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  1. Seems like longview have been controlling the clock instead of just going for the big play. If longview continue to control the clock it will wear north mesquite defense down. Is north mesquite defense good against the run?
  2. North Mesquite has a good size running back from what i hear. But coach pearce and the lobo defense will have a gameplan to shut him down.
  3. Pine Tree should start recruiting football players Whitehouse-68 Pine Tree-0
  4. Lobos coming off a tough win at home against Horn 13-8. Now the Lobos go on the road to face a North Mesquite team that beat Mesquite 49-11. Im taking the lobos by 14 or 21.
  5. Horn offense wasnt that good. Longview offensive line wasnt blocking well at all,but they did block when they needed to. Horn qb was hitting his Wr right in the hands with the football the Wr were just dropping the ball all night that gave longview a few breaks,but longview defense played well. Horn defensive line played really good if Horn can get there offense going they're going to be a dangerous team.If Longview can play 4 qrts of the 1st half they played against mesquite they will be a great football team.
  6. he traded a few words with one of the coaches and coach king suspended him for how many games idk
  7. longview has finally start clicking im sure they won't let horn come to there house and beat them especially on there homecoming
  8. Both teams coming off a district win i can't wait to see this game
  9. idk who is going to win this game since marshall starting qb is not playing in this game do to injury.
  10. jt in a huge win jt-70 nac-13
  11. i believe our lobos will win this game if you're a true lobo fan u would say things to motivate them not give up on them when they play a good team, im just saying
  12. i seen abilene play on tv and i like longview in a close one LOBOS-35 ABILENE-31
  13. IT'S GAME DAY LET'S GO LOBOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. no im not smoking crack... but the lobos will win friday they're wayyy too hungry for this win.
  15. im just saying yall district is weak jt and marshall is the game yall should be talking about
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