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  1. Tatum and Godley playoff game in Teague had some wicked weather. Got to meet Dirty Bird that night.
  2. I have no dog in this situation but if I’m from Malakoff, what kind of message is being sent to young Tigers ?
  3. It’s hard for me to believe that Coach Driskell would take them back this late in the season after they made the earlier decision not to play.
  4. Do you think the DEC committee is made up of Democrats ?????? Sounds like the House of Representatives after Trump. LOL JK
  5. Yes, Malakoff fans you will be sitting with Mexia fans on the so called visitors side. Home side “ covered stands “ are for season ticket holders, a student section and their band. Over flow fans go to the opposite side. At least that how it was explained to me. IMO, it’s not a healthy situation but there wasn’t any problems last Friday night but Mexia was winning big.
  6. Mexia has team speed and size. IMO they are a lot better this year and in the Cameron game they got away from what was working earlier in the game. Mexia had a 14-0 lead at one time before Yoe stormed back. Mexia is a completely different team at home.This game should be a lot closer than people think. Blackcat field on Friday the 13th or Halloween has been nightmarish for teams through the years. Seen some good football teams go down on these dates. LOL
  7. Coach Finney will have those boys jumping through hoops for him and look for that new enthusiasm leading to wins.
  8. Teague hosts Fairfield and then travels to Troy.
  9. Yes, he is and he will need to carry the load.
  10. Opening game for Teague that kicks off a brutal first 5 games of the season. After the # 2 ranked Tigers, they get Mexia,Lorena, Hempstead in non district and open district with # 1 Grandview. They went 1-4 last season in these games but then went 4-1 in the rest of the regular season before losing to a very good Troy team in the playoffs. IMO Teague is still a couple seasons away before they start making those deep runs again. I look for a similar pattern again this season.
  11. Prayers from Teague. During his post game interviews I would always have something getting in my eyes. Wished I could have known him personally.
  12. You are , he coached the Richland Rebels.
  13. They beat Burnet 7-0 in the SC game.
  14. In the end, the height was the difference. Lob to the big man. Hellva game.
  15. Malakoff and Lorena, also Grandview in District.
  16. Well Matt, you should come up with your own All-State team next year. I bet you would consider more than just 40 % of the players. JS. Also thanks for all your work on Texas High School Football.
  17. Just found this information out today. I was curious why there wasn’t any Grandview players listed.
  18. Spot on Matt. The word was the DC would get the job ????
  19. Any word on this hiring ?
  20. I think the DC is the favorite but the Supt may have other ideas.
  21. He has all the intangibles that makes a high school QB special. I’ll take a kid of his caliber on my team any day. The pic 6 was uncharacteristic of him and no the SC game wasn’t his best game but was good enough to be named MVP on both sides of the ball. The kid is a winner.
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