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  1. Teague 27 FF 12 Teague jumped out to a 27-0 lead and FF scored two late tds to make the final 27-12. Teague finishes the regular season at 6-4 after starting 0-3. Great job by the first year new coaching staff led by Zack Linscomb. They finished second behind Malakoff in the 8 3A race.
  2. I know FF wishes they had the RB / LB and I definitely know Teague wishes they had the two coaches sons who would be playing both ways. One sign with Texas and the other is getting a lot of looks as well. Both are game changers but I’m proud of our young team. Those two kids have been positive role models for our kids and I can’t thank them enough but what do you expect they are coaches kids.
  3. It was a dominating win no doubt but I thought Yoe was ranked too high in Yoe 09 rankings. Yoe 09 does a great job year in and out. The third season is getting ready to start next week and there’s lots of football to be crowning any team the Champions. It’s all about match ups but Franklin definitely got everyone’s attention.
  4. The winner gets Whitney and the loser draws Grandview. A lot is at stake as Grandview defeated Whitney 41-7 in district play last week. As we know in the playoffs it’s all about match ups.
  5. This game is a toss up. Both teams have been improving each week. I’m glad they moved the game so the two teams can play as they have game planned.
  6. Tiger, you were right. If Teague wins they are second. That would leave FF, Groesbeck ( provided they lose to Malakoff) and Mexia all tied at 3-3. In the point system : FF would be 3rd and Mexia 4th. FF and Teague have 2nd and 3rd spots locked up. Whew
  7. Centerville is a very physical football team,I don’t know anything about CC but I know they usually have speed. Should be a great game. Y’all have been going back and forth about preseason schedules. Since Teague’s loss to Centerville they have won 5 out of 6 only loss is to Malakoff. This has all the makings of a barnburner. Is anyone streaming this game ?
  8. The quick scenario is Teague wins : Groebeck out ( assuming they lose to Malakoff ) Mexia in Fairfield wins : Mexia out and Groesbeck in ( regardless of Malakoff game )
  9. Right now , yes. I like our chances but this is a rivalry game. One year FF was 9-0 , state ranked and Teague had won 3 or 4 games and beat them. So both schools know this is a toss up.May have to come watch y’all.
  10. If Teague wins : Teague Mexia Fairfield If Fairfield wins : Fairfield Teague Groesbeck This scenario is that Groebeck loses to Malakoff. Pretty sure that will happen. The current standings: Malakoff : 5-0 Teague : 4-1 Fairfield : 3-2 Groesbeck : 3-2 Mexia : 3-3 Still a lot of moving parts. LOL
  11. 8 3A standings Malakoff : 5-0 Teague : 4-1 Fairfield : 3-2 Groesbeck : 3-2 Mexia : 3-3 Eustace : 0-5 Kemp : 0-5
  12. Teague has won 5 out 6 since starting 0-3. Only loss was to Malakoff 32-18. It took a few games for the new coaching staff to work things out and some injured kids healed up.
  13. The two Freestone County will square off in Fairfield next Friday night to determine the 2nd seed in 8 3A. Malakoff sits at atop of the standings with Teague in sole possession of 2nd place. There are 4 teams fighting for the other 3,spots. Teague, Fairfield,Groesbeck and Mexia are all jockeying for positions to determine the seeding. Teague at Fairfield Malakoff at Groesbeck Eustace vs Kemp
  14. Koff was well prepared and focused.
  15. Teague’s Homecoming activities are second to none as they are held every other year. It looks like the weather will play a big part in the activities and the game. The golf tournament is in jeopardy of being canceled as well. You are right about Kemp they have nothing to lose. I think Coach has this young team ready but it will be ugly.I think Teague gets done.
  16. Teague Malakoff Groesbeck
  17. The Teague Lions will take on Kemp Friday night in Teague. The Lions will try and maintain the sole possession of 2nd place in the 8 3A district race behind the State ranked Malakoff Tigers. In other 8 3A action Malakoff takes on Mexia and Eustace and Groesbeck square off.
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