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  1. We didnt have much speed this past season in football lol. Didn't have problems scoring. Did have some issues dealing with speed on defense in the secondary. Should have some speed coming up JV to help that out some.
  2. Yet.....literally just finished better than Daingerfield in nearly every running event at the Eagle Relays. That.....to me.....is indeed a head scratcher.
  3. Tatum definitely not ranked atm but lost to Central Heights 4-2 in a tournament. Lost to Orangefield badly, 10-1 in same tournament. Tatum hosted a pretty loaded tournament this year with Central Heights, Orangefield, Spring Hill, Carthage, Sabine, Tatum. Tatum RHP Truitt Anthony has an ERA of 0.00 through 34 innings pitched. Catcher Cam Redwine is tied for 7th in the nation in Homeruns with 5.
  4. District should be fun again. Jefferson lost several studs, Kam comes back. Gladewater lost Lewis, brings up solid JV. Atlanta returns a lot. Sabine returns a lot. White Oak gained a solid QB. Tatum returns the whole starting backfield(QB, RB1, RB2, FB) and a lot more, brings up solid JV. Should once again be a competitive district.
  5. Tatum Basketball 16-AAA All District Selections Sophomore JaCorie Bradley - District MVP Sophomore Cayden Tatum - Defensive Player of the Year 1st Team All District Sophomore Jordan Chambers Sophomore Luke Sigler Sophomore Elijah Lloyd 2nd Team All District Freshman Cooper Whiteus Senior Caleb Smith Junior Ashby Anthony
  6. Only seen a few games but they're scrappy to be so young. Chambers is really solid and pushing 6'6 he gives Tatum a matchup nightmare for most 3A teams if they want as he can play any position on the court, moves and handles the ball very well for his size......gonna be a handful when he's a senior. Jayme Bradley's son, JaCorie, is very good. Has his daddy's range and drives very well. Bit taller than his dad was. Sigler adds a little more size at 6'2-6'3 with good athleticism. The Tatum and Lloyd kids are hellacious defenders and are good on the offensive side. Got a freshman that's a really good catch and shoot guy. Man, Carr and Bradley have some very good building blocks in the sophomores and freshmen. After graduating the type of class they did last year, they gotta be thrilled how the season has gone with so much youth.
  7. Fairfield girls are relentless. Fairfield 78 Buffalo 0, the final from last night lol
  8. 6'1 Bradley, 5'9 Tatum, 5'7 Lloyd, 6'5 Chambers are all sophomores....Whiteus,, a shooter, is just a freshman. 6'3 Sigler, also a stand out who dunked in the Jeffy game is a sophomore as well. Fighting for it as youngsters, the future is bright. The lone senior is 6'7 Caleb Smith.
  9. Tatum finished the first round of district play with a win over Jefferson 79-58 to remain undefeated in district play. Youngsters have come a long way since the season began. Tatum is the clear #1 with Jefferson being the definite clear #2 team.
  10. Tatum will return a stud backfield in Co-MVP QB Watson and all three 1st Team RBs Gonzalez, Mimbs, and Sigler. As well as 2nd Teamer WR Chambers and OL Cook. Will bring back Defensive Newcomer of the year Cayden Tatum and 1st Team DB Gonzalez. 1st Team Kicker Giani Garza will return as well. Good group for Keeling to build around. District Champ JV moving up to fill the holes.
  11. 1 senior on the team. Tatum is starting 5 sophomores with 4 freshmen getting playing time. Tatum is now 4-0 in district play with a 49-42 win over Troup, 67-43 win over EF, 75-33 win over Waskom, and a 67-55 win over WR. Tatum will play Arp(1-15) next then have a big match up against Jefferson who is 16-4(4-0). Jefferson beat EF 51-31, beat Waskom 56-33, beat WR 55-40, and beat Arp 90-47. Should be a solid competitive game between Tatum and Jefferson.
  12. With success comes envy. Only teams that are unconditionally loved by their area are Cinderella Stories. Wasn't a single person in East Texas secretly wishing for Harmony to lose last night. Let em win a couple titles and be a deep playoff contender consistently.....Harmony would be the next added to the hate list. It is what it is. I will say though.....in the Texas High School Scoreboard Facebook group.....yalls fans on there make it real easy to hate on yall lol. Making excuses in a win like "it really shoulda been 42-14 but we turned it over too much". That'll gain some hate quick. Lol , I mean....that game was one unforced turnover on the last drive from being GR vs Wimberly in the final. A whole lot of factors came into play to make that ending the way it was...turnovers by both played a key role to the finish. And yes Carthage woulda faired much better without the turnovers. But turnovers are apart of the game. Glen Rose got hot in the 2nd half and that stretch was worrisome for yall fans....I know it had to be. Hell, I was worried watching it on NFHS and I ain't even from Carthage lol. Bottom line....the Dawgs prevailed.....its in the books.....and #9 in on the horizon.
  13. I aint got no giddy up. Been off my hitch for 3 days. Was so damn ready to sleep in and catch up. Day 1, my wife's little Shih Tzu/Pug mix woke me up at 2:30am scratching his back on my bedroom door and grunting loud as hell. Couldnt go back to sleep. Day 2.....Dog does it again at 3:30am. Day 3, my 7 year old throws a fit at 4:30am cuz we won't let her get in the bed with us after waking up and going to the bathroom. Couldn't fall back asleep, again. I swear I'd drown the little sucker if I could get away with it. The dog.....not the kid. I kinda like the kid. The dog? Let's just say I've day dreamed many ways to "accidentally" let him either run away or have a little play time in the street. I hate that little worthless ball of hair almost as much as he hates me.
  14. Lol shut up. He is breaking the mold and we're so used to it as East Texas Football fans that we overlook just how great his career actually is.
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