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  1. they basically promoted 2 guys who have been on staff for years to co-def coordinators. They have some experience and I think they are going to a 4-3 type def this year.
  2. Not taking anything away from Lancaster. I wouldn't be shocked at all if they beat Cujo this yr. However, I kinda understand where the doubt comes from. From 2012 to 2018. You could argue JT was a better program. JT was actually 2-1 vs Lancaster during that period. If you look from 2012 to present, Lancaster has 87 wins, Cujo has 77 wins. But, the past 3 seaasons, which has been JT's worst stretch, Lancaster schedule has been really bad. Cujo probably would have won 8 or 9 games with that schedule. Regardless, I honestly give the edge to Lancaster this yr. I'm not buying into the Cujo hype until I see it on the field.
  3. I don't know I hope your right. As crazy as this might sound, but I think JT will have a better team next yr. The qb will have a yr of experience, and they will return a ton of players who will either start or see time this yr, including McFall
  4. nah. It's an old rivalry, They got a great coach and lots of players returning. I expect a close game.
  5. Coach Alvarez is a top notch coach too. I think it's going to be a close game.
  6. it appears to be between him an a soph. But he will likely start on D-Line too.
  7. I don't mean to downplay things, maybe they have found a great qb. I'm just saying its really the biggest question mark for this team.
  8. On paper this should be one of JT's best team in several yrs. The def should overall be better. They return like 9 starters and added some big time players. Off return everybody and O-line is bigger this yr. Only ONE question mark...QB. That could be the downfall of this team. They don't have a qb for this class and the two they are counting on have no experience at the varsity level. All there yrs of elite qb's at JT and now they can't find one. Hopefully these guys work out.
  9. There are kids in Longview that go to Hallsville, like there are alot of kids in Tyler that go to Whitehouse. But Whitehouse and Hallsville are actual towns They have mayors, police, etc. And the schools have Whitehouse and Hallsville addresses. Chapel Hill is more like Judson. It's more like a community than a town. And the school has a Tyler address. But I do see your point. Most Tyler people claim Chapel Hill as a Tyler school. That's not really the case with Whitehouse.
  10. in fairness, Chapel Hill schools have a Tyler address, and portions of the district zone is within the Tyler city limits. But same could be said for Whitehouse too.
  11. I kinda think he may end up as a db. But he could play rb or wr too.
  12. I decided to look up Gilmer and Carthage too. I counted about 30 for Gilmer and around 20 for Carthage. That's pretty crazy for Gilmer to have close to the same amount of Div.1 kids as JT/LV/LP
  13. I went to 247 and added up JT div.1 players from 2005 until this past season. I counted something like 31-33 Div.1 players, and I didn't count transfers to Div.1 programs from other schools or those who went to Div 1-AA schools like SFA or Sam Houston. I be interested in knowing the count for LP or LV. I bet it's pretty close. In my opinion that is a pretty remarkable amount of players.
  14. LV has the edge of consistently having better teams, but I don't know if Longview has had more Div.1 players than JT over the past 10-15 yrs. I would almost bet JT/LP/LV are pretty close in that regards. I would love for someone to add that up. I think he is just trying to out troll the other person, who really doesn't speak for JT anyway. But at some point, it just becomes a waste of time, especially when you are trying to tear down a kid just to win a trolling match. Both are great players. Wade had a div.1 offer before he played a high school game and Hale offers pretty much sum up the type of player he is.
  15. they probably have the guy in place for this job. Seems to be the only reason they would offer this job to the current head coach this late in the game.
  16. he probably went up there and noticed it wasn't 100 degrees...I probably would have comitted on the spot too!
  17. bruh chill. Kid has at least 15 div.1 offers. all that back and forth yall doing is really silly and a waste of time. Congrats to all the kids who can get school paid for, whether its D1, D2 or Juco
  18. Wish JT had another writer that covered them as extensive as he did. But we should probably just end this topic here if you know what I mean.
  19. Alot of small towns in Texas are dying But Clarksville would be in much better shape if ALL the kids in town attended Clarksville ISD. According to TEA district transfer report, they lose about 1/3 of their kids to surrounding ISD's...mainly Detroit and Avery.
  20. I was looking at last yr schedule, and I saw that Clarksville beat LK by a touchdown 2nd game of season.
  21. agree. I think they only had like 16-17 players last yr. That's got to be tough, and now with coach leaving, it may hurt things. LK hasn't had alot of wins lately and it seems from a talent standpoint that Clarksville is a better job. But maybe other factors are the reason for leaving.
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