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  1. I cringe myself listening to the Gilmer broadcast. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “He’s gonna take it to the house!” only to be tackled for a loss. That might be a slight exaggeration but you get my point. They are awful. Not saying I would do better. There’s a reason why I’ve never volunteered to do it.
  2. Anyone know if Pitt will sell tickets at the gate?
  3. PG had a total of 0 first downs in the 1st half.
  4. Don't act like Gilmer's o-line ever averages over 180. O-line will be alright ... eventually.
  5. 165? Absolutely not. That's just crazy to believe any team would field any 165 lbs linemen. They are all AT LEAST 170.
  6. I’ve heard he will be OC or Co-OC myself.
  7. As far as I know, Gilmer is pretty healthy. That's assuming no one has been hurt in practice this week.
  8. No maybe when saying Kilgore would have won it all if not for Carthage since they met in the championship game.
  9. How many players were on the C.Hill roster in district and of those how many were seniors?
  10. The disrespect is real. Especially from the Gilmer side looking at CS. I hope everyone realizes what it took for both teams to be here and neither was a fluke. Both teams can play some ball and do a lot of really good things in all 3 phases of the game. It's going to take a great game plan, great execution and some good luck for either team to come out on top. You can't predict turnovers, they just happen when they happen. All you can do is expect both teams to play to their full capability and if anyone thinks either team is 2-3 TD's better than the other then you are just delusional. Not saying the game can't or won't end that way if some of those unpredictable turnovers happen. Just saying both teams playing their best will be a beast of a game that would be decided by a single possession.
  11. Are all tickets for the game general admission? No buying specific seats?
  12. Gilmer has been very stingy in the redzone all year long, especially in the playoffs.
  13. I wish you knew how little I care about what you thought.
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