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  1. No doubt its a very prestigious school. I just figured he was confusing it with Cornell or Columbia. Regardless, it says alot about a kid to get offers from an Ivy, Little Ivy, Duke, Stanford, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, John's Hopkins...etc.
  2. I don't think Colgate is an Ivy league school, but its a very impressive school. Says alot about that kid to have an offer from them.
  3. I didn't attend, but I notice this spring that the numbers are down in the program. Probably expected with a new coach, but I thought afternoon practices would help. I think I counted something between 60-70 players. Probably needs to be at least 80 if you want to field a JV and Varsity next yr. There are a few players I was looking for who were big contributors to the team last yr, like Drummer at RB and Neal at LB, but I didn't see them. But it appears the majority of the returning major players stayed with the program. Looks like a battle for qb spot between collins and williams. Its probably hard to tell if there is improvement in a spring game, but I like the new coach demeanor. Hopefully this translates to wins. looking forward to upcoming season. Hopefully the upper classmen numbers will increase in the fall.
  4. I agree, it will be interesting. I do like the new coach demeanor. Kinda has a coach Rush vibe to it. I know he has come in and made some quick changes. I know several people that think he will do a great job. I hope so. He has done well in other places.
  5. its not the only way, but its Texas sneak way of collecting more revenue while saying to the public that we have low taxes. We all want things, but at the same time we want low taxes. So we either got to get money from a tax source or decrease spending. But they never decrease, so unfortunately you left with this option. I don't agree with it, but thats how it is. I think I read Texas has like top three highest property taxes in the US.
  6. not going to happen. Without a state tax and generally low sales tax across the state, this is the only way to make it up.
  7. Not true. Although property taxes fund the majority of the school district expenses in Texas, the rest of it is funded by State and Federal Funds. Of course, state funds come from Sales Tax, which is something everyone pays.
  8. Some pay more than others, but EVERYONE pays taxes. You buy a happy meal, you paying taxes. Also, if you referring to property taxes, think about those in the military who don't own a house. Do they have a right to decide?
  9. aww ok. Moore is like the campus coordinator so I can see why they kept him around. Well I think they started today at 4p so I guess we know they will probably be practicing in the afternoon now.
  10. I read Tyler High got a loss to Pine Tree in Baseball earlier this yr changed to a win because Pine Tree used an inelgible player. I think that makes them 3-7 in district. Not sure the last time they won 2 district games. Probably the 90s.
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