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  1. Greg Ward, Fred Ross, Jeremy Johnson.... but I get. Cujo was about that Def. Times have changed, its about the spread offense now.
  2. I gotcha. from about 2008 to 2018 under Coach Rush and Coach Holmes were special too. I would say they brought Cujo back. Three Semi-final and three 4th round appearances during that time frame is just a step below the Cujo time you talked about. you never know how things shake out, with Aledo probably going up either this yr or in 2 yrs and if others schools stay up, its possible JT could make deep playoff runs again. They will have a solid team on paper over the next couple of yrs. Lets see how that goes. But I do agree, that deep talent pool is probably not coming back. Too much has changed.
  3. I understand. But again, its a no win situation for JT in my opinion. So I wouldn't do it.
  4. I would love to see 2265 so Aledo can go up...lol.
  5. nope. Rather play a Longview or lufkin. Its a no win situation playing either of those schools unless they in your district.
  6. No beef. wasn't disagreeing with you. Just generally speaking I don't like to see people talk down on these kids. If they didn't make the playoffs, people would have been trashing them for not doing anything in a weak district. Not a Lee/Legacy fan at all, I'm glad to see something positive in Tyler ISD. With a new coaching staff, that is a good sign. But its going to be much tougher next yr, with Forney and probably Longview coming in.
  7. Probably a weak district, but I give them props on doing what they had to do. They got in there. Congrats. Good luck to the kids going forward.
  8. They turned in 2101. Sure bet to be 5a Div.1. Schedules are tough to predict during realignment because teams don't know the amount of non-district games they will have. This is because you could end up anywhere from a 6 team to 10 team district. Also, you don't know who is going up or down. Lee will likely be on their schedule. That is about the only one I can just about predict. If Longview goes 6a and/or Lufkin goes into another district, I'm sure they will try to schedule them too.
  9. On def they lose both Def Ends, 2 LBs and Zach at Safety. But all the guys rotating in on D-Line are coming back. They will miss the 2 lbs and Zach, but the twin Lbs are back along with all of the corners and the other safties that started. On off they lose a couple OL and a few WR including McFall and Martin. They lose a couple RB too, but they will have Arriaga and McMiller back and they got some upcoming WR that can play. They had a soph that caught alot of passes and he will be back plus that fresh WR with the D-1 offers. Qb back too. Losing McFall will hurt. They should make playoffs next yr and possibly compete for district title if same staff in place.
  10. According to Stepp, If JT beats Forney and Lufkin Beats Lancaster, JT makes playoffs.
  11. very eastern fringe of Tyler on Hwy 64. If you ever been to Oil Palace for a concert...that's Chapel Hill. Some consider UT Tyler area borderline Chapel Hill area.
  12. Also, that risky tie breaker scenario means nothing now since JT lost to Longview. beat Forney and hope for a Lufkin win, and JT gets in.
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