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  1. Refs let the kids play in the Brock game. We frustrated them all night. Lots of turnovers.
  2. Noticed they only have 2 guys over 6 ft on their roster. Got 2 kids listed at 6'3.
  3. Brock played 6 players the whole game.....Tatum threw the whole squad at them and went wide open. They couldnt match the physicality or the intensity.
  4. Brock gonna have some size.
  5. I ain't Eagleborn but I'm bored at work lol. Here's the tallest Trey Fite 6'6, Jr Markendrick Beall 6'5, Sr Jayden Boyd 6'3, Jr(Guard) Haden Crowley 6'3, Sr(Guard) Tatum suits up 13 with legit depth. They sub 5 and 5 with 3 role players basically. First 5 run wide open offense and relentless press. Coach Carr subs the next 5, and they run wide open, the same thing.....all game, over and over. The other 3 basically fill roles if fatigue sets in or if foul trouble comes into play on any of the other 10 as well as fresh legs for defensive packages and situational ba
  6. Brock is gonna be tough. Tatum should roll in with max confidence after knocking off the #1 ranked team in the state.
  7. 27-9 for the whole 4th. Closed the game out on a 20-2 run.
  8. Solid.....losing a few contributers in big Beall, Allison, Crowley, and Fuller but return 6'3 Boyd, 6'6 Fite, Malone, Bridges, Anthony, and several more. Tatum subbed 5 and 5 all year, all 13 on the roster saw tons of time and contributed a lot. JV went undefeated in district and will be ready to fill some roles off the bench as well.
  9. They jumped on us early. Was neck and neck in the 2nd and 3rd, and we just hit a run late. Never gave up and punched the ticket. Boys played hard.
  10. Yup, I was thinking that myself.
  11. I'd share my log in info with ya but it aint like netflix, only one device logged in at a time, and my family is still quarantined. So I am watching from my recliner with cold beer in hand lol.
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