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  1. Tatum won both games in district against WR 7-1 and 8-5. Should be a good matchup.
  2. Dang, Gonzalez threw a 1 run complete game and went 3 for 4 with 4 RBIs.
  3. Fite is correct. Youngest is making a name for himself at Arizona State. Oldest transferred from SMU to ULL. Haven't seen much on him. Youngest actually works with this kid in the video often.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/share/v/vCk1F4xNjwnw8s8n/?mibextid=xfxF2i
  5. Squatted 476 lbs as a 7th grader. Not sure what he reached as an 8th grader.
  6. According to the young man's parents....they'll always bleed green.
  7. Watch our incoming freshman Tolbert at NG/DT week 1. Was 6'3 300 as an 8th grader. Moves extremely well for his size. Kid is gonna be special.
  8. Damn, White Oak aint even a baseball school anymore. Tatum took game 1 by a score of 10-0. Down goes football, down goes basketball, down goes baseball. What's that bass fishing team lookin like?
  9. For sure? Nah....nothing is for sure. He is always sharing what the DC posts on social media which is what he is drawing his conclusion from. Could be him....could be one of these other disgruntled fans making a mockery, could be a fired up fan. We don't know anything for sure.....other than #FullSpeedNasty
  10. I won't lie.....when he and Keeling brought the flexbone to Tatum, I wasn't extremely excited about the thought of it but they were winners and a great staff and i was ok with it. I have always been a spread it out and sling it type fan. Game 1 instantly changed my mind. I expected the boring ole 3 yards and a cloud of dust and that most certainly was incorrect. Explosive plays all over the place. It has the ability to drag out a drive for 17 or 18 plays if that's what you need but it can also score in 1 or 2. So many moving parts, so many possibilities. I would not wanna be the DC across from it for sure. We had 695 total yards one game. It's a machine.
  11. Can't say much for Adams, don't know anything about him, but Kubiak is gonna bring life and intensity to that program. It'll be a culture shock to the kids at first. He's gonna teach and demand them to do all the little things right. But once all the little things start adding up, big things happen. Excited for him and looking forward to see where his career goes. OC absolutely didn't get it wrong with the hire.
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