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  1. teague will scrimmage kerens and buffalo,both who were in the play-offs last year.kerens is a top ten team and according to FNF they have the makings of a state title contender with 8 and 10 returning.buffalo is ranked 25 by FNF in d2 class 2a.these will be 2 good scrimmages for the lions who have plently of questions to answer going into the season.
  2. back in the late 60's and early 70's teague and waco midway were in the same district.back then it was never mentioned as hewett.the district was made up of waco midway,teague,mcgregor,groesbeck,west,fairfield and robinson.
  3. kelton henderson soph lb from teague.
  4. teague -qb jake mcclain rb larry busby de wade venable
  5. teague opens the season on the road against mildred.this will be a tough test for the lions as mildred returns(6-5) from a play-off team of last year.
  6. the new coaching staff issused a challenged to the kids at teague and so far they have met that challenge with a new attitude,new work ethic and hopefully that will turn into wins on friday night.they have been averaging over 90 kids a day working out!!! the whole town is fired up about the upcoming season.
  7. a large number of teague kids attended this camp.
  8. no disrespect to teague's other opponents but there are three that have my attention.fairfield at teague in week 3,the district opener in crockett and our homecoming game with malakoff.those 3 games will be played before packed houses.its been 6 years since the lions and fairfield have played,it's also been 6 years since teague and the bulldogs have played(teague,crockett and fairfield were in the same district but teague dropped to 2a).coach driskell has lots of friends in teague(married a teague girl) and the malakoff game along with the crockett game will a big impact on the district championship.according to texas football those are the top 3 teams in our disrtict but i know the others in our district dont agree.it's getting closer by the day now and teague folk are ready to start a new era with coach josh finney at the controls.good luck to all the teams.
  9. teague made the play-offs the year before but was knocked out by arp in coriscana.a late coaching change last year in july with the dc being named interim head coach turned into a disaster with the lions going 1-9.teague has sinced hired josh finney from maud and things are a lot brighter now.teague should make a turnaround this season and get back to where they were a few years ago.everything is on the upswing with over 90 kids now in the program(9-12) and the kids are working hard this summer.the lion offense will feature qb jake mcclain(came from maud whose dad is asst.coach at teague now who started 3 yrs for coach finney) and 2a state 100 meter champion larry busby at rb. they should put be able to put a lot of pressue on the opposing defenses. marlin also went 1-9 last year and have changed coaches as well and look for them to rebound as well.word is they have corrected their problems and expect to get back to their winning ways as well.
  10. i think you are right about the district champ getting a bye.
  11. frank, would this game be before or after the crockett and tatum game maxjean has already scheduled on nov 17th? lol.those cameron yoeman will have a big say in this region as well.have you seen a bracket for this region?thanks for any info on it.
  12. maybe to you that game was meaningless but it propelled teague to the play-offs and crockett stayed home as mexia and fairfield also went to the play-offs.now you want to talk about meaningless games those games you keep refering to are meaningless as to what might happen this year.what happened last year -well happened last year. i know crockett will be good this year but not convinced as you are how great they will be.as for as teams dropping down classess it doesnt always mean more victories(ck out the marlin bulldogs).there was a lot more to crockett's 1-9 record than just being young.good luck to the bulldogs and the rest of 11 2a teams and hopefully the royal beatdowns wont ruin the other teams season.
  13. royal beatdowns? the last time(2002) teague traveled to crockett, the crockett radio guys were saying - the bulldogs were going to take the lions out behind the wood shed and give them a (you know what).well it didnt happen then as the lions came away with the win.i like the chance of history repeating itself in the district opener this year when the lions come to crockett despite the chance of a royal beatdown.
  14. teague lions 1950's - billy mcwatters(north texas state and minnesota vikings) 1960's - wilmer levels(north texas state and cleveland browns) 1970's - larry curry(houston cougars) 1980's - craig carpenter(sam houston state) 1990's - matt trissel( texas longhorns) 2000 -2010 - james green (sam houston state)
  15. i think crockett is the team to beat and i know they are returning a lot of talent.malakoff,teague and troup should fight it out for the other 2 spots.there will be a lot of factors in this district with malakoff being the only team coming back with a winning record.can crockett and teague bounce back from 1-9 records,history says -yes.both teams return lots of starters and are not used to losing.can malakoff sustain what they did last year and troup has reason to believe as well.you can come up with all the stats you want but one thing for sure the teague lions arent afraid of the crockett bulldogs and we will see yall in the district opener in crockett.
  16. smoaky,i think the teague lions would be a good show for you.with coach josh finney and company i think you could blend the east and central texas flavor right in for a nice show.also see about them strengthening the signal so you reach out farther.
  17. most of the other sports championships are played in austin at predetermined sites so why the fuss in football.this way gives the kids in the upper classes a chance to play in the best stadium in the world even if you dont like jerry jones.JMO
  18. i can remember when only 1 team went.a lot of 9-1 football teams stayed at home back in the day.there have been 3rd place teams win state if i'm not mistaken.i can see the arguement both ways but i was a member of a basketball team that won 20 plus games when only 1 team advanced and we stayed home.the high school game is about the kids but the bottom line is that it generates more money for the schools.
  19. not sure if they are in the stores yet but dave campbell will be at the hall of hame saturday to sign copies of the magazine.
  20. texas football is out and daingerfield is ranked #1 in 2a and rightfully so.
  21. the new look teague lions led by new coach josh finney will open the season against mildred.
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