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  1. My prayers are with you and your family as well. His service and sacrifice to his country is greatly appreciated.
  2. Maybe we can pay them to provide fair and balanced coverage over here. Lord knows we could use some coverage of our successes instead of only our failures that our own liberal media isn't providing because of their "it's a total failurebring the troops home" mantra! :w00t:
  3. Yea . . . you're probably right, too many direct quotes from Hillary . . . the liberal slant! :whistle:
  4. I've been expecting this one, it took her long enough to speak out although she is still trying to take both sides of the issue . . . just like a Clinton! - KF :w00t: Newsmax.com Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2005 7:55 p.m. EST For the first time since she voted to authorize the Iraq war three years ago, 2008 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is now saying that vote was a mistake - in an apparent move to pacify growing dissatisfaction with her position among the Democratic Party's left-wing base. "If Congress had been asked [to authorize the war], based on what we know now, we never would have agreed," Clinton said, in an email sent to her supporters on Tuesday. While saying she took full responsibility for her error, Clinton repeatedly insisted that she had been misled by "false" intelligence on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction presented by the Bush administration. Citing "assurances they gave that they would first seek to resolve the issue of weapons of mass destruction peacefully through United Nations sponsored inspections," Clinton lamented: "Their assurances turned out to be empty ones." In fact, "the Administration refused repeated requests from the U.N. inspectors to finish their work," she complained. The former first lady charged that "the Bush Administration short-circuited the U.N. inspectors - the last line of defense against the possibility that our intelligence was false." By describing the White House's WMD evidence as not merely wrong, but false, Mrs. Clinton stopped just short of saying she was lied to. At times, however, the top Democrat tried to have it both ways - trumpeting her criticism of the war while insisting she backed the troops. "I have continually raised doubts about the President's claims, lack of planning and execution of the war," Clinton said, before adding - "while standing firmly in support of our troops." She also insisted that by constantly criticizing of the Commander-in-Chief in a time of war, she wasn't emboldening America's enemies, explaining: "Criticism of this Administration's policies should not in any way be confused with softness against terrorists, inadequate support for democracy or lack of patriotism." Right! :w00t: :whistle::whome::w00t:
  5. I wonder how many wacko activist liberals have actually been duped into donating to them. They even take PayPal! :w00t::dancingbanana::banging: Man . . . I should have thought of this first! :w00t:
  6. I don't have the foggiest idea about your question HankTheCowDog, but since no one has been able to answer your "toughie" for several days, I'll throw this one out there! What current East Texas high school football team played an East Texas college in football and what was the score? Hints: :w00t: The year was 1923 The college is now a Div I- AA university The high school is not a class 5A or 4A school
  7. Photos by Associated Press, Reuters show 'Peace Mom' Sheehan waiting for buyers Posted: November 27, 2005 3:13 p.m. Eastern © 2005 WorldNetDaily.com While book-signings for political figures like Bill and Hillary Clinton, Ann Coulter or Sean Hannity often feature long lines and people waiting for hours, the scene at Cindy Sheehan's book-signing yesterday near President Bush's Crawford, Texas, ranch was a much more lonely affair. Photographers focus on Cindy Sheehan in empty tent waiting to sign copies of her new book (Associated Press) Photographs published by wire services including the Associated Press and Reuters depict a lonely "Peace Mom" in a virtually empty tent awaiting those seeking her autograph on her new book, "Not One More Mother's Child." The Washington Post reported the scene this way: "Sheehan found herself addressing a crowd of only about 100 on Saturday afternoon. The large tent where supporters had erected a stage hung with the banner 'Speak Truth to Power' was only partially full. Earlier, Sheehan signed copies of her new book for an even smaller crowd." Sheehan's son, Casey, was killed in the Iraq war, and Cindy has been on an anti-war and anti-Bush campaign since the summer months when she began a vigil in Crawford gaining worldwide media attention. Cindy Sheehan waiting to sign copies of her new book yesterday in Crawford, Texas (Reuters) "What if Cindy had a book signing and no one came?" asks one poster in an online messageboard. "Well we know what happened. No one cares about her but the press. Cindy is finished." "Frankly I'm amazed the DNC/AP allowed these photos to see the light of day," writes another. "Usually their photogs do their (unlevel) best to angle their cameras and crop their pictures to make Mother Sheehan always appear to be at the center of a worshipful swarm. I'm afraid someone is going to be in hot water for letting us glimpse the truth."
