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  1. IMO, Fannin deserves the job if he wants it. He is the man.
  2. Not sure Whitney was a top ten team JMO, even though they beat a banged up Grandview team in the regular season.
  3. Congrats to Grandview on the repeat as no doubt that the two best teams were playing for the State Championship.
  4. Looks like Teague gets all the big boys in pool play not counting Crockett who will probably win it.
  5. Our district used to play the volleyball games on Saturday. Don’t know why they changed it.
  6. Right now I see Grandview as the only clear favorites. The rest are toss ups. Pilot Point over Brock Gladewater over Pottsboro Halletsville over Columbus
  7. Whitney offense in the playoffs seemed totally different according to their faithful. Taking the ball out of # 6 hands well ....... and putting him at WR makes no sense after watching him play QB for four years. Still haven’t heard for sure why he went down on the apparent pic 6. Troy secondary has lots of holes in it and # 3 from Grandview and his WR’s will find them. IMO , the Troy D cannot shut down the Zebras O. Troy will have to put up at least 35 or maybe more to have a chance to win. Don’t get me wrong Troy has a good team and deserves to be where they are but they are coming up the best team they will or have faced all year.
  8. Who y’all got and thoughts ??? Brock vs Pilot Point : Region 1 Pottsboro vs Gladewater : Region 2 Grandview vs Troy : Region 3 Halletsville vs Columbus : Region 4
  9. I hear what you are saying about the injury but Yoe couldn’t stop Brocks running game in the 2nd half. They were blowing the Yoemen off the line of scrimmage. With that said I still think Yoe would have won if he hadn’t went down.
  10. I don’t think anyone is beating Grandview unless they beat theirselves.
  11. Picking against Mart at this time of the year usually doesn’t work out too well.
  12. Congrats to Coach Josh Finney, his staff and the Raiders.
  13. Thanks 88 and we definitely miss being in those Classics against Yoe. Good luck tonight and the rest of the way.
  14. Good to see you last night. If Teague could have capitalized down in the red zone it would have been a closer score but don’t think they could have beat them. What I did detect about Troy is outside the RB, foot speed is an issue. Teague’s speed hurt them and look for Crockett to rip off some long gainers next week.
  15. All I know is Diboll got my attention the way they manhandled Franklin in Franklin. What an impressive D performance.
  16. 03, Whitney poster on Fox saying they going give the Zebras something they haven’t had in a long time - a big fat loss because they ain’t Malakoff and they can finish a game. SMH
  17. Grandview is just too good overall to lose to Whitney. Whitney has played one team that has a record of 500 or better. While their D is better than they were in the past, Grandview will exploit all the shifting, stunting and jumping around they do and hit them with big plays. On O, it’s still all about stopping the QB and he is a special player. Their best play is for him to drop back, sending the WR deep and let him runaround and make plays. I just think Grandview will be too much for them.
  18. I have to agree without him they don’t win it all. Knocked us out in the Quarterfinals.
  19. Whitney is a solid football team this year. 09, your Yoe team showed what they can do last night. What are your thoughts about Columbus ?
  20. I know both of these teams have plenty of talent but how Troy handled both of them has me curious about just how good they really are. Don’t get wrong, I know they are good but how deep of a run do they have in them. I’m taking Yoe.
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