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  1. Looks like they are going to stay in house. They have not posted the job anywhere I can find
  2. So you think Ore City, Diana, and Harleton will all be in different districts?
  3. They said the same about Brock
  4. What did Chisum turn in? And I was told Hawkins had 220
  5. Who all in East Texas is going to be 3A division 2 next year? And list enrollment.
  6. I Could see Daingerfield Harmony Pewitt Harelton Diana OC
  7. Any news out of wildcat land?
  8. Not blowing up. It just gets old with the same post on every job about guys who are not in the running
  9. THe first 100 times those guys names get mention it was funny. Now it's just stupid.
  10. I saw where one of the kids is now going to play. Why not both of them?
  11. I heard there were three kids not just one
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