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  1. Arizona, Phoenix area, had the best youth baseball programs I have ever seen .... they play a lot longer season there because of the weather .... Parents have to decide up front it they want their kids in the competitive leagues or the fun leagues .... the competitive leagues are very instructional starting at 5 years old .... they don’t play tee ball at all ... they start the 5 year old kids in coach pitch to develop their skills at hitting a moving ball on different planes .... by the time the fun league kids merge with the competitive league kids in little league where they are batting against pitchers trying to strike them out there is no comparison in their development ...
  2. Changed my mind .... a little birdie told me sumpin ..... had a premonition ..... Burro is gonna lay an egg .....
  3. Not to mention Plugs and his libtard dim cronies and the lapdog liberal media all trying to change the long standing amd universally accepted definition of a recession .... yea, that's how to avoid a recession, just change the definition ..... that'll work .... ..... ......
  4. I spit coffee all over my front porch when I read that too ...
  5. I still think they knew each other ... dude outside beating on my door with a hammer, he eats a load of 00BUCK ....
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