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  1. then you have 11 2a d1 malakoff (5-0) crockett(4-1) teague(4-1) trinity(4-1) troup(2-3) elkhart(2-3)
  2. crockett should be ahead of both teague and malakoff.
  3. the game is in fairfield on the turf before the home fans.JMO,but i think playing on turf benefits mexia more than f-field.mexia's speed and quickness will benefit playing on the turf.now the eagles can quiet all their critics in one game about the so-called weak schedule.whoever wins this game could very easily run the table in this district with palestine,westwood and madisonville being way down from their normal selves.although if the light turns on in palestine they will could have a say on who makes the play-offs.groesbeck is improved so the last spot should be up for grabs.we know how quick mexia can score and i think along with others (including eagle fans), how they will react if the blackcats jump out to a 14-0 lead ?this should be a good game but i picked mexia before the season to win this district and im staying with them.
  4. thats no lie,even when it hasnt even rained riesel folk say "well it rain here." i dont think yuga has a problem winning this game.
  5. no doubt about that coach0001 and i can think of a lot other places to be playing friday but this is the next stop on the schedule.hopefully coach finney will have the lions ready for war because we know the dogs, their fans and ex-students(homecoming) will be waiting and ready.
  6. i agree because they knocked us (teague) a few years back but ck centex football out - there seems to be some problems.now yoe is the real deal and right now i think it will come down to yall and them for the regional championship.
  7. this district is lot stronger now than it looked back in feb when the new districts were made.the only team that had a winning record last year was malakoff but look at it now.what a difference a year means.
  8. the teague lions travel to crockett next friday as the lions and bulldogs open district play.i think as i have along that crockett is the team to beat although malakoff folks might not agree.playing in crockett will be a tough chore but this is game 1 of the 5 games that will determine if they are still playing in week 11.GO LIONS
  9. the teague lions pushed their record to 4-1 with a shutout of itasca in teague tonight.the road gets tougher next week as the lions open district against the crockett bulldogs who are the favorites to win the district.the game is in crockett and i think it's their homecoming.crockett has a right to be proud of their stadium and heard it was a big night down there tonight.
  10. congrats to the crockett isd on the stadium.have seen the pictures and it looks awesome.hopefully when the teague lions come down to play next week our administration and school board members will see what a stadium needs to like. :notworthy:
  11. tiger1995,who are the 3 teams in d2 that can beat yall?
  12. in teague friday night,john wayne massey led the teague lions onto the field.his dad had recently passed away rather suddenly with cancer.john is on a 7th grade team at teague and his dad never got to see him play.coach finney and staff sent a film of the teague and fairfield jr high game and he was able to see it before he went to be with the Lord.the 7th graders all wore their lion jerseys to the visitation before the funeral.the varisty lions asked coach finney if john wayne could lead them out friday and as coach finney said "that was a no brainer."words cannot describe the look on john's face as he stood arm and arm between the 2 lion players as they came out of the tunnel.life lessons are learned in the game of football and you know - its not always about who wins and who losses.i know as his dad looked down from heaven his smile was big as john wayne's.
  13. only loss is to top ranked fw nolan of the private schools in the dfw area.from what im hearing the kids have bought into the 2nd year coaching staff ways.
  14. i think athens is answering this question with their play each week.
  15. the teague lions improved to 3-1 as they defeated b-grove 37-7. teague jumped out to a 21-0 lead 6 mins into the game,led at the half 37-0 and coasted the rest of the night.the defense had a big game forcing turnovers and sacking the qb.
  16. this is great news and jake,coach and his whole family need the continued prayers. people are praying on centexfootball as well.this kid is a tough hombre.both teams met at mid-field and said a prayer for him and the others that were injured tonight.in a game where big plays were a part of the game KNES 99.1 named the post game prayer as the big play of the game.KEEP PRAYING
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