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  1. kerens takes this one,yuga going to face their toughest foes in the next weeks in kerens and mart.
  2. big game for the lions in their push to the playoffs.smoaky has trinity beating troup last night but heard the other way as well.who won?
  3. more big numbers from the hornets offense. :smirk:
  4. :happy65: teague folk will be happy with that(playoffs) but lost a heartbreaker tonight.
  5. congrats to athens and they made a lot of folk eat some crow tonight. :rofl:
  6. its the big game in 11 2a d1 this week with malakoff trying to extend their unbeaten streak and the rebuilding lions trying to prove that they are ready to make a run at the playoffs.regardless of the outcome of this game both teams control their own destiny in the march to the playoffs.the homcoming party began last night with the bonfire,sub varisty games tonight and the tailgating has began as well. the pits are fired up,the cooking has begun and everyone is invited to eat tommorrow night including the malakoff folk.
  7. highfootball,if you dont think malakoff is any good when you get here ill show you some film. :jawdrop:
  8. LS,i agree lets not start that crude again and good luck friday night.
  9. can coach lance angel's team upset and knock his old school from the unbeatens? Not,f-field line on both sides of the ball are physical.the o-line opens holes a :cripple: could run through. what the eagles have done is gone back to randy angel era and are playing power football and defense instead of trying to run the spread offense.this team is more like the eagles of old when they were most succussful.a team with a good passing attack will cause them trouble and have a shot to beat them. i dont think that will happen in the next few weeks.f-field wins this one.
  10. some people are wondering why schedule malakoff for your homecoming?the reason is we just moved into our new school last week and they wanted to have an open house for all the exes to see it.our 1st district games were on the road and this was the first home date after the school was opened.trust me we would have rather played someone else earlier in our schedule.but it is what it is!! :nowhearthis: GO LIONS
  11. just like last week teague finds a way to win.
  12. i agree,with you et sports elkhart surprised me last friday night and seem to be getting bettter week by week.crockett has too much talent and just dont think the elks can beat them.i dont see them losing until the playoffs.
  13. larry busby the rb and state 100 meter champ has a broken femeur just below the knee and timmy campbell is fine and played last friday night and caught several passes and 1 for a td.thanks for asking and knowing jamie like i do that will be an emotional game for him but those kind of moments are what high school football is all about.
  14. shsu,that would be a great story but how about this one, teague upsets malakoff on our homecoming and then jamie and the tigers come into monte jack stadium and upset the bulldogs and then we are all tri-champs that is if everyone wins out. :happy65: p.s. didnt think you would like that one. <_< LOL also the stadium was awesome yall should be proud.
  15. he didnt apply but should have thought about kevin hayes for real.
  16. Lion fans would not care if you changed your pick! :rofl:
  17. for teague's sake hopefully the tigers will continue the TO bug :thumbsup:
  18. what are yalls thoughts about their season so far.big game with brownsboro this week.
  19. yuga folks should know first hand that mart was going to be a great team this year after beating them in the playoffs last year.with nearly everyone back, a year older the panthers will a hard out in the playoffs.
  20. the malakoff tigers come into lion stadium next friday night for the lions homecoming.not really the team you normally pick for your homecoming game but it just worked out that way.homecoming is a big deal in teague and they set a date and the malakoff game just fell that way.the unbeaten tigers led by coach jamie driskell will a big challenge for the lions.the lions know they are in a dog fight or should i say a big cat fight.this is a big game for both teams in the playoff race with malakoff thinking district championship and the lions hoping for a tri-district championship.crockett has a lot of say in this matter and is showing no signs of losing to anyone. the lions cannot turn the ball over like they did last night and still come away with a win.the lions know malakoff is a great team and their coach is well liked by a lot of the teague folk.teague will hopefully have starting lb henderson back who is one of the team's main leaders and our best defensive player.teague will primed and will be looking to upset the unbeaten and state ranked tigers before what will be a standing room only crowd.GO LIONS
  21. Congrats to coach nail and the panthers.thanks for the updates tank!
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