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  1. Center has the athletes this year. Whether they can beat Rusk and Van remains to be seen. But they have no shortage of horses.
  2. DF bout to romp. Got a couple weeks of frustration they're about to take out on them Stangs.
  3. We don't care....we talk, the boys play, we congratulate if we lose, give input if we win, we move on. It's what 99% of the posters here do. 99%
  4. Oh look, back on a 3A thread again. Imagine that.
  5. Last 2 years we had the talent to defend the thought.
  6. Right now I'm at 1. Tatum 2. GW/ATL 3. GW/ATL 4. Sabine/Jeffy 5. Sabine/Jeffy 6. White Oak But it very well could be more wide open than everyone wants to believe. Lots of really good battles coming. Maybe some upsets? Still a lot of unknowns 5 weeks into the season.
  7. What offense yall gonna run? Yall gonna stick with the trend of trying an offense for 2 weeks then giving up on it? Should we prepare for the split back veer? Or yall gonna throw us for a loop and go back to that magnificent Wing T? Week 1 Wing T Week 2 Wing T Week 3 The I and some gun Week 4 The I and some gun Week 5 Split back veer and some gun Hell, a couple more and yall will have ran every formation known to mankind.
  8. Didn't even think our name would be thrown around at all prior to the season. Offense is tough.....just don't know if we can stop anybody.
  9. I wanna root for Center, I like ole Ricky Joe. He was a great guy and coach here at Tatum. But homeboy making it hard on folks to root for them lol. Got a solid group of athletes.
  10. I agree. I think there's gonna be a lot of great games.
  11. Now, what in the history of Tatum/Gladewater threads made you think this might be a safe place?
  12. Top 5 without Bennett? Nah, def not. But I see no reason to drop them outta the top 20 as of yet. They'll be in top 20 all season likely, though, Winny got a chance to get them.
  13. Uhhh......sure why not, claim a little glory. Kinda meant the other 4 but take it when you can get it, right?
  14. Right now Gunter has to be the favorite. And right now Newton has to be the favorite in this region. Of course there are some teams that could change that. However....Gunter looks real solid to win it all.
  15. Sometimes it's the x's and the o's, sometimes its the Jimmies and the Joes.
  16. With non-district finished up and the bye week upon us to rest and get healthy before entering district play, how's everybody feel about it? Ahead or behind where you thought you'd be? And lastly, what's your prediction on how district finishes?
  17. Final non-district records with W/L Atlanta 4-1(Wins - Elysian Fields, Redwater, New Boston, Brook Hill : Losses - Liberty Elyau Jefferson 3-2(Wins - New Boston, DE Kalb, Hughes Springs : Losses - Timpson, Centerville) White Oak 3-2(Wins - Harmony, Harleton, Elkhart : Losses - Troup, Brook Hill Tatum 2-3(Wins - Pittsburg, West Rusk : Losses - Center, Daingerfield, Lumberton) Gladewater 1-4(Wins - Spring Hill : Losses - Daingerfield, Mount Vernon, Malakoff, Gunter) Sabine 1-4(Wins - Waskom : Losses - Spring Hill, West Rusk, Mount Vernon, Dallas Episcopal)
  18. White Oak 55 Elkhart 52 Atlanta 35 Brook Hill 28 Gunter 59 Gladewater 7 Lumberton 48 Tatum 42 Dallas Episcopal 54 Sabine 0 Centerville 30 Jefferson 28
  19. Lol, after that brutal schedule.....aint nobody biting right now lol
  20. We'll see.....but a 10 point win and a 3 point win over 2A squads ain't exactly screaming "we ready"
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