  8. Saw this posted on The Old Coach: Abilene High 2,478 Abilene Cooper 1,989 Abilene Wylie 916 Aledo 1297.5 Alto 182 Alvarado 1000+ Amarillo Caprock 1774 Amarillo High 2018 Amarillo Palo Duro 1952 Amarillo Tascosa 2274 Andrews 902 Angleton 1880 Anna 383 Anson 203 Athens 947 Argyle 472 Aubrey 347 Azle 1861 Baird 118 Ballinger 314.5 Bangs 349.5 Barbers Hill 963 Bartlett 142 Bay City 1258 Big Lake 241 Big Sandy 198 Birdville Birdville HS 1872.5 Birdville Haltom HS 2609.5 Birdville Richland HS 2103 Blooming Grove 293 Blue Ridge 198 Boling 280 Bovina 139 Brady 400 Brazos 277 Brazosport 1117 Bridgeport 669 Brookshire-Royal 426.5 Brownsboro 845 Brownwood 977.5 Buffalo 232 Burkburnett 947.5 Burnet 998 Callisburg 340 Calhoun 1123 Canadian 216 Carroll Southlake Carroll 2408 Carrollton Creekview 2256.5 Carrollton Newman Smith 2117 Carrollton R.L. Turner 2044.5 Carrollton Ranchview 722 Castleberry 831 Cedar Hill 2449 Celina 429 Central Heights 215 Channelview 2000+ Chico 225 Clifton 369 Clint 480 Clint Horizon 1325 Coleman 303 Colmesneil 181.5 Colorado City 302 Columbia 833.5 Copperas Cove 1,959.5 Corsicana 1,519.5 Covington 104 Crawford 195 Crocket 468 Cross Plains 110 Cross Roads 169.5 Crowley 1625 Crowley North Crowley 2169 Dallas Pinkston 1000 Daingerfield 407 Danbury 247 Dawson 138 Decatur 871.5 DeLeon 187 Deweyville 205 Denton Guyer 1134 Denton High 1538 Denton Ryan 1863 Dripping Springs 1119.5 Dublin 353 Duncanville 3759.5 Eagle Mt. Saginaw Boswell 1805.5 Eagle Mt. Saginaw 1767 Early 388.5 East Bernard 260 Eastland 341 Edna 419 El Campo 1070 Eldorado 186 Elgin 960 Ennis 1,504.05 Eustace 475 Fairfield 514 Fort Worth Diamond Hills 910 Fort Worth Trimble Tech 1708 Forney 1290 Foster 1749 Frankston 235 Fredricksburg 971.5 Frisco Frisco HS 1679 Frisco Centrennial 1659 Frisco Wakeland 865 Frisco Liberty 801 Frost 102 Ganado 200 Garrison 202 George West 375 Geronimo Navarro 396 Glen Rose 514 Godley 385 Goldthwaite 158 Goliad 434 Gorman 103 Granbury 1995 Grapeland 171 Gunter 304 Hallettsville 379 Hardin 369 Harper 192.5 Haskell 207 Hawkins 199.5 Hawley 230 H.E.B. L.D. Bell 2709 H.E.B. Trinity 2079 Hebron 2168 Hewitt Midway 1,931.5 Hitchcock 368 Hubbard 163 Huffman 991 Hull Daisetta 183 Ingram - Tom Moore 450 Irving Nimitz 2078 Irving MacArthur 2362 Irving Irving 2448 Italy 197 Jarrell 198 Jefferson 389.5 Jesuit Dallas Jesuit Prep 2096 Jim Ned 331 Joaquin 185 Johnson City 190 Junction 214 Keller Keller HS 2789 Keller Central 2370 Keller Fossil Ridge 1921.5 Kemp 483 Kerens 198 LaGrange 581 Lake Dallas 1070 Lake Travis 1640 Lake Worth 669 Lamar Consolidated 1805 Lampasas 1032.5 Lancaster 1,671 LaPoynor 142 Leakey 70 Lewisville Lewisville HS 3462 Lewisville Marcus 2778 Lewisville The Colony 1976 Lewisville Hebron 2166 Lewisville Flower Mound 2763 Liberty Hill 599 Lindale 990 Little Elm 1010 Livingston 1230 Lorenzo 97 Lovejoy 604 Lumberton 1018 Lytle 440 Mabank 899 Malakoff 362 Manor 992 Mansfield Mansfield HS 2613 Mansfield Summitt 2554 Mansfield Timberview 2072 Marble Falls 1050 Marlin 378 Mart 206 Mason 198 McCamey 170 McGregor 325 Medina Valley 908.5 Merkel 409 Mesquite Mesquite HS 2487.5 Mesquite North Mesquite 2440 Mesquite Horn 2055 Mesquite Poteet 1684.5 Mesquite West Mesquite 1661 Midlothian 1,893 Milano 157 Mildred 208 Mt. Vernon 463 Muleshoe 378 Needville 794 New Boston 416 New Braunfels 1890 New Braunfels Canyon 1601 O'Donnell 122 Ozona 240 Palacios 476 Palestine 908 Pampa 1052 Paris High 979 Plano High 5122 Plano East 5652 Plano West 4156.5 Pleasonton 944.5 Poth 240 Pottsboro 407 Prosper 504 Quinlan Ford 828 Ralls 170 Reagan County 241 Red Oak 1,664 Richardson Richardson HS 2186.5 Richardson Lake Highlands 2547 Richardson Pearce 1980 Richardson Berkner 2915 Rice 350 Rockwall Rockwall HS 2468 Rockwall Heath 1708 Rosenberg Terry 1749 Salado 404 Sadler / Southmayde 296 San Antonio Reagan 3400+ San Saba 242 Seminole 625 Seven Lakes 1640 Sonora 300 Springtown 1028 Stephenville 1065.5 Sterling City 99 Stamford 197 Sundown 160 Sweeny 652 Tarkington 588 Tatum 394 Taylor 881 Tenaha 96 . . . 