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  1. La Vega will be too much for Paris to handle.
  2. Rockdale run include : In this order Malakoff,Woodville, West, Teague,Yoakum and Brock. They beat some pretty dang good teams on their way to the State Championship.
  3. It’s being reported that this game will be played Thursday now instead of Friday.
  4. Grandview lost to 4A Glen Rose who is still playing and in the West game it was a BS call on them. The running back was hurt in the Teague game. I too think Franklin will win but there is something about those Zebras and they are very well coached. Should be a top 5 preseason pick next year in 3A.
  5. They had better pass early because if they wait until they fall behind ( if they do ) well we know how that worked out for them the last two years.
  6. Not sure about the score yet but the Grandview QB will have some success against the Franklin pass defense. The Lorena QB lit them up for 3 Tds and Grandview Qb is very capable of doing it as well.
  7. Going to be a tough game for Mt Vernon but don’t ever underestimate a Josh Finney coached team.
  8. Yoe by 17 in a high scoring game. EC is going to get their share of points.
  9. Yes sir, he was very intensed and had a short sleeve shirt on while everyone else bundled up. lol. Looks like his motor runs high.
  10. From outsider looking in , you could definitely see the new guy presence on the sidelines last Friday night.
  11. Injuries are part of the game,this is the Playoffs most teams have injuries at this time of the year. Gotta play the hand your dealt.
  12. Actually I didn’t say you, just said one poster. But for real they are playing some good ball right. Good luck to both teams and I’m full aware of the Buc tradition.
  13. Lorena takes this one. They are a very fundamental sound team and well coached.
  14. They went through a stretch where they had lots of turnovers but since have cleaned that up. I’m not saying they will beat Gilmer but if you don’t think they have Athletes like one poster said , you are badly mistaken.
  15. Cameron wins this matchup but they are still not the Yoe of past.
  16. Grandview Stud rb was hurt in the Teague game and hasn’t played since. If he can comeback it would be huge for the Zebras.
  17. This will be a butt kicking by Finney and his men.
  18. Yes, I remember all too well. Y’all come on over so we can catch up. May try to catch a MV game. Dang good win last night.
  19. Never doubt a Josh Finney coached team.He can get more out of less than most. Great motivatier.
  20. Why don’t you tell him how you really feel !!!! Lol Lol
  21. Region 1 : Brock or Shallowater Region 2 : Jefferson or Gladewater Region 3 : Franklin Region 4 : Edna or Goliad As for as Teague, lack of depth is hurting them especially on the lines. They will have to bring their A game to beat Troy.
  22. A great program that I have lots of respect for. I don’t see anyone beating them this year.
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