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  1. Franklin, I don’t think Yoe D can stop Franklin O. Lots of points have been put up on them and it won’t get any better this week.
  2. What a testimony to this kid’s faith. Not many kids these days would even attempt this much less accomplish it. Anxious to here how this story plays out. God bless this young man and all who played a part in it.
  3. Pretty sure he was never in. LOL
  4. It would be a great hire for Crockett but IMO there is no way that would happen.
  5. Fairfield has a 6’4 kid that just moved in. I heard he is pretty dang good. Waiting on paperwork to get eligible.
  6. They had trouble stopping that play all game. Franklin knew what they had to do but if I wouldn’t have seen it, I would not believe that they scored the tying TD with a pass. Lol
  7. Franklin went 92 yards in 5 plays in two minutes that’s where the game was win.
  8. Mart is on another type of level. So to my good friends Tank and Tweet, y’all go win yet another title.
  9. Buffalo has had a good run but Franklin has too many weapons for them. Buffalo D will not be able to stop them but their O will put up some points on Franklin D. Probably will be much like the first game.
  10. Possibly but the winner is going to have to beat Brock as well to make it to Jerry World. If folks don’t think that Brock is in the equation well ......
  11. It seems most everyone outside of Grandview are picking the Tigers. It’s a toss up to me but I’m leaning towards.......
  12. I agree with a lot that you are saying but IMO both have good QBs but I’ll take the Grandview kid all day long. If I need someone to lead my team to a last minute comeback, I’m riding with the Grandview QB. Going to be a great game no doubt.
  13. Grandview and Malakoff going to be a war. This was not Grandview’s cleanest games by no means and yet they won by 26.The Zebras can’t afford those turnovers next week.
  14. EB, he reminds of our neighbors to the east Fairfield’s Tony Brackens but he went to play at Texas and the Jags in the NFL.He would completely take over a game but I don’t think he is quite on Tony’s level yet.
  15. I would have never rolled to his side, that play never had a chance. That play was DOA way before the strip. Good luck tomorrow night. Pottsboro QB going to test y’all’s secondary but I think y’all will win.
  16. I’ve seen Grandview play around 6 times the past couple of years. He plays when it gets serious and it’s crunch time.
  17. That’s where I met you. Good luck to the Eagles.
  18. That game was in Teague and it was one of the worst conditions you could ever imagine.
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