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  1. He's at Beckville. Enjoying life coaching up the middle school kids. They won district at every level from 7th to varsity. They love him over there just as we did here.
  2. On track? Ehhh....most talent we've put on the field since 2011 and we're 8-2. Two 1 point losses but never the less 8-2.......I feel like we've underachieved and we need to hit another gear like we used to in the playoffs under Andy Evans. We always seemed to catch another gear when it was on the line with him at the helm......hoping this staff can do the same. Andy and his crew made good adjustments during games. Hoping we can start seeing that from this group.
  3. Lol we ain't gave up 30 in a game all year and their 5-4 team gonna put 44 on us?
  4. I just ain't got it in me to trash talk about volleyball homie lol.
  5. I'm here. Just on them night shift blues.
  6. Interesting info there Pax. Appreciate it.
  7. Barker is quite possibly the best VB coach in East Texas. Think he's won the district title every year he's been here at Tatum. If there's anybody that can get a team ready for the playoffs, its him. WO is really solid....hoping Tatum can step up to the challenge this time.
  8. If anyone says any other name other than Scott Surratt....they're either lying or got an issue in which we shouldn't discuss on a forum. I will take this time to honor 2 previous Tatum greats. A great man, I'd take back at the helm for sure, that created great young men and was a pretty awesome coach. Coach Andy Evans. Also another great, during his time of course, Coach John "I ain't gonna throw it" Crawford.
  9. I'll take a 35-14 win without our D1 DE, D1 WR, FS #1, and FS #2 suited up. I am guessing the kid that was slotted to be our #2 RB is just gonna be held out until next year? I thought he was supposed to be back but it ain't looking like it lol.
  10. Yessir.....just glad your 'alma mater" got to be in it.
  11. Holy hell lol. I finally watched it back for the first time. At 21 mins we tried a FG with our #3 kicker on 2nd and 2 in the redzone lol. Evans wasn't about running it up.
  12. Troup dialed up the perfect game plan, and I truly feel its what set us on the right path. The Giant was sleeping and got woken up that day.
  13. Things did change a little next year. We had graduated all the D1 talent outside of QB Cashas Pollard at QB/S, RB/LB Bryce Beall, and WR/DB Chance Blackmon and the Raiders played us to a 35-18 game the next year with a solid game plan, much better than the previous showing. WR/DB DJ Whiting played above and beyond that year and Smoaky made a point on Smoaky.con to indicate that Whiting was one of, if not, the best, and his most favorite, interviews he had ever been apart of. Tatum went on to lose their chance at their 3-peat by 3 in overtime to Farmersville. Tatum scored first in OT,after a miraculous 4 quarter outting by Farmers' RB Taj Redwine, with a FG. On 4th and long Farmersville complete a "controversial" pass in the corner of the endzone to their TE to seal the fate. It was hard to tell if he came down with it or not in the game film. A hard pill to swallow either way, but it was the last time Tatum got to play in the elusive title game.
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