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  1. I'm telling you, the dude lives in the Twilight Zone ....
  2. This has to be one of the most out of touch, devoid of reality, ignorant posts in the history of Smoaky.com ..... it's a classic libtard lie .....
  3. You are such a goober headed moron .... Plugs and his crime family should be breaking rocks in Leavenworth doing life sentences for treason .... your Twilight Zone mentality is laughable .... here's your sign, Larry .....
  4. That was last year, basically a bump in the road, doubt it happens again. Can’t base this realignment frenzy on last year ....
  5. I am sick (and tired) of all the medicare advantage commercials with Joe Namath and other "celebrities" telling us IT'S FREE!!!! ....
  6. I don’t see a whole lot of upside for any "name" school joining the Big12 .... or for any of the current Pac12 schools to join the Big12 ... why would the Az schools leave a stronger situation in the Pac12? ....
  7. Kid is really a team player, a true role model, bet his teammates would really like to block to protect his prima donna ......
  8. Don't kid yourselves, there are zero schools out there available that are going to even come close to replacing what the B12 is losing in Texas and OU .... short of a Notre Dame, it just ain't happening .... the Arizona schools? .... pleeeeeze!!!!
  9. Now that sounds like my brother in law's older brother ... ahole shoots 105 (not counting the 12 lost balls and penalty strokes), writes down 84 on the scorecard .... lol ....
  10. Just imagine, toward the end of the 2028 college football season ... #1 Alabama and #10 Boise State are the last two standing after a 16 team playoff .... Alabama's star QB and trio of wide receivers, along with their Heisman Trophy toting running back all decide to sit out the big game afraid they might get injured and it cost them millions in endorsement money, signing bonuses and lucrative pro contracts .... meanwhile Boise State routs a depleted Alabama squad 52 - 14 to claim the national championship ....
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