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  1. Stocks go up and down all the time . . . for all sorts of reasons. :whistle::yawn::whistle: Check the trend line over time and you'll find the market is in pretty good shape right now! :thumbsup:
  2. A Conservative: 5. You must earn it! 6. You earn it through hard work and dedication!
  3. Liberal power is derived by creating an entitlement mentality fostered by the idea that people are victims of all sorts of societal victimization. Everyone is entitled to a job, healthcare, housing, a government retirement program. Sadly, too many people are lured into this liberal mindset and usually spend a lifetime of misery and disappointment waiting for the government or someone else to improve their situation. Their elected officials will eventually regain power and create a social utopia where all needs and wants are taken care of and rich republicans will be forced to share their wealth and good fortune with the down trodden because they got theirs by cheating the little people! :whistle: Some liberals would also argue that they are entitled to "legalized" marijuana!!! :w00t: Conservatives generally take the "Smith Barney" approach to life! :w00t:
  4. Conservatives measure success by the amount of people who don't need government handouts. :thumbsup: Liberals measure success by the amount of people that are dependent on government handouts! :thumbdown:
  5. The more Julian Bond flaps his lips with this type of garbage the better! Black Americans are slowly waking up to the fact that Jessie Jackson and the NAACP are nothing but "race hustling poverty pimps" . . . to borrow a phrase from the honorable J.C. Watts! :w00t:
  6. They are not known as the "Washington Compost" for nothing - KF :w00t: Charles R. Smith Thursday, Feb. 2, 2006 The Washington Post has drawn the attention of all six members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the daily newspaper may regret it. The Post publication of a political cartoon by Tom Toles drew a swift and hard letter from all six top ranking officers of the U.S. military. The cartoon shows a soldier who lost both arms and legs being told by Defense Secretary Rumsfeld that his condition is "battle hardened." [Editor's Note: View the 'tasteless' Washington Post cartoon here.] "The central theme of the cartoon is tasteless" noted the Jan. 31, 2006 letter to the Post editor. "We believe you and Mr. Toles have done a disservice to your readers and your paper's reputation by using such a callous depiction of those who have volunteered to defend this nation, and as a result, have suffered traumatic and life-altering wounds," states the letter. "While you or some of your readers may not agree with the war or its conduct, we believe you owe the men and women and their families who so selflessly serve our country the decency to not make light of their tremendous physical sacrifices," noted the letter. "As the Joint Chiefs, it is rare that we all put our hand to one letter, but we cannot let this reprehensible cartoon go unanswered," concluded the six officers. All six members of the Pentagon's top staff, General Pace, Admiral Giambastiani, General Hagee, General Schoomaker, Admiral Mullen and General Moseley, signed the letter. While many consider the Washington Post to be the voice of fact and reason - the recent publication is one of many biased works that made the Post a leading member of the left. The Post has proven time and again that it is all too anxious to get the story with a left spin that would make a major league curve ball look straight. For example, the Post showed its bias against the war to liberate Iraq early on with photos of dead U.S. soldiers being returned to America. However, in its attempt at overzealous reporting, the Post published the wrong photos. Ironically, it was the New York Times that caught the Post red-handed. "In their eagerness to take advantage of the first photographs of American war dead from Iraq returning to Dover, several news organizations broadcast or published images of coffins that actually contained the remains of astronauts killed in the breakup of the Columbia space shuttle," states an article from Tom Shanker and Bill Carter in the New York Times. "Among the news organizations that used the incorrect photographs were CNN, The Associated Press, Reuters and The Washington Post," noted Shanker and Carter. A spokesman for the Washington Post noted that they had not checked with the Pentagon prior to publication of the wrong photos. The recent cartoon is just one snapshot of many when the Post stepped over the line or simply got the story wrong. It is indeed rare when all six members of the Joint Chiefs speak in one voice. This time their words ring true and hit the mark dead on.
