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  1. Pretty soon, ESPN will have transam commentators cheering on transam pedo "athletes" .....
  2. A friend of mine told me a few years back they sell a lot of team equipment. They have to be selling to somebody to stay afloat ... I just don’t see it .....
  3. They forgot to tell him to PASS GO and collect his 10% ....
  4. I think Card will soon be the odd man out ....
  5. I never bought anything from them. I could always find the same stuff substantially cheaper elsewhere .... I never understood how they ever stayed in business with their business model .... especially now ....
  6. A younger Kolmes at the ballpark around 1965 ...
  7. Roberts was a big mistake by GWB ... Alito or Thomas should have been appointed Chief Justice ... you are right, Roberts doesn't carry nearly as much weight since President Trump’s appointments ... hopefully, the next Republican President can replace another liberal justice, or two ....
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