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  1. Thanks Mike , I think the Lions will pull this game out but Groesbeck is a tough place to play.
  2. A tale of two different teams. Groesbeck played a soft non District schedule and Teague played a much stronger schedule. We will see how this one plays out.
  3. Congrats West, they have knocked off two of the front runners the last weeks.
  4. I’ve got West at home but Groesbeck could prove me wrong. I still have Groesbeck as the third seed behind West and Grandview.
  5. 2015 Teague Quarterfinals team without a doubt.
  6. I’m going with Coach Finney and his men.
  7. Dang Coach they got you riled up. Lol. The Tigers are tough at home no doubt and they bounce back into the win column. Good luck the rest of the season.
  8. Crockett, Diboll,Franklin in no particular order with Coldspring getting the 4th spot.
  9. You have been bragging how much depth Franklin has and when you stated 3,players got hurt and now you don’t have enough. More excuses from you , Coach Hedrick is old school and I’m sure he would be SMDH. I’m out and I’ll listened to Wally and the rest of the other Franklin posters from here on out. Again Good luck to Franklin the rest of the season.
  10. Y’all have 20 Srs on your team depth shouldn’t be a problem.You talk about how deep y’all are and then y’all get beat by a dang good team in Lorena and your playing Freshman (3) on the roster. Franklin has a good team and has been good, they don’t need you making excuses for them each time they lose. Heck even your own people on the Friday Night app calling you out. I bet if Coach Hendricks read some of your post about the excuses and comments you make, well ........ Good luck on the rest of the season to Franklin.
  11. Always making excuses about “ key players “ getting hurt.
  12. This game could be a track meet. I think the Tigers will beat them but Grandview has been tough for a while.
  13. Actually y'all played two QBs and neither were effective in the passing game but with that said I believe y'all have a very good chance to represent Region 3 this year.
  14. Passing game had better be improved from last year as when Franklin fell behind the passing game was not very good.
  15. Fairfield is pretty good this year. Fairfield wins this game.
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