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  1. USC has looked good to mediocre while beating nobody that warrants them being in the top 10 ... I think KS would embarrase them ....
  2. Yea, but there is no excuse for throwing the ball when you are up 60 points .... running up the score like that is classless .... even the Big 12 and SEC Schools don't do that to the smaller schooles they play ... totally uncalled for ....
  3. Here's to sending you back down south in the rankings ... where you belong! ....
  4. KS might not beat all of them, but they would beat most ... they totally embarrassed Oklahoma and would no doubt do the same to others on that list .... USC barely squeaked by an unranked Oregon St team and a few others on the list had lackluster performances ....
  5. That game could go either way ... K St looked pretty tough themselves Saturday ....
  6. Kansas St would donkey stomp the bottom half of that Top 10 ....
  7. I tried to watch a couple of episodes ..... just couldn't stomach it ....
  8. He's developing into a top tier NFL QB .... I told you Jerruh Jones boot lickers that Jerruh screwed up not drafting him when they had the chance instead of betting the farm on Dak Prescott .... He's gonna be a thorn in the Cowboy's side for a long time .... told ya so .....
  9. Those three look like the walked right off the set of Skinwalker Ranch ....
  10. Im not Card lover ... you have been totally off base with every thing you have said ....
  11. They are improved in all areas ... you don't see it because you are probably not a Texas fan, or you just don’t want to see it ... Card doesn't call the plays .... and we will have to agree to disagree about his play ....
  12. The Texas offense is not as good with Card playing instead of Ewers, everybody knows that .... that said, Card is not the reason Texas lost to Alabama or TT ... he played good enough to have won both of those games ... bad calls cost Texas the upset against Alabama and lackluster play calling and a gassed defense cost us the game yesterday ... Texes is vastly improved over last year and will continue to get better, especially after Ewers returns ...
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