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  1. teague's soph rb larry busby ran back to back 4.4's wednesday and ran 10.5 in the district prelims in the 100 meters.mcclain hasnt arrived yet but will be here when school is out.his 4 yr starter leadership and qb skills will be valuable to the the lions this fall.these 2 players will put a lot of pressure on opposing defenses this fall.
  2. no one in teague being punished for anything except these kids do not want a repeat performance of last year.they know they were better than their record.they are willing to do anything for that to never happen again.coach finney has everything under control at teague and these kids love him and the way he is handling everything.i have talked to most of these kids and they are willing to do anything to get us back at the level where we were several years ago.they know our supt. and board members are trying to give them all they need to succeed and the town is backing them all the way.things are changing at teague and its all for the better.coach finney is bringing his people in and blending the holdovers in his way of doing things.no one in teague is being punished and josh finney knows how to fix this problem and everyone in teague is behind him.
  3. i can remember reading posts about coach finney from the maud folks and i can tell you first hand they were right.so much energy and a tireless worker and the kids absolutely love him. he has found that this is not 1-9 talent at teague. soph rb ran a 10.5 in the 100 meters in the prelims at district.he also won the 200 meters,long-jump and anchored the 400 meter relay team that took 1st. bothh the 400 and mile relay teams qualified for regionals.after arriving coach talked the kids who were not running track into running.he put them on the jv and they ran away with the meet.two of the kids on jv ran 23.6 and 23.7 in the 200 meters with no training.teague has over 90 kids out at this time.i have to agree with budkilmer coach finney is the perfect fit for teague.good luck to all the kids at teague and to the track team at regionals.
  4. i can understand the emotions at yuga about coach allison leaving but i know tommy and he is a first class individual.he did what he was supposed to at cayuga and that was take the talent cayuga had,got better each year and topped it off with a state championship this past year.now the opportunity arises for him and his family to meet new challenges.how can anyone fault him for his decision if he thinks this is what right for him and his family.he didnt make this decision alone and anyone who knows him well knows what i mean.its not like jacksboro has all the talent in the world so you cant say he is going there because they are loaded.i wish him and his family the best in the next chapter of their lives.
  5. i personally think josh finney will get the program back on track in teague.the teams that are on the lion's schedule will see a totally different team than the one they thought they would be playing when the schedule was made.i can see with our young talent coming up, 7 + wins seasons in the next 5 years. i believe it will start with next year.
  6. curious what was crockett's record the last few years?what happened in the late 80's and early 90's doesnt mean a thing to these kids playing now.the last time teague played crockett in crockett the lion's won.
  7. this is teague records since dropping to 2a. 2004:9-3 beat elkhart and lost to newton in play-offs 2005:7-3 lost out on tie breaker to advance to play-offs 2006:7-4 lost to crawford 2007:9-2 lost to mcgregor 2008:4-7 lost to arp 2009:1-9 nightmare yes, teague has only 1 play-off win in school's history and if coach hayes would have stayed i truely believe the lions would have made the play-offs this past year.anyone with football sense knows it is all about the draw in the play-offs not making excuses but we were beaten out by some pretty good programs.we are excited about josh finney coming to teague and i think he will fix this quicker than people think.
  8. attended the yuga and grapeland game last night and there no doubt who was going to win from the opening tip.i too thought grapeland had a good team but there was so much pressure from yuga it was unreal.it was a joy to watch a team play that kind of defense and hustle all over the court.the only thing keeping yuga from the state tournament is yuga.good luck and hope yall win the basketball state championship to go along with the football state championship.
  9. dont rule teague out with the right man they will be in the thick of things.
  10. where is this game being played? do you know the time and date?
  11. the situation at teague is fixable with the right man in charge.lots of rumors but nothing for sure yet and was told they will be taking apps for another couple of weeks.it says on the TISD web site that apps will be taken until a suitable applicant is chosen.who knows if and when that right man will apply.i can tell you that if kevin hayes would have coached this team last year - the lions would have made the play-offs.yes,they can compete in their new district with the right man taking over.
  12. bottom line was the program went from a tightly run ship to a loosely ran one.it was one of the worst seasons in teague high history and the numbers dont lie.
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