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  1. Just your daily reminder that Johnny tried to cancel the hopes and dreams of the Gunter High School Homecoming court. #badform #crownthekingandqueen #GunterBy72 #IdBeAshamed
  2. Pitt got some zoom zoom and they got size. Not very disciplined, though.
  3. I'm having a hard time pegging it. We were up 13-0 on Pitt in the 1st qtr when the game got canceled for weather. We beat WR 44-20 and that was a 36-7 game til we started subbing. WR beat Sabine by 20 and that's hard for me to wrap my head around. Pitt will out-athlete Sabine across the board but I feel like Sabine should win.....I just dunno by how much.
  4. Absolutely smashing video clarity by the way. Audio? Couldn't tell ya....didn't have mine up as I was working and wouldn't have heard it anyways lol.
  5. https://pirates.pittsburgisd.net/broadcasts
  6. Will be a 6:30 kickoff Live Stream - http://easttexastoday.com/
  7. Not only pre-district but that mans tried to ruin yalls homecoming. How the homecoming king and queen gonna get crowned? Lawd have mercy, what about the younger homecoming duchesses aspiring to be the next homecoming queen? The Band Beau and Band Sweetheart? They woulda been denied their spotlight.
  8. They played eachother at every level last year.
  9. Oh, he fa sho tried to cancel the varsity game. That's very true. Most of them GW folks know it, too. They just can't out their boy.......wouldn't be able to look him in the eyes on the golf course.
  10. That dude spittin.....I pray he don't teach English/ Grammar class....or any class for that matter.....but he be spittin......
  11. Ya fancy that ole dive, dive, go route, dive, dive, go route offense huh? So do all the DCs on the schedule.
  12. Best of luck to yall moving forward.
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