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  1. Von G has been saying that over the past 4 yrs. He says he was the best middle school qb he had seen in Tyler in quite some time.
  2. outside of Marshall I can't think of many Region 3 non district games. Marshall seems to always schedule like that. I have attended a couple Marshall vs Ouachita games. Those NE LA big schools from a talent standpoint match up well with the East Texas Big schools. Then you throw in Byrd. Parkway is not as good as they used to be since they got rid of their coach. It was a big shock when they fired him...very successful there. I like to see Cujo schedule some Houston area schools in the future... but I know the travel isn't idea.
  3. The big difference with being in Region 2 vs Region 3 is that East TX schools normally play DFW schools in preseason. So heading in the playoffs you are more familiar with your opponents. Outside of Lufkin, not sure if any big East TX schools schedule Region 3 schools in preseason on a regular basis.
  4. I didn't mentioned Harmony, Van, Lake Travis, Aledo...and the other schools you listed above to compare them to MP. I only used those schools as examples because another poster said that you can't win without black players. That's All. They really have nothing to do with the conversation about the state of Mt Pleasant football.
  5. I'm not convinced yet. UIL could have selected 250 schools. last yr, but they didn't,they took 245. Why..don't know but I know Highland Park was between 246-250. I believe its the same this yr.
  6. yea. Tyler/LV district got alot tougher.
  7. are you reading the thread. I said that the Hispanic demo doesn't play football in previous posts. And I been to Harmony, Van, pleasant grove, Lindale, and MT Vernon, and they are nothing close to HP, Westlake, etc. anyway, my larger point. Coach at Mt Pleasant is doing a very good job. Demo has changed at Mt. Pleasant and until they get the majority demo to come out for football in large numbers at early ages and through High school....this probably the best you are going to get. A team around .500 or slightly above with a playoff game or two.
  8. hmmm. lots of changes in div.1. Abilene to Amarillo is a drive.
  9. so....what about Harmony, Van, Carlisle, Pleasant Grove, Lindale, Mt Vernon And besides, rich or poor has nothing to do with this conversation. And we were not talking about the white kids at Mt Pleasant. The poster said that you can't win in football unless you have black players. That is a false statement. It has nothing to do with money. Any demo can win in football, if the kids come out at early ages and develop. Which is my entire point.
  10. Harmony, Van, Carlisle, Pleasant Grove, Lindale, Mt Vernon, have good teams with very few to no black kids on the team. The main thing is just getting the kids you have to come out for football and develop them. Hispanics can be just as successful in football as other races, but in East Texas they don't come out in large numbers. Having that same issue at JT/Tyler High. When the overwhelming majority population in your school doesn't come out for football, you are going to have issues. Despite that, the current coach at Mt. Pleasant manage to get them to playoffs. He is doing a good job IMO.
  11. I hit on demographics earlier in the post. Its not that Hispanics can't play football. Its that they don't come out in large numbers for football outside of West Texas and South Texas. So it makes it difficult for schools with large Hispanic populations to find depth. However, I disagree that its tough to win without Black players. Lake Travis, Austin Westlake, Aledo, Highland Park, Allen, Southlake Caroll, Argyle, Celina, and many others do it every year.
  12. yea, but Geo had a much better team too. I think he saying that his talent is more on that level. Geo was probably a little better, but Geo had several yrs in the program too.
  13. Franklin has started at LB all yr. Doesn't appear QB is on the table for him. But he has 2 yrs left so who knows. Not sure about the history of McFall at QB. I don't believe there is much of one in the past. If they change offense up, it could help him, but if he is expected to be a passer like the previous QB's, I think it will be an uphill battle. Kid is an elite athlete so he could do it if anyone could.
  14. Yea, things have improved at PT. But you got players at LV that are sitting that would be starters at other schools in LV. Like the JV QB. If he was in Tyler, he would have transferred somewhere else. But in Longview, where would he go. Honestly Kilgore is the only other school worth anything close to Longview, but I don't hear of kids going there. Tatum is ok,. I think King's physical style of play puts his players in position to be dogs. Not really physical in Tyler. Lots of flash. But, we will see next yr. They have no excuses with all the players they have coming back on both sides. Somewhat concerned about McFall at QB but he is a special athlete. They have an entire off season to build things around him.
  15. I wouldn't say Legacy is thriving. They have a special class this yr. They may be ok next yr, but the talent goes down for a bit afterwards. Lets see how they perform without those RBs.
  16. a player transferring is much different than a school district rezoning hundreds of kids. The zones should be even, in terms of kids, but Legacy has 300+ more students than Tyler High...and thats not taking in account that several hundred to probably 1000 high school kids in south Tyler should be at Legacy, but they go to private and charter schools instead. Tyler ISD clearly zones in favor of Lee/Legacy....that's not a debate at all. BUT... not all of Cujo problems are because of Legacy.
  17. Demographics have shifted alot in Mt.Pleasant. I think the coach has done a great job there.
  18. What does Chapel Hill have to do with Legacy....they are in two different school districts. Rezoning only affected Tyler ISD...not Chapel Hill ISD....come on man....smh.
  19. hey, I didn't say I was ok with it...I'm just saying on paper he hasn't lost enough to be fired...and if the community wanted him gone, he be gone. Trust me, there are plenty who agree with you. These lopsided losses really hurt him. Again, next yr they return 90% of the team and almost all of their best players. So we will see. how that works out.
  20. I'm not sold HP is moving up. McFall is new to the position, hopefully he will get better. Im like you, I think Eli was a good player, but he wasn't Greg Ward or Bryson Smith. Plus Oline didn't play well and the Def is what it is.
  21. Hey Legacy just beat an undefeated Garland...LOL.
  22. uh...sorta. You got to think, the top TISD talent is split probably 60-40 in Cujo favor. Also, got some kids at private schools. The main difference is that if a kid like Jamarion Miller lived in Pine Tree, Spring Hill, or Hallsville zone, he make sure he would find his way to Longview High because its Longview High. Longview gets probably 85% or better of the top talent in their area. Lee/Legacy, Chapel Hill have state championships. Heck even TK Gorman and Brook Hill have one. So its not crazy for a kid to pick those schools over Cujo. However, I don't think Longview is 49-0 better than Tyler High in terms of talent.
  23. I know how the metro areas are growing and where the talent is at now. A deep run every other yr or every two yrs seems reasonable to me. However, it feels like the program may not be in that position anymore. Next yr they return alot of kids. So I think we will know the state of the program then.
  24. The community got the named changed. I'm sure they could get a coaching change But like it or not, he has the support of alot of fans. maybe he will do an audit on the program and make some changes. I think next yr will say alot.
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