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  1. Sabine is gonna be a problem! They’re a really good team and will make the playoffs! Spring Hill better bring their “A” game for this contest!
  2. I’d like to know what White Oak’s Head Coach was thinking when he decided not to put Spring Hill on their schedule!
  3. Yes, I’m sure they do! Apparently you’re not aware of the history between these two teams!
  4. Glad to see Spring Hill play Sabine again! Great rivalry!
  5. Why did y’all decide against Spring Hill?
  6. I haven’t seen your schedule! Let’s see who you have!
  7. So, White Oak, Gladewater, and Tatum all said no to Spring Hill! I wonder if Sabine will be added! I’m thinking maybe Center, Bullard, Wills Point, Sabine, and Canton would be a good non-distract schedule!
  8. That just isn’t right! One of the greatest rivalries in the state, and it’s not gonna happen for the next two years! I certainly hope this isn’t true!
  9. Does anyone know what Spring Hill’s schedule looks like?
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