196 ? :w00t: Terry 1749 Texas High 1,720 Timpson 202 Trinidad 77 Thorndale 185 Tolar 187 Tulia 334 Valley Mills 181.5 Van Alstyne 417 Waskom 229 Waxahachie 1,965 Weatherford 2172 West Hardin 176 Wharton 688 Wheeler 103 Whitewright 276 Wichita Falls Hirshi 892 Wills Point 808 Winters 193 Woodville 377 Wortham 127 Wylie 2246.5 Last Four UIL Enrollment Numbers: 2004-06: Class 5A: 1,925 and above Class 4A: 900 to 1,924 Class 3A: 389 to 899 Class 2A: 190 to 389 Class A: 189 and below Six-man: 99.9 and below 2002-04: Class 5A: 1,910 and above Class 4A: 900 to 1,909 Class 3A: 345 to 899 Class 2A: 180 to 344 Class A: 179 and below Six-man: 94.5 and below The 2000-2002: Class 5A: 1,865 and above. Class 4A: 845 to 1,864. Class 3A: 345 to 844. Class 2A: 170 to 344. Class 1A: 169 and below. The 1998-2000: Class 5A: 1,780 and above. Class 4A: 780 to 1,779. Class 3A: 345 to 779. Class 2A: 160 to 344. Class 1A: 159 and below.
  9. My guess is that he is looking for publicity . . . I smell a "book deal" down the road! :w00t:
  10. That's why most of the liberals want us to pull out . . . failure in Iraq is the ONLY way they can declare victory. They could care less about democracy and freedom for the Iraqi people or the sacrifices Americans have made to make it happen . . . liberals want President Bush to fail so badly they would sell their souls to the devil to make him look like a failure! It's pathetic! :w00t::whistle::w00t:
  11. By Clifford D. May Scripps Howard News Service November 24, 2005 Memo to Murtha Before I say anything else, Congressman Murtha, let me thank you -- for your long public service in Washington and, before that, in Vietnam. And let me commend you, too, for sparking an honest debate. Until now, what has passed for debate on Iraq has been mostly slander – for example, calling President Bush a liar and questioning his patriotism. Yes, questioning his patriotism: because anyone who would lie to get America into a war for reasons unrelated to national security would not be a patriot. He'd be a traitor. I ask you, sir: Has such a vicious charge ever before been leveled at an American president in a time of war – or even a time of peace? But you have not taken this low road. Instead, you have said you believe the war in Iraq “cannot be won” and that “it's time to bring the troops home.” This is a discussion worth having. You also say that “80 per cent of Iraqis want us out.” I'm not sure where you got that figure but it's probably low. I'd guess that close to 100 percent of Iraqis – as well as 100% of Americans – would love to see U.S. troops heading home for the holidays. But some of us think it matters whether we leave Iraq after we've defeated our enemies – or whether we leave Iraq after having surrendered to our enemies. When you suggest that planning for the war in Iraq was flawed, I think you have a point. American leaders, in the Pentagon and elsewhere, crafted an effective strategy for toppling Saddam Hussein. Once that mission was accomplished, however, they had only a vague idea about how to transform Iraq into a free, independent and self-reliant nation within a short period of time. Maybe that's because no one had ever attempted such a feat before. Clearly, we should not fail again to plan adequately. So I would ask you about your plans for the aftermath of the defeat you say we must now accept. For example, it's obvious that if the U.S. military can't stand up to al-Qaeda in Iraq, the fledgling post-liberation Iraqi military won't have a prayer. That means we must plan for the possibility that al-Qaeda will come to power in part or all of Iraq. What, if anything would you propose to do in response to that? Even if al-Qaeda only manages to shore up its positions in the Sunni areas of western Iraq, we must expect it will use that base to continue attacking Jordan and other countries in the region. Maybe we'd send advisors to help the Jordanian king? But help him do what exactly? Decide when the fight has become hopeless? Also possible: The “Party of Return,” Baathists loyal to Saddam Hussein, could take over (maybe in some kind of de-facto coalition with al-Qaeda). They might even release Saddam from the jail where he has been awaiting trial (odd, isn't it, how trials, like wars, aren't as speedy as they used to be?) and restore him to power. What would we do in that case – ask the