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  1. Huntington big girl was nightmare mismatch for Fairfield. FF missed a lot of those shots because of her presence in the middle. I really think if the two teams played again that FF would win but Huntington won on that particular night and deserved to win. IMO FF was the best overall team in the Region but the best team doesn’t always win or advance. 

  2. 9 hours ago, blackngoldtiger said:

    I feel sorry for Palmer. They have a lot of drive time

    Obviously the UIL doesn’t care. Teague and Fairfield have 2 hour drives to Diboll and Huntington. Groebeck and Mexia are about 20-30 minutes from us and they sent them west. 🤷‍♂️

  3. On 12/8/2023 at 1:12 AM, 88YoePride said:

    During Yoe's state title spree, seemed like every season our playoff runs ran through Teague, Grandview, and Malakoff. Our playoff game against the Tigers in '15 is a freakin' epic.

    Grandview made it to Arlington soon after and Jentsch led them to back-to-back titles. Now Malakoff finally has punched their ticket to Jerryworld. Best of luck next Thursday, Tigers. Coach Fannin has truly turned the Franklin Lions into a machine. Dominating ground game-focused team that had one player score three receiving TDs tonight. And a stifling defense. But you guys proved definitively that you're the team to get the job done this year, if it's to get done. 

    Thursday at 3p there is going to be one heck of a football game at AT&T Stadium, one of the best that field is going to see all year. 

    Those battles between Yoe,Teague, Malakoff, Grandview and Franklin were epic no doubt. When Franklin turned the program over to Coach Fannin, he took them to another level. To me the key to this game will be can Malakoff D stay disciplined and play assignment football. There is no doubt about their athleticism and speed but ….. Again turnovers will be a key as well but to me the key matchup is Franklin O vs Malakoff D. 

  4. This is going to be a very physical matchup. Take it I’m more familiar with Malakoff but what I’ve seen on film Brock has what it takes to play with Malakoff. One thing that I’m pretty sure of the Tigers won’t have 20 points and only have ran two offensive plays like last week.That was crazy !! This game should be a 28-21 or something like they have played in the past. Riding with our District 8 Champs Malakoff. 

  5. 6 minutes ago, blackngoldtiger said:

    I think Watkins will throw mutliple fronts at Winny. Really helps with Garcia at backer. We ran 3 different ones with GV. But I believe that we have the team speed to keep Finny from gaining big yards. 

    Should be a good chess match as well. Finney will roll the dice at any time. Driskell is more conservative. Not saying which is best just my observation.

  6. 5 hours ago, blackngoldtiger said:

    I'd say he'd be on defense except on 1st downs and 4th downs but did see him on 1st downs too. To get him ready on offense. He wasn't at first but after Hustead didn't make that tackle, Jones came out after that big run GV had. Jones had one of the ints vs GV. He really hasn't played much on defense, only when we started to put 2s/3s in the 3rd/4th qtrs

    I understand playing him in a meaningful game but Why would you put one of the best 3A QB in the game with the 2/3s in a game that was already won at DB ? Huh 🤔

  7. 14 minutes ago, Yoe09 said:

    Don't get me wrong, this may be one of the most well-attended games throughout all of the 3A DI playoffs.  Cameron/Rockdale was simply a once in a lifetime type of occurrence. The place literally ran out of food before the game even kicked off.  The stadium was pretty much at capacity.  I hope this game has a similar feel as it should be a classic.  

    Yoe09, hopefully since 2014 they have the kinks ironed out. 😂 I plan on going to the Winnsboro/ Malakoff game. 

  8. Malakoff is the favorite as they have been all year to win the Region. Both teams have “ Team Speed “ that’s unmatched in 3A IMO. Not sure what is either team’s weakness. 🤔 Both coaching staffs are solid so I don’t think either one will be out coached. Timely stops and turnovers will determine the outcome. One team is going home that could have potentially won the State Championship.I plan on being there.

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