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  1. I think it will be a positve for the program.
  2. Since you are the one who put a thumbs down on my post about his salary, I am assuming this post was about me. Not sure why because I never said anything negative about the hire. I was only making an observation about his salary, because I'm sure they played some part in him leaving his home state. I am excited about the hire.I like to see if he brings in some new staff on the defensive side. Otherwise, I am rooting for him. So, I don't understand why you made this absurd comment in the first place. Oh well....Welcome to Tyler Coach Woods
  3. oh yea. also, heard its a significant raise for him
  4. I wouldn't be shocked at all if Coach Holmes told him to apply for this job. Hope it works out.
  5. 4 isd's for Tyler too...but add in the charter and private schools, and eats away alot more kids. Longview doesn't have to deal with that. and lets be honest...if you take 10 kids that are good in football in Longview, at least 7 will end up at Longview high. but, despite all of this, I still believe the reason Longview is better has more to do with Coach King rather than talent.
  6. JT played with 8 players tonight and only 2 were from varsity. The other 10 or 11 varsity players were suspended. Pretty crazy. They lost by 6 points to Longview.
  7. its a story about the fight on tyler newspaper website. looks like players will be suspended. Not sure either team will have all its players for a while. probably going to make a big diffrence for both teams going forward.
  8. Do we count SOC and Northshore on this list....along with Denton Ryan and Denton Guyer? I do agree its tougher to pull it off in a Multi HS school district..but somehow these elite programs have manage to stay elite.
  9. AledoFan..since we asking questions...How does 2014 Aledo compare to 2022 Aledo?
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