U.N. to re-start sanctions and the Oil-for-Food program? The Shia of Iraq would turn to Iran's mullahs for protection against both al-Qaeda and the Baathists. To whom else could they turn? If what followed was an Iranian anschluss – annexation – of southern Iraq, will you have a plan to deal with that contingency? Iraqis who “collaborated” with us would undoubtedly face execution – perhaps tens of thousands of would be killed for revenge or just to send a message. I guess Congress could offer a resolution condemning such behavior. Thousands, perhaps millions of Iraqis would no doubt flee the country. Should the U.S. accept them as refugees? Or turn them away? In many other countries where al-Qaeda has been applying pressure -- Bangladesh, Indonesia and Thailand to name just a few – three things would now be clear: (1) It is dangerous to be allied with the U.S.; (2) it is futile to resist al-Qaeda; and (3) bin Laden and Saddam were correct in predicting that if you bloody Americans, they will always turn tail and run. As evidence they'd cite not only Iraq but Mogadishu and Beirut and, of course, Vietnam, where you served honorably. In truth, after that defeat – while millions of Southeast Asians suffered and died – Americans got on with their lives and we even went on to win the Cold War. Is that the idea, Congressman? To cross our fingers and hope that our defeat in Iraq will follow the Vietnam pattern? Because if so, I have to say candidly, sir, that isn't much of a plan. Clifford D. May, a former New York Times foreign correspondent, is the president of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies a policy institute focusing on terrorism.
  12. Liberals continue to be short sighted and never learn from history. They only care about themselves and then only in terms of political posturing. For once, I would like to see them do something, ANYTHING, for the right reasons! :w00t:
  13. Absolutely no coverage on CBS, ABC, or NBC . . . which was one of my main points. None of the main stream liberal tv news organizations mentioned it as far as I could tell. :whistle:
  14. I have three college degrees for your information :w00t::whistle::w00t:
  15. You noticed that too I see. Like I said, I must have missed it on CBS. I didn't hear anything about it on NBC or ABC either . . . liberal media bias? :whistle:
  16. It hasn't been confirmed. They are doing DNA testing. Probably not true based on preliminary reports. :whistle:
  17. I must have missed this on CBS. Oh . . . I forgot, they only report stories on prisoner abuse, terrorists rights, roadside bombs killing U.S. troops, how bad the war is going and how unpopular President Bush is - KF :w00t: Newsmax.com Thursday, Nov. 24, 2005 10:27 a.m. EST The U.S. military's recent offensive in western Iraq has had a devastating impact on the al-Qaida-backed insurgency, with coalition forces killing over 700 terrorists and capturing 1,500 in the last two months alone. "It's been very successful," Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch told a briefing in Baghdad on Wednesday, referring to a series of security offensives conducted by U.S. and Iraq forces in Anbar province since September 28. Though media reports suggest recent U.S. casualties are due to deteriorating security conditions in Iraq as a whole, most were incurred during the new offensive - dubbed "Operation Steel Curtain." In quotes picked up by Reuters, Gen. Lynch noted that despite the heavy combat, U.S. troop casualties had fallen more than 30 percent in November compared with last month. During the November 2004 assault on Fallujah, the monthly casualty rate was nearly twice what it is now. The Anbar operations, and others in the northern Iraq city of Mosul, have been focused on foreign fighters and militants linked to al-Qaida's chief of operations in Iraq, Abu Musab al Zarqawi, Gen. Lynch said. Noting that Zarqawi was nearly captured last week, Gen. Lynch said the close call was a result of the terror group's deteriorating position in the country. "We come close to Zarqawi continuously," the top military man explained, adding, "At one point in time in the not too distant future, we will capture or kill him."
