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  1. Lorena and Franklin should be ranked 1-2 in the State going into the season. Not sure who’s 1 or 2. LRA should be solid. Yoe, Rockdale and Troy are being mentioned on past success. Heck of a district. Definitely the Region 3 rep comes from this district.
  2. I can guarantee you it will be a long one, ever kid these days are All - District. LOL
  3. Dang, where did y’all put all those fans with a seating capacity of 3671 ?
  4. Teague, Fairfield, Mexia and Groesbeck are all 35 minutes from each other but some have them splitting us up.
  5. Good luck to the Tatum Eagles, the sleeping giant just got woke up with the new coach coming in.
  6. Whose district will your team be in ? Teague and Fairfield could go East or West. 9 am today we will know.
  7. In a 7-0 vote tonight, it is official. Can’t wait to see how all this plays out. Welcome to Teague, Coach Linscomb.
  8. Thanks Tiger for the encouraging words.Hopefully Coach Linscomb and the new staff can get the Lions back where they were several years ago and I personally think they will.
  9. Teague folks are pumped by this hire. It appears that Coach Linscomb credentials checked all the boxes that the Teague administration was looking for.
  10. It’s down to the nitty gritty.
  11. As much trouble the school has been with the State the past several years, he surely doesn’t need this negative press about some scuff marks on the floor. SMH
  12. Hearing the interviews start this week.
  13. Word is they have over 100 applications to choose from. Heard it would close after the holidays.
  14. I agree, their successful playoff runs are when they are D2. They will be good no doubt but will face stronger competition than they faced this year. Not positive but I don’t think they have made it past the third round in D1. This is where the teams catch up with their offense and force them to throw.Congrats to Franklin and Coach Fannin ( their offense is more versatile now ) on a great two year run.
  15. Congrats to Coach Fannin and his Franklin Lions. Franklin has been on a whole new level since Fannin took over.
  16. Gunter needs to open up the passing game if they want to win. Franklin having trouble defending the pass.
  17. Gunter will have to play assignment and discipline football on D to stop Franklin O. You have to stay at home with all the misdirection they run. If they can force Franklin into obvious passing situations then they have a chance. I think Gunters QB will present problems for Franklin but not sure it will be enough.
  18. Lorena’s team speed will create problems for Brock. I’ll take Lorena.
  19. Could be FF, Teague, Mexia, Groesbeck, West and McGregor.
  20. Mexia dropped down to 3A D 1. Who joins them, Teague, Groesbeck and Fairfield in a district ? Unless the UIL breaks them up but it is the UIL. LOL
  21. Nah, I’m to old and mature for that kind of stuff. I’m not going to lose any sleep over it one way or the other regardless who wins. I just think Franklin wins and if my opinion offends whoever that much,I don’t know what to tell you. It’s all good.
  22. I don’t need your permission or for you to tell me what to do. I know Waskom has a good team but I think Franklin is better. You have a nice day.
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