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  1. Tatum is good, but don't get ridiculous. I don't think Tatum would have won state in 2A last season . . . against either Celina or Newton! :whistle: Celina had their best team ever according to most, luckily for Tatum they didn't have to play them. :w00t:
  2. I'm not sure Arp even scores against Tatum . . . unless Tatum puts in a lot of subs which they did very little of against Garrison until the 4th qtr. Garrison had success mostly playing smash mouth physical football running the ball. Arp is more of a finess team with speed . . . except Tatum has even more speed than Arp. I don't think Arp's defense will fare as well as Garrison's defense did either. JMTOTS. :whistle:
  3. Didn't Troup have Davis last season? Garrison's defense won that matchup I believe without much trouble! There is a BIG difference between Tatum and Creer and Troup and Davis. I think Garrison will be physical enough to get the job done. I just hope Garrison has a healthy QB when they play.
  4. Tatum is truly loaded with talent and it showed last night. I would love to see a Tatum Newton game, but they may wind up in different divisions in the playoffs. Newton gave Carthage all they wanted last night. Garrison was outmatched against Tatum, no doubt, but to anyone not actually seeing the game 61 - 18 doesn't give justice to the fight Garrison put up. The score could have been a little closer had Garrison finished off any of the three drives they had the ball deep in Tatum territory. Garrison should have at least scored a couple more times. I think it's important to note that Garrison did score 3 TDs in the 1st half against Tatum. , not late in the game. I was surprised Garrison's offense moved the ball as well as they did against a tough Tatum defense. Garrison's "limping" QB really limited them on offense but the kid played a heck of a game. I agree, the coach probably should have taken him out, or at least sent the plays in with a WR instead of having him "hop" over to the sidelines and back to get the plays. I think they snapped the ball with 1 or 2 seconds left on the playclock every play! Ridiculous! I wouldn't worry too much about Garrison's chances against Troup and Arp. Garrison is at least as good overall as last season . . better at QB in my opinion , , , and they did beat Troup last year in the playoffs. Good luck to Tatum the rest of the way.
  5. Only 450 more since 1970 ! :w00t: During that same time, Garrison's population has dropped from between 900-1,000 total down to 844.:whistle: The point is during this period, Tatum's population has increased by more than 50% of Garrison's total population . . . mostly due to the increased jobs resulting from the power plant TXU. In other words, Tatum has seen very significant growth since the 70s while Garrison has slightly declined. It's not a knock against Tatum, I wish Garrison had seen the same type of growth. It just makes it tough but not impossible for schools like Garrison, Timpson, etc. to compete with schools twice their size or larger. It's the same thing Tatum faced when they were in 3A playing schools with 700-800 enrollment. I think 2A and 3A classifications are impacted the worse with the enrollment ranges in their classifications. I'm not making excuses, just stating the obvious. Tatum is a huge challenge for Garrison but not one to be a afraid of. From 2001-2003, the shoe would have been on the other foot between these two teams. Over time, the balance of power could shift again, it always does with either reclassification realignment or graduation. Good luck to both teams. Tatum 65 Garrison 7 It depends on when Tatum decides to call off the dogs. :whistle:
  6. It wasn't too long ago when they were a 3A team that Newton was giving some 4A and even 5A teams all they wanted. They used to regularly thrash Nacogdoches and I believe even played teams like LaMarque, West Orange Stark, Jasper and Beaumont pretty tough. I don't think they will be intimidated by Carthage. Their state championship team from last season would have given Tatum all they wanted as well. I wouldn't get too over confident if I were the Carthage Bulldogs. It wouldn't be a surprise to me to see Newton winning this game. :whistle:
  7. Just pointing out the use of Clinton's famous finger shaking rants and how he has a way of "fibbing" to the American people! How can anybody believe anything he says? :saint: Leave it up to Cheapy to come to the rescue of the liberals . . . as usual! :whistle:
  8. The Republicans need to use these "finger shaking" pictures as political advertisments every time Clinton opens his mouth between now and the 2008 elections!!!! :whistle:
  9. Once again, the Astros show everybody who the best baseball team in Texas is!!! :whistle: Wild card? What wild card? Were talking pennant!!! :w00t:
  10. Is that all you've got? :whome: You've got to admit . . . when "Pinocchio Bill" shakes that finger he has a tendency to tell some whoppers! :w00t:
  11. I didn't have sex with that woman . . . Ms Lewinski!!!!! We never had sex, not one time!!!! We were never ALONE in the White House!!! It depends on what the meaning of the word IS is!!!! I did everything in my power to fight terrorism!!! I left the Bush administration a comprehensive plan to fight terror!!! Get that little smirk off you face Wallace!!![/b]
  12. I think Tatum can make it as ugly on the scoreboard as they want to. Garrison is no match for them offensively or defensively. The Dogs had all of 20 players suited up, unless I missed somebody hiding under the bench, against West Sabine. Hopefully, they won't lose any to grades or injury! :w00t:
  13. Then why does their holy book (Koran) teach them to kill non-believers? The new testament bible does not teach Christians to kill non-believers. Your argument makes no sense . . but then none of your arguments make any sense! :whistle:
  14. Just like the Muslims you speak of are a few radicals? David Karesh was a Christian, therefore all of you must be loons who live on compounds and shoot at officers. Hitler considered himself a Christian too; how's that for some organized slaughter of another religion? Like I said, there have been a few radical people who called themselves Christians, very few, who have committed violent acts. Hitler was no Christian . . . whether he considered himself a Christian or not! :whistle: There is still a big difference between a few nuts who "declared" themselves Christians and the official Islamic religion teaching death to non-believers. :w00t:
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