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  1. I totally agree with you Five0pd310, you can't compare what a few radical Christians have done with a religion that is as viloent and murderous as Islam. Christians do not declare "death" to non-believers if they won't convert to their religion. Islam is NOT a peaceful religion! :whistle:
  2. 1. Tatum . . . no question 2. Troup . . looking strong 3. Garrison . . starters look good, no depth at all, can't lose anybody to grades or injury 4. Arp . . . could finish 2,3, or 4 5. Waskom . . could surprise 2,3, or 4 6. EF . . not this year 7. Timpson . . not this year 8. West Rusk . . not this year
  3. SLC could have really ran up the score on ECA in the 2nd half if they wanted to. Coach Dodge showed a lot of class and played a lot of 2nd and 3rd stringers the last two quarters . Other than the QB, it looked like ECA kept their starters i the whole game. It could have gotten very ugly on the scoreboard. :whistle:
  4. SLC is dominating Both Evangel QBs are hurt and out of the game in the 1st half :whistle:
  5. No, the media doesn't control the government, or the other way around. That doesn't mean the liberals haven't done everything in their power to blame GWB for everything from diaper rash to terrorism while giving Clinton a pass even though GWB had only been in office for a few short months before 9/11. I think you, like most liberals, will be surprised at the outcome of the mid-term elections and the dimocrats failing to take control of congress. You will also probably come up with several feeble excuses when the Republicans put another man in the White House in 2008. I din't expect you to respond with anything other than your usual flippant and off-base commentary. I guess psycho babble and demagoguery is all you've got.
  6. That would be great if the liberal media and the democrats would report the facts and let the chips fall where they may. If you listen to the liberals, the Islamic terrorists started hating American and attacking us right after GWB took office! Just get the history right and we CAN move on!!! :whistle: National security is too important to play politics with the way the Bush-haters are doing! :w00t:
  7. It Clinton had been half as concerned with national security as he was with his legacy, we would all be a lot better off!!!! Who knows, bin Laden's 9/11 plot might have been prevented! :whistle:
  8. You are totally misinterpreting my comments. I have never once said Garrison was capable of competing with Tatum this year. I don't think anyone in 19AA is even close to Tatum's caliber of team. :whistle:
  9. I don't think I am taking any cheap shots at anyone. Pointing out what the announcers were saying on the air isn't a cheap shot. Also, just pointing out that it's a lot easier to compete when you are at the larger end of a classification, enrollment wise. Tatum, like Garrison was very successful and both were STATE CHAMPS as one of the smallest schools in their respective classifications. Tatum deserves a lot of credit for their success in 3A and will be even more of a powerhouse program in 2A because they are now one of the largest schools in their classification. Good luck to Tatum in 06 . . . I'll be rooting for the Eagles throughout the playoffs. :w00t:
  10. I'll take some of that action! :w00t:
  11. Random thoughts: I think both will remain #1 in most polls . . . and they should. Just as Tatum was outmached by Gilmer mostly because the huge difference in school enrollment, Tatum will outmatch the vast majority of the 2A schools they face for the same reason. Newton may be the only true challenge Tatum would face . . . if they wind up in the same playoff division. I heard the KGAS "homies" whinning all night about how many two-way players Tatum was forced to play vs how few two-way players Gilmer used. The shoe will be on the other foot in 19AA and throughout most of the playoffs, teams like Garrison and Timpson that are half the size of Tatum are forced to play practically all of their players on offense and defense. The KGAS "homies" made several comments indicating the officiating was mostly all going Gilmers way: On one Gilmer run, "There is a block in the back . . . there's another one" Later in the game as Gilmer was driving there was an on-air "mumble", "I'm not going to say anything else about the officiating" :whistle::whistle::whistle::whistle::whistle::whistle::whistle::whistle:
  12. Does anyone know why or when the game was called off? :shrug:
  13. If he's healthy . . . Kellen Winslow :w00t: He could be the next great tight end, wasted the past two years because of a knee injury and a motorcycle wreck. If he returns to anywhere near his college form, he will be an all-pro!
  14. I heard at work today that there would not be any tickets sold at the gate tomorrow . . . period. Can anyone officially confirm or deny this? It would be a shame if people drove over to Gilmer and couldn't get a ticket or didn't go thinking they couldn't get in with tickets available. If you don't know for sure, please don't reply.
  15. Lufkin's defensive backs were the difference in the game. SLC better have some DB with their track shoes handy! SLC by 21 :w00t:
  16. Believe me, I know the difference between "getting after somebody" and blind sided late hits, dirty cheap shots and unsportsmanlike actions. What I witnessed from Evangel does not fit the "getting after somebody" catagory. :whistle:
  17. You hit the nail on the head! I don't think this game will even be much of a contest. Gilmer wins this game easily! :whistle:
  18. You obviously missed the games last year and the year before that they played against Longview. Dirty, cheap shots, poor sportsmanship would be putting it mildly! :whistle:
  19. I have seen most of the Texas schools vs. Evangel over the years, surprisingly, it was a fairly clean game judging by what I've seen from them in the past. No real obvious cheap shots. They seem to have lost some of their cockiness since getting their tails kicked by Texas and Arkansas schools the past few years. :whistle:
  20. Actually they could still play in the 5A district they were in as long as all the schools unanimously vote to allow the petition. The 5A schools from their old district voted their petition down. I wonder why? :whistle:
  21. I went to the game and was really impressed with Evangel compared to the last couple of years. They were really loaded talent wise and seem to have gotten back on track a little. I think Lufkin was suprised too. Evangel's defense gave Lufkin fits most of the game. Both teams had several more chances to score but good defense and penalties slowed them down. I wouldn't worry too much about Lufkin . . . Evangel would beat the majority of 4A and 5A teams in Texas . . . don't let their 1A classification fool you. :whistle: I was glad to see another Texas team beat them! :w00t:
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