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  1. You too are correct,,,,,,HOWEVER - CALL THEM AND ASK! EMAIL THEM AND ASK


    They did that at one time, have NOT updated their website and NO LONGER DO THIS!!!!


    You guys think everything on the internet is fact huh????.......LOL Bonjour!

    Here is the Question we all want to know..... do they only look at the coaches who pay to be part of the firm?

  2. 1 - I agree this entire situation could have and should have been handled better

    2 - Like the hiring of a hiring firm or not, some of you guys are under the impression that coaches pay to be a part of a database - This is all incorrect and totally fabricated information. There is not database. There is no fee associated with anything related to this firm from coaches for any reason what so ever. They will help you structure your resume for $25 dollars, but that's it. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Please complete the information below to create your account. The email address you use must be a valid email address. Your account credentials will be sent to this email address. The cost is $100/year (annual subscription). You will be directed to the payment page after completing the form.

    Straight from site.

  3. I have no problem with the Search Firm.

    What i think is not right that people pay the firm to have their resume on file and fill jobs with them instead of the people that applied for the jobs that the search firm is trying to fill.

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