NRG
  8. Before the season started, district 11 appeared to potentially be the strongest but not sure you can say that now. Take out Franklin’s outstanding 15-0 record, the rest of the district was 27-36 according to the MaxPreps standings of district 11.
  9. Brock was on a mission tonight. Surprisingly Malakoff had no answer for their running game as their O line was opening big holes for their RB.
  10. Good win Franklin. Going to be a hellva State Championship game. Brock was impressive tonight as were the Lions.
  11. Tank , y’all have it rolling. That’s awesome that all the ex players come to help like you ( Baylor & Ravens) Quan ( Texas ) the list goes on. See y’all at Jerry World.
  12. Obviously the Zebras have the Tigers number as you can throw the 1990 game out the window. Malakoff is still my pick to win the Region. IMO, the play of the Koff QB has helped Koff go to another level. Much respect for both of these programs.
  13. Malakoff will be at Jerry World. There are the most complete team in Regions 1&2.
  14. 2010, Finney coached Teague and Koff won 21-20. Lol
  15. Thanks Tiger, Whitney’s up tempo offense gave the Teague D problems, that along with 4 turnovers and two tds called back. The youth of the team showed up last night but give props to Whitney they definitely earned the win. Good luck to the Tigers and go make a deep run.
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