  18. Drudgereport.com Nov 24 3:28 PM US/Eastern ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. Gov. Bill Richardson is coming clean on his draft record _ the baseball draft, that is, admitting that his claim to have been a pick of the Kansas City A's in 1966 was untrue. For nearly four decades, Richardson, often mentioned as a possible Democratic presidential candidate, has maintained he was drafted by the Kansas City Athletics. The claim was included in a brief biography released when Richardson successfully ran for Congress in 1982. A White House news release in 1997 mentioned it when he was about to be named U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. And several news organizations, including The Associated Press, have reported it as fact over the years. But an investigation by the Albuquerque Journal found no record of Richardson being drafted by the A's, who have since moved to Oakland, or any other team. Informed by the newspaper of its findings, the governor acknowledged the error in a story in Thursday's editions. "After being notified of the situation and after researching the matter ... I came to the conclusion that I was not drafted by the A's," he said. Richardson spokesman Gilbert Gallegos declined to comment when reached by the AP on Thursday. Richardson, a right-handed pitcher who played at Tufts University, said he was actively scouted by several major league teams in the 1960s. He insisted his name appeared on "a draft list of some kind" created by the Los Angeles Dodgers and Pittsburgh Pirates. He named team scouts, whom he said told him that he "would or could" be drafted. The scouts have since died. Richardson later developed arm trouble, eliminating any possible pro career. In the summer of 1967, he played for the amateur Cape Cod League's Cotuit (Mass.) Kettleers. The words "Drafted by K.C." appear next to his name on a faded team program, the Journal reported. "When I saw that program in 1967, I was convinced I was drafted," Richardson said. "And it stayed with me all these years." Then-general manager Arnold Mycock said the biographical information was supplied by players or their college coaches. On a biographical sheet Richardson completed for Tufts in his junior year, he wrote, "Drafted by Kansas City (1966), LA (1968)." He said he wrote those words because he believed they were true. "I never tried to embellish this," he said. "I never tried to mask it." Richardson, elected governor in 2002, is seeking a second term next year.
  19. I went through pledgeship... can't be much easier than BT. . . . Right! :whistle: I think your brain got fried somewhere during the process :whistle::w00t::whistle:
  20. Newsmax.com Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2005 3:05 p.m. EST Recent polling data by the Cook Political Report from the National Journal shows that Americans are not enamored with calls by Democrats for the withdrawal of U.S. military troops from Iraq. Further, a separate Harris Poll shows Americans are less supportive of congressional Democrats than they are of President Bush or congressional Republicans. # 68 percent of respondents in the Cook poll said Democratic criticisms of Bush’s policies in Iraq hurt troop morale. Only 14 percent said it helps. # 52 percent said Democratic criticism was an attempt to gain political advantage rather than to help US efforts in Iraq. 30 percent thought the criticism would help. # 50 percent thought the US should withdraw troops as Iraq meets its goals. 29 percent said they should be withdrawn according to a publicly available timetable for withdrawal. Only 15 percent advocated an immediate withdrawal regardless of impact. The poll numbers suggest that the Bush administration’s effort to re-engage the debate over pre-war intelligence and the general direction of the war in Iraq is working to the president’s advantage. The most recent Harris poll shows that, while Americans still give negative ratings to the president and congressional Republicans, they give even worse ratings to congressional Democrats. :w00t: In the poll conducted from November 8 to November 13, 34 percent of respondents gave the president a positive job approval rating. 65 percent gave a negative rating. # 27 percent gave a positive rating to Republicans in Congress. 69 percent gave a negative rating. # 25 percent gave a positive rating to Democrats in Congress. 70 percent gave a negative rating. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was the only political figure to enjoy positive polling numbers. 52 percent gave Rice a positive job approval rating, while 41 percent gave a negative rating.
  21. Basic training would do Deuce and Sideshow a world of good! :w00t:
  22. . . . Jury Foreman :w00t::rofl::w00t: Newsmax.com Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2005 10:48 a.m. EST Sen. John Kerry's public profile and prosecutorial past didn't spare him from performing that most mundane of civic responsibilities - jury duty. Kerry was not only chosen this week to sit on a jury in Suffolk Superior Court, but also was elected foreman. The case involved two men who sued the city for injuries suffered in a 2000 car accident involving a school principal. The Kerry-led jury rejected their claim Tuesday, and his fellow jurors said the state's junior senator was a natural leader. "I just found him to be a knowledgeable, normal person," said Cynthia Lovell, a nurse and registered Republican who says she now regrets voting for President Bush in last year's election. "He kept us focused. He wanted us all to have our own say." The former Democratic presidential candidate reported for duty Monday and none of the lawyers in the case objected to putting him on the jury. "I was a little surprised," Kerry said of being selected for jury duty. "I enjoyed it," he said. "It was very, very interesting and very instructive."
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