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  1. If the Texas win over Alabama doesn't matter to "the committee", the Alabama win over Georgia shouldn't either .... either head to head matters, or it doesn't .... which is it?
  2. Jerruh can't sleep at night thinkin he screwed up not drafting Hurtz ....
  3. I don't like the Jerruh Jones run Cowgurlz and I like Jalen Hurtz ....
  4. Had a couple of other fumbles too, luckily they recoved all of them ... I honestly wasn't very impressed with them .... even Beckville would give them all they wanted ....
  5. Yes, they are ..... FSU would get blown out in the first round no matter who they play .....
  6. I didn't know offensive tackles were allowed to go in motion across the backfield ... no call? .....
  7. Funny, you can’t hear Louisville‘s band play at all on the TV .... Also, you can hear Florida State’s Tomahawk Chop every second .... Slanted coverage ESPN? ....
  8. Gosh ... Florida State has gotten away with at least three clear pass interface non calls ....
  9. Booger McFarland says no way you put Alabama in the College Football Playoffs over Texas ... Thats good enough for me ....
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