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  1. Not a bad look for the young bears. Our JV been scoring a lot.
  2. One and a half Bear fans in 2 weeks? Yes 13.....you're the half. Almost to that participation trophy.
  3. Timpson vs Gunter would be awesome to see. Carthage vs Longview.....not to see if Carthage could win but to see how long it actually takes a true depth factor to kick in.....
  4. West Rusk can't stop a good run attack. Don't think they'd stop yall.
  5. Boy hush and watch the road. Can't drive, drink a beer, and text all at the same time.
  6. I dunno if there's 33 teams better than us. I dunno if we're 14th either. Offense has produced, defense has struggled against stellar competition. Let's see what the defense does now that the hard part of the schedule is over.
  7. I'd take maxpreps with a grain of salt.....jmo
  8. We stream on NFHS Network if you're subscribed. I'll loan you my login info for the night if ya tell me how many total yards yall got this season
  9. We got our football talk with 01 done early......he been here for a week and a half. We just slinging poop now. Aint nobody else showed up to talk football.
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