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  1. Hey Mav, what about a 6A Split instead, with schools above 2950 or 3000 going to Div.1. I think that would work. It would make District 1 a 5 team district cause you would lose El Paso Franklin and Frenship but that should fix most of the issues.
  2. Its a good Mock, but the El Paso situation and the Del Rio/Laredo situation is the issue. You could probably send Del Rio to San Antonio area, but you still have the El Paso issue. The other issue I see is how would 6a look? You just took half of the schools out of 6a to create 7a. Will you have enough schools to form the current 32 districts? If not, are the remaining schools enough to form a reasonable 16 districts? Regardless, its a good start, but the El Paso thing is a major issue.
  3. Crazy. They are going to spend an enormous amount of money on the upkeep and utilities of a new school just to prevent this.
  4. It looks like Frisco will have a high school on every block in 10 yrs.
  5. Their football numbers were low this past season. They will have some competition because Brook Hill and Grace aren't going anywhere.
  6. Will he be driving from Tyler to Longview everyday...LOL
  7. I believe Cumberland is the largest charter or private school in East Texas.
  8. according to TEA transfer (which all the students at Cumberland are transfer students since its a charter school) of the 1961 students K-12, 1470 are from TISD. The next highest is 204 from Whitehouse ISD, then 82 from Chapel Hill.
  9. I'm not doubting that, I was just stating that all of the teams were probably not at full strength until after football season.
  10. I think a 6a split would happen first....and they have looked into that and it present some nightmare travel situation mainly with the El Paso region.
  11. Cumberland taking alot of kids too. The Cumberland High has 600 students. I would bet 400 of those kids would probably be at Legacy.
  12. yep, but I have a feeling Legacy will make up their numbers faster than Tyler High.
  13. It was football season when both Tyler schools played Longview. I'm assuming all three schools had guys in Football at that time.
  14. Well I wouldn't compare the DFW area with East Texas in basketball...Lets just say there are a ton of transfers into these basketball powerhouses. But with that said, the SW Dallas County schools (Lancaster, DeSoto, Cedar Hill, Duncanville) are loaded with talent But generally speaking, the enrollment gap doesn't matter as much outside of football, thats why I think the split is only really needed for football.
  15. I think re-zoning and the opening up of RISE and Early College has some effect on the numbers.
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