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  1. The Padilla poll has 1: Bushland 2: Columbus 3: Winnsboro 4:Grandview 5: Edna 6: Whitesboro 7: Malakoff 8: Breckenbridge 9: Lorena 10: Franklin that’s quite a contrast !! Lol
  2. Not sold on Yoe being a top 10 team. Defense has given 40 plus points in three big games.
  3. It’s going to be an interesting next several weeks.
  4. Tiger 03, I have the upmost respect for you as you keep real as a poster and a fan. Same for the Malakoff football program as PostSurfer spoke about consistency in a program and that’s just what Malakoff is as Coach D has proven his program over the past 10 plus years. As for Teague they are very young as 12 sophomores and 2 freshman are on the team along with 7 Jrs. If Teague wouldn’t have lost 3 of their best players ( 2 out for the season (Srs) and the soph should be back in a few weeks they would be in the # 2 spot when the season is over IMO. I do not think Teague can win Friday night but they can learn from it and hopefully both teams come out of the game healthy. Good luck to Coach D and the Tigers as I look for them to make a deep run. FYI, the two kids lost were the new coaches sons. One was the 2Acover player of the year in Texas Football and the other 2 year starter at the 5A level. I feel for these kids and their Dads ( Coaches ) as they are missing their Se year. Both will play at the next level next year. It sucks for the Teague program as well.
  5. Obviously Malakoff is heads and heels above all the teams in the district. The question who gets the 2-3-4 spots.
  6. Tiger, Teague has actually 3 LB out at this time. The one who signed with Texas and the other one who has numerous small school offers. Hopefully the other gets back in a few weeks. These are three of our top 5 players but it is what it is.
  7. JMO but for the first time in years Malakoff is not the district favorite. I’m giving the nod the Groesbeck Goats but Malakoff is right there with them. No team in the district has a QB comparable to the Goat Qb who is starting to draw a lot of interest from the college recruiters. Their front 7 is also a strong point. I think Teague,Mexia and Fairfield with fight it out for the other two spots. Mexia probably has more talent than any team but can’t seem to get everyone on the same page. The new Coach at Teague has the locals all excited about the upcoming season. His son is a stud and his leadership has already rubbed off on the younger kids.
  8. Coach Donnie Osborn ( Teague ) go hit those suckers in the freaking mouth.
  9. I agree and had better hope their 3 pointers are falling.
  10. TBH, after watching both teams I didn’t see many matchups that favors Winnsboro on Saturday.Fairfield D limited Idalou’s outside shooting and to me that was the key to the game for Idalou to have a chance to win.
  11. Well the two teams get to play each other now. The Winnsboro team I saw play today had better not try and run with Fairfield. I might be wrong but I just don’t think they can hang with Fairfield. Winnsboro has a dang good team but IMO FF is better.
  12. Some say everything east of the Trinity River and others say everything east of I 45. I guess it’s who you are talking to.
  13. I agree anything can happen but will it. Fairfield could easily be going for a three peat but lost their composure and a 6 or 7 point lead in the final minutes and Brownfield made them pay. So sure anything can happen. No doubt there are some special teams in the final 4. IMO, I would not try and run with them. Good luck to all the teams.
  14. The other three teams playing at the State tournament will have match up problems with Fairfield.
  15. The Coach Linscomb era begins Wednesday.
  16. Mexia is always going have athletes but that hasn’t always meant wins for them. I sure they will be pumped moving down to 3A. They were 2-9 last year. i don’t think Groesbeck will be as good but will still be solid. Lost some good receivers but the QB and his brother ( WR ) are back.They are well coached. Fairfield is hard to figure out but the Lb is a stud and the RB is back too. Line was huge last year but …. Teague will have a new coach. There will be a lot of enthusiasm and the new coach son is a hoss. They have some young players coming back and for some a fresh start. I think these four teams fight it for the three spots behind Malakoff.
  17. Teague has Rockdale, New Waverly, Centerville and Buffalo in that order.
  18. Eustace Fairfield Groesbeck Kemp Malakoff Mexia Teague Malakoff is the favorite without a doubt to win the District. I think the other 3 spots are open for the taking.
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