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  1. Darren Hylander resigns as Tatum ISD athletic director, head football coach https://www.cbs19.tv/article/news/darren-hylander-resigns-as-tatum-isd-athletic-director-head-football-coach/501-3a315250-b0ec-45c0-bf7b-9e4ff7ceb4cb (Via KYTX)
  2. Heard they recombined the jobs back today.
  3. I heard they narrowed it down last night. Anybody got the details?
  4. So do their baseball and softball teams make the playoffs in 5a this year ?
  5. I think they should play one game Friday and a DH Saturday against same opponent. Then they would have to develop a pitching staff not just a pitcher.
  6. Whats the latest? When and who will they interview?
  7. I heard it could be an old dawg or a young maverick.
  8. So if a dad is throwing bp for baseball that would be a violation?
  9. Here is the Question we all want to know..... do they only look at the coaches who pay to be part of the firm?
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