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  1. This is proof positive that SPENDING MORE MONEY does not corelate to better education .... Does anyone actually believe that New York, Washington D.C. and New Jersey have higher quality education than Texas? .....
  2. For ever one of these right-wing nuts, there are a dozen left wing loons that go unreported or are ignored by Meathead and the left wing nutjobs ....
  3. If I remember right, Honey Grove kind of fizzled out when they faced stiffer competition last serason .... what they are bringing back couldn't deal with the best teams in the region last season, they would have to really step it up if they want to get past our district ....
  4. Easy, Hunter actually violated the laws he was charged with and convicted of ... President Trump did nothing wrong, he was falsely charged and falsely convicted of something that wasn't even a crime....
  5. Right, you can't compare a falsely accused and convicted man to a guilty as hell man rightfully convicted ....
  6. He will most likely be acquitted in libtard friendly Delaware .... Hung jury at best .... he's a Biden ....
  7. They'll have him hopped up on something before the debates, you can count on that ... ole teleprompter Plugs ...
  8. Let's go sweeeeeep!!!! ..... git da brooooooom!!!!
  9. If the Republicans don't hold the House, a second Trump presidency would be nothing but non-stop investigations and impeachments .... the Republicans MUST keep the HOR .... and hopefully take over the majority in the Senate ....
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