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  1. Tubby doesn't have a snowball's chance in hades of getting the nomination ....
  2. Dude, you are the King of being made fun of on here ....
  3. Most people fail to prepare financially for retirement ... Social Security will not keep you afloat if that's all you are depending on ...... I retired at 62 and SS is only about 20% of my retirement income .... people need to start saving and investing early in life to prepare for retirement .... I retired from the Air Force and BCBSTX and my wife retired twice too ... we both saved and invested over our working years .... luckily we planned and got good advise early .... So many young people today continue to live paycheck to paycheck and bounce from job to job with no thought of retirement .... they drive expensive new cars and get themselves so far in dept they will probably never get control of their budgets and finances .... I think high schools should teach young people how to manage money, save and invest, how to budget and balance their accounts .... so many young people have no clue and learn the hard way .... My dad taught me well and I taught my sons .... not all people get that kind of training at home ....
  4. You are over your head in the political forum, Lion .... you should stick to HS sports where you are really out there in Looneyville ....
  5. I'm sure that dipstick Garland is on the brink of indicating Plugs and the Hilldabeast for the same crimes ....
  6. Libtards would indict the Pope if they thought they could score political points ...
  7. Harelton ... 10 Shiner ....... 5 Final Congratulations Harelton! 2A State Champs
  8. Harelton ... 10 Shiner ....... 3 Bottom of the 7th
  9. Harelton ... 10 Shiner ....... 3 After 6
  10. Harelton ... 10 Shiner ....... 3 Bottom of the 6th
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