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  1. Too bad we couldn’t have a Double header somewhere with Winnsboro vs Malakoff and Franklin vs Lorena. Two good teams going home.
  2. Heck LionPride, ur getting soft in your older age. Good luck tonight
  3. I agree with LionPride on his thoughts. IMO Whitney is good but Winnsboro is on a different level as well as Malakoff against Grandview. Winnsboro and Malakoff in the finals.
  4. If it ain’t broke don’t try and fix it. I’ll be waiting for the AT&T vs NRG post next.
  5. As far as Teague, it was definitely not the result we wanted. At this time of the season you can’t have all the penalties we had last night. In the second year of the new coaching staff we went from 6-5 to 8-4. Teague loses some lineman but nearly all the skill kids are back. The JV went 9-1 so hopefully they will plug the several holes of the graduating Srs. Overall a good season by the Lions and they should be right back here next season. Again hats off to Coach Finney, his staff and the Red Raiders also their Band contributed to numerous false starts by the Lions.
  6. I agree even though there were big plays, y’all definitely won the battle in the trenches which was huge because we couldn’t run the ball and play keep away from y’all’s offense. Y’all did a great job of keeping # 4 bottled up. Great job by the Raiders.
  7. Chevy, Whitney will present y’all some problems in the passing game but JMO I don’t think they can slow down the Red Raiders on offense. Play like y’all did last night and y’all will advance
  8. Congratulations on the win as Teague had no answer for the Red Raiders offense. Not much you can say but Teague didn’t bring their A game and the results showed. Good luck going forward. Y’all have a legitimate chance to play in Jerry World.
  9. The final four teams in the region all had one thing in common in the Area Round, their offenses all were on fire. JMO but I believe that Malakoff and Winnsboro have the better Defenses. As far as Teague last night they ran into a buzz saw. Winnsboro came out and played hard and fast. Here is the deal about Winnsboro. I have witnessed first hand when Coach Josh Finney was at Teague and now at Winnsboro, the kids will run through a brick wall for him. His son is the better QB of the final four and that’s not taking anything from the others because I really like the Malakoff QB. Again JMO but I’m picking Winnsboro and Malakoff to advance.
  10. They had all three timeouts but I guess he knew the D couldn’t stop the Zebras
  11. That would be a dumb bet because Whitney is in Region 2. I’ll say this about Whitney, Tatum has their hands full come Friday.
  12. Me 2, Winnsboro is deserving of the # 4 ranking. Y’all’s QB is the real deal. The weather forecast looks great.
  13. The West QB is a baller, we held on at the end.
  14. We look forward to seeing our friends as well. One of the last time I saw Kyler, he was riding in my golf cart playing Golf with Josh and Kaden. Good times. See you Friday Pop.
  15. When they added the third team most Coaches ( # 1 seeds ) didn’t like having a bye.
  16. Teague will need to keep West QB in check to win. I think Teague O can put enough points to win but this game could go either way.
  17. Both teams come in with 7-3 records. Thoughts ?
  18. How about this scenario: Mexia beats Malakoff, Teague wins out, Groesbeck beats Eustace but loses to Malakoff. All would be at 4-2 and all would have a zero on the point system as 17 is the number..Groesbeck beat Mexia by more than 17 but lost to Teague by more than 17. Mexia beat Teague by more than 17 but lost to Groesbeck by 17 and Teague beat Groesbeck by more than 17 but lost to Mexia by more than 17. Pretty sure the District minutes say that they would flip for seeding. Whew !! Teague needs to win out and have Malakoff to beat Mexia and Groesbeck. In that scenario Teague and Groesbeck would finish at 4-2 but Teague would have the tiebreaker(42-14 win ) on head to head. Fairfield would be 4th and their head to head ( ( 22-15 win )with Mexia.
  19. Teague needs to win out and have Malakoff to beat Groesbeck
  20. Teague responded with a 42-14 win over Groesbeck to keep things in a guessing game for the 2-3-4 spots behind Malakoff. Teague has Kemp and Fairfield left.
  21. 46-14, Malakoff had 3,long TD passes that the Teague secondary busted their assignments. The game was really better than the final score. QB has a good arm and 24 runs hard for Malakoff. Teague will be fine with this group the next several years as there are some good looking kids in this group.
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