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  1. dont rule teague out with the right man they will be in the thick of things.
  2. where is this game being played? do you know the time and date?
  3. the situation at teague is fixable with the right man in charge.lots of rumors but nothing for sure yet and was told they will be taking apps for another couple of weeks.it says on the TISD web site that apps will be taken until a suitable applicant is chosen.who knows if and when that right man will apply.i can tell you that if kevin hayes would have coached this team last year - the lions would have made the play-offs.yes,they can compete in their new district with the right man taking over.
  4. bottom line was the program went from a tightly run ship to a loosely ran one.it was one of the worst seasons in teague high history and the numbers dont lie.
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