  7. I say we should send a few A-10 Warthogs and Apache helicopters down there to "patrol" and be called in by the U.S. Border Patrol, when needed! :w00t:
  8. Yea, several of his top "buddies" have been captured or killed. His assets have been frozen so his finances aren't too hot and he is holed up in some cave somewhere in afghanistan. There have been reports he might have actually been severly injured during our bombings. His communication have been severely degraded and he is afraid to stick his nose up in the air. I'd say he has us right where he wants us! :yay::whistle::tongue::w00t:
  9. Yea, he has about the same perspective as Howard Dean, aLGore, Harry Reid, Hillary, Kerry, Kennedy and several other liberal nuts! :w00t:
  10. You evidently don't know what stock options are or how they work. :whistle: Definition: Stock Option What does it Mean? A privilege, sold by one party to another, that gives the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy (call) or sell (put) a stock at an agreed-upon price within a certain period or on a specific date. Ford stock was trading at $13.54 a year ago . . . today it closed on the market at $8.68. It has been steadily declining over the past year. That means anyone holding stock options for Ford stock that were issued to them a year ago has the option to purchase them at the agreed upon price (in this case $13.54 per share) during the specified period of time. Would you pay $13.54 per share for stock that is now worth only $8.68? :whistle::w00t::whistle: So you see, he only has the option to buy the stock and in this case the option is worthless. I'm sure when he received the stock options he, as well as Ford Motor Company, assumed the stock would rise well above the issue price and he would cash in on the difference over time . . . sadly for him that's not the case. :w00t: I'm sure he would like for them to be common stock because at least then they would be worth something (exactly $8.68 per share)! :whistle: Your lesson is over grasshopper! :w00t:
  11. I never said Murtha doesn't have a right to voice his opinion in a responsible manner. In the position he is in, he is very influential and his remarks have harmed both our troop moral and our recruiting efforts . . . that's irresponsible!:w00t: I believe Murtha fully understands the consequences of his remarks and he's putting politics ahead of our national security! :whistle::w00t::whistle:
  12. I'll bet he would be real alert behind the wheel of an automobile in that condition . . . which proves my point! :w00t:
  13. Murtha has been corrupted by the left wing over the years since he left the military. He is now just a politician engaging in partisan politics to the detrement of our national security efforts. Being in the military for over 20 years myself and knowing probably well over 75% of military personnel are more in line with the Republican Party than with the liberal democrats, it still amazes me when an ex-military person enter politics on the national level as a democrat. It knew of very few non-minority people in the military who would admit to being democrats, especially during the Clinton years. :w00t: What I'm trying to tell you Voted4Dubya is that for every Murtha there are probably 100+ military retired people who have as much or more experience as Murtha who totally disagree with him. :whistle:
  14. Stock options are worthless unless the stock goes up! I threw away an old expired stock options certificate for 100 shares of General Motors stock when it was issued at $56 dollars a share. Even if it wasn't expired, it's worthless because the stock is around $23 dollars now. I doubt it will be back over $56 any time soon. :whistle:
  15. I supported both the Kosovo and Iraq operations. By the way, we are still in Kosovo and will probably have some forces there for many years. The same thing is true of Iraq. There is always partisan politics on both sides, but nothing like the way the liberal democrats have acted in trying to politicize and undermine President Bush and the war in Iraq and the war against terror. Eve since democrats lost control of congress and the White House, they have sunk to depths I never imagined of in distorting, obstructing and outright lying about everything in an effort to regain power. I never thought I would see politics sink to this level . . . and yes I mean on both sides. :whistle:
  16. You guys have seen too many Cheech and Chong movies! :w00t: I suspect most of the people wanting to legalize drugs are already users wanting to justify their behavior by making it legal! :whistle: :w00t::whistle:
  17. It was not an isolated incident. Some of the most recent reports I have seen claim it WAS the Mexican military, possibly rogue units, helping drug trafficers. There have been numerous reports of this type reported to the authoraties according to recent news stories. The politicians, including President Bush, don't want to take on the issue because they are afraid of the political fall out from American hispanics. :w00t:
  18. Well duh! :w00t: How long did it take you to figure that one out? You could say the same thing about robbery or murder! :whome::whistle::whome:
  19. If they are still holding their stock options, they are worthless by now! :w00t:
  20. I seriously doubt Strayhorn, if elected, will be any better than Perry. I wish we had some better choices to consider. :w00t: I just don't want another liberal like Ma Richards to be elected anytime within the next 200 or so years! :w00t:
  21. Maybe we could establish "pothead" lanes . . . sort of like HOV lanes to keep them seperated from "sober" drivers! :w00t:
  22. That's all we need . . . people stoping by the gas station or 7/11 to buy a package of "legal" marajuana, lighting up and hitting the road! How much do you think the national fatality rates would increase on our highways! :whistle:
  23. I remember when the government "bailed out" Chrysler . . . practically every military and government owned sedan was a K-Car or a Dodge for several years! :w00t:
  24. I am regularly polled by the Zogby organization and have also participated in a few other lesser known polls. :whistle:
  25. I don't remember saying or agreeing that all polls were bogus. Just the liberally slanted polls designed to get a desired outcome . . . this 'uns from a liberal source :homer: Who knows . . . maybe some of the libs are trying to sink her battleship! :w00t:
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