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  1. They beat Burnet 7-0 in the SC game.
  2. In the end, the height was the difference. Lob to the big man. Hellva game.
  3. Malakoff and Lorena, also Grandview in District.
  4. Well Matt, you should come up with your own All-State team next year. I bet you would consider more than just 40 % of the players. JS. Also thanks for all your work on Texas High School Football.
  5. Just found this information out today. I was curious why there wasn’t any Grandview players listed.
  6. Spot on Matt. The word was the DC would get the job ????
  7. Any word on this hiring ?
  8. I think the DC is the favorite but the Supt may have other ideas.
  9. He has all the intangibles that makes a high school QB special. I’ll take a kid of his caliber on my team any day. The pic 6 was uncharacteristic of him and no the SC game wasn’t his best game but was good enough to be named MVP on both sides of the ball. The kid is a winner.
  10. It’s obviously that you and the ones you talked to are in the minority here which is ok. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and rightfully so.
  11. The majority has spoken, 238,000 plus. Something is always going to inconvenient someone no matter what the situation. The KIDS and Coaches love the atmosphere at Jerry World.
  12. 228,105 fans and some folks want the games played elsewhere. SMDH. No other venue can come anywhere close to Jerry World experience.
  13. IMO , two key matchups other than the obvious. Malakoff Pass Defense vs Grandview passing game Granview perimeter defense vs Malakoff run game.
  14. Wow, you will say anything to get Franklin in the topic. SMDH, what disrespect to Malakoff for you to say Franklin and Grandview was the State Championship game. Y’all had yalls chance but y’all couldn’t beat Grandview because of the same song , second verse. FYI, Grandview vs Malakoff is the State Championship on Thursday at 7 pm in Jerry World.
  15. Someone starts this topic about twice a year. It seems to that 8 out of 10 prefer Jerry World. I live halfway between the two stadiums and Cowboy Stadium is hands down a better place for the Championship games. IMO.
  16. After watching Gruver and Albany game on NFHS, just don’t think Gruver can hang with Mart. Congrats Mart on the win and barring an upset miracle, Mart will win yet another State Championship.
  17. Well one thing for sure “ the weather “ won’t affect this game. It will be perfect on the inside but “ baby it’s cold outside “.
  18. Refer to the chat room on Football Friday and I personally have nothing against them.
  19. Grandview has taken down Rockdale, Woodville, Franklin and EC in the Playoffs in the strongest Region in 3a D1.They are battle tested for Yoakum. Been saying it since District that there is about these Zebras.
  20. Malakoff is coming on strong and was used to playing in the strongest Region 3 year in and out. They breezed thru Region 2 and now take on arguably the most disliked team in Class 3A D 1 in Brock. Coach has these Tigers playing at a high level right now and I think they punch their ticket to Jerry World but Brock won’t go down easily.
  21. Congrats to Malakoff on a big win. Getting Carr back is a huge boost for the Tigers and the D is playing lights out. Glad to know that Teague isn’t the only team that can’t tackle # 11. Lol . Good luck against Brock
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