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  1. they are for real,have playmakers and will make the play-offs
  2. havent seen alto but i have seen kerens and they have some players that can go.il take kerens in a close one.
  3. prayers from teague go out to his family.
  4. maybe this rule needs to be amended.lets say there is a grace period of so many days for srs regardless if the coach signed off or not.if he had to sit 30 -45 days then the kids sr year would not be a total waste.this would take the pressure off coaches to sign or not sign off on a kid and this would stop the question was the signing honest or dishonest.JMO but if i were a coach and i had removed a kid i could care less where he went but that dosent mean i would hold a grudge or whatever.on the honesty or dishonesty of the pap papers,lets reverse the situation.the way it is now - a kid comes to your school with the papers all up to snuff and good to go but then the dad or mother says we just couldnt get along with that coach.ill let yall fill in the blanks what the coach should do or not do. maybe the UIL would consider amending this rule because its about the kids and who knows why your were put on this earth but it could have been to change that one kid's life.
  5. ls,we both know we dont agree on much but i think the question most folks dont understand is - why was he so honest in the chris burns situation and didnt make a big deal out of the others.i understand you work for the man and all that but i have gained respect for you today admitting that you love the kid. too bad this couldnt have been handled differently where everyone could have closure and a happy ending because no one gained anything in this ordeal.i have been on this earth a long time but i still remember the thing my coaches did that were good and bad.
  6. teague is 2-1 with a bye this week.the lions are responding to the new staff,the lions have had their share of injuries so far and need this week to get a little healther.best defense player was hurt in fairfield game and is out for 4-8 weeks(middle lb).everything is going good and we think we can make a run at one of the play-off spots.
  7. exactly - the other 3 kids that transfered out - good to go the 4.5 kid - oh no athletic reasons and on top of that he said the kid would never play in his program
  8. for more on this topic go to supercentex.com click on the forums and go to 2a and 3a find the teague lions topic start on page 3 very interesting and you get both schools views
  9. this is a great for crockett isd to to do this.God bless America crockett big
  10. let the fireworks begin,f-field folks are upset on how the jv game went down.this should be a good close ball game.
  11. teague jv 30 fairfield 20 fairfield fresh 36 teague 0 teague 8th 14 fairfield 0 teague jv 3-0 teague fresh 1-2 teague 8th 1-0
  12. fairfield at teague should have least been nominated!
  13. buffalo has a big offensive line and will move and control the ball in a game.2 pretty good rb's as well,this team is geared to make a run at the district title in their district.lots of returning players from last year play-off team.will be your strongest opponnent yet.
  14. whoever comes out of this region wiil be battled tested for sure.
  15. fairfield comes to teague this week in this freestone county battle between 2 teams that really dont like each other.both teams come into the game 2-0 with lots of momentum with both schools trying stay undefeated.this will be the 1st meeting since 2003 in which the following season teague dropped to 2a.there is lots of excitement between the towns and plently of off the field situations as well.
  16. jake had a big game last night in horrible field conditions,our coaches really have these kids believing.
  17. keep an eye on cameron yoe in this region as well and congrats to tatum and a big win last night.
  18. teague comes away with a 42-21 victory in centerville to go to 2-0 on the year.
  19. teague jv - 32 centerville jv - 6 teague fresh -14 corsicana fresh b -0 teague jv - 2-0 teague fresh - 1-1
  20. weather report from centerville is that they have been getting rain all week. :unsure:
  21. teague does have their share of play-makers and centerville will use their ball control offense to keep them off the field.
  22. just watched some film on centerville and this is a pretty good scouting report given by topher805.but im still picking teague also.
  23. against teague quan cosby had a rushing td,threw a td pass,returned a punt for td and returned pass interception for a td.all this came in the 1st quarter against a teague team that was tri-champs in class 3a.he is a special player and a very polite young man.
  24. jdb44,you werent kidding about the caliber of people teague was getting from maud.excellent coaches but downright good people.
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