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  1. What has happened to the Tomatoes themselves...have not had a good one for two years...now carry on...
  2. Rankings don't mean squat...size don't matter...it's the way you swing the big stick
  3. very good team...they need to start looking for some fresh meat...Bux are hungry
  4. We have taken advantage of 'em & we didn't kii 'em afterwards
  5. My crystal ball says steers choose up sides for round ball
  6. Graham has forgotten East Texas Speed kills. I have yet to see any team that is anywhere close to the Bux conditioning. Xample...1/2 way thru the 3rd, defense was totally gassed...Tennison ran straight at 'em for 30yards with 7 laying on the grass in his wake...impressive
  7. Offense & defense are very salty. Special Teams have been playing their hearts out. Bux will be ready
  8. i quit trying...I have not talked to anyone that is happy with them...not a pleasant experience.
  9. Maybe...have not seen them sleep on anybody. They are very focused and looking for a fight (all legal)
  10. Bux are improving every week as a team...they seem to be reading each other...Caddo had no answer...not seeing Graham stopping them
  11. 4A Div 2 does not have the level of competition worthy of Surratt’s Dawgs who are just now starting to be challenged.
  12. And just think...BT has another year on his contract and Baby Tennison will be a freshman & fast as a speeding bullet
  13. Smash-Mouth Football at its best. A lot of fun to see.
  14. D'Field...like a Timex...they just keep on ticking
  15. Hadn't see anyone mention: I know it was week one, everyone is on edge...still, I normally don't mention refs...it is what it is...crew that was to work Thursday was committed to Friday...crew literally had never worked together...didn't know each other... I take it back...great job refs...appreciate y'all for making it happen. It was great to be on the field with the cubs...I have missed them. We go way back, 1929 was a 77-0 L for the cubs. 2014 is in my top 10 HS ball games. Bet that one still smarts...Great to see 'ya & there is always next year for your annual spanking. The Bears did show up and looked better than I thought you would. I say that you will take your district & continue.
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