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  1. Meathead has shown signs of mental illness ever since he created his Smoaky.com account ..... the jab and the boosters have probably worsened his condition .... the boy is a certified loon ....
  2. Meathead, you have been buffaloed by lying libturds beyond repair .... your sources are in denial and share the blame with people like Fauchi for a lot of unnecessary deaths and other damage to innocent people who blindly accepted their lies and deception ....
  3. So these Big Money DONORS get more money back than they donate? .... it has nothing to do with improving educationl choices? they are in it for the money ????
  4. I haven't been in a target in over 10 years and that was to find my wife ....
  5. Nothing to worry about, per Meathead .... Plugs is as spry and quick witted as a teen national spelling bee champion ... he could easily medal in the olympic decathlon .....
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