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  1. Bad news for Malakoff opponents for the next 5 years, they are loaded from the 7th grade on up.
  2. Rockdale got the move in QB from New Mexico that change that team from good to State Champions. Sources say he moved back after the season
  3. Y’all lost in the semifinals that year and we lost in the quarterfinals the next year.
  4. The two games that stand out for me are the 2016 and 2017 games. In the 2016 game Teague had the lead and was inside the Tigers 5 yard line and Malakoff stopped the Lions on 4th down on literally the one inch line. The Tigers drove the length of the field and scored with just seconds to go. The next year West, Teague and Malakoff were locked in a heated race for the District Championship. West beat Teague, Malakoff had beaten West. Teague was looking like they would be the 3rd seed. Teague ended up the 1st seed by scoring on a 80 yard td late in the game to win the tiebreaker system.Both years each team made deep runs. Malakoff has had the Lions number the past 5 years.
  5. Not making excuses but Teague has a lot of kids out right now. If they were healthy it might be a different story but Malakoff is playing at a different level than anyone in Region 2. Hopefully some of the injured kids are back soon . The Teague, Mexia, Groesbeck and Fairfield games are all rivalry games as the towns are less than 40 minutes apart. Most all the kids and parents know each other .These games could go either way on any given Friday. Hopefully Teague can run the table again after the Malakoff game.
  6. Most of those old posters kids have graduated.
  7. It’s amazing how Coach Finney can get the kids out. We had two sub varsity teams when he was at Teague.
  8. Yes, she has all the tools to be a great one. She would be starting on the Fairfield Varsity if she wasn’t in Jr High.
  9. AT&T checks all the boxes better than any other stadium in Texas. As far as the home field advantage, Jerry Jones said if the Cowboys had exclusive rights to all the DFW high school players then all the players he would ever want would be those players . So maybe it’s not the location of the stadium but the talent of the players of the DFW schools.
  10. I’m sorry but nowhere compares to Jerry World and yes I was at NRG
  11. Before the season started, district 11 appeared to potentially be the strongest but not sure you can say that now. Take out Franklin’s outstanding 15-0 record, the rest of the district was 27-36 according to the MaxPreps standings of district 11.
  12. Brock was on a mission tonight. Surprisingly Malakoff had no answer for their running game as their O line was opening big holes for their RB.
  13. Good win Franklin. Going to be a hellva State Championship game. Brock was impressive tonight as were the Lions.
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