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  1. 3-7 is looking more like 1-9 right now! Who are you thinking we're gonna win against? The way we're playing, I just don't see us winning another game! Please tell me I'm wrong!
  2. Not real sure the Pistol Flex is the right offense for SH! We scored 44 points on Sabine, but since then, we haven’t scored diddly squat, and it’s embarrassing to say the least! Two back-to-back blowouts is complete nonsense, and we have got to find the freaking end zone!
  3. Zane Mason started in place of an injured Jax Stovall!
  4. Pulling for Robert E Lee in the game!
  5. That was me saying that, not some forum!
  6. For the past two years, I’ve been saying that Sabine doesn’t have a chance against Spring Hill, but look what’s happened! Sabine has our number! For some reason, we just can’t beat the Cardinals! I’m looking for another great game with Sabine, and I hope we can actually beat them this year!
  7. I don’t care what offense we run, just as long as we’ve got the players to execute the plays effectively and we score more points!
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