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  1. Very young team this year... Lost a lot of strength and talent, but none of their HEART! Hope to see them dig deep and keep moving forward. Good luck to all who are still in the battle!
  2. White Oak has always BELIEVE'd that they would win the series in 2 games... which suggests a win in the first one. The WO coach appears to be intelligent and shows his understanding that anything can happen in baseball against a good team, (WO, at least as far as I can see, has never suggested that NW wasn't a good opponent) and knowing his team had the strength to go 3 made the best call. I guess that's what the NW coach is hoping he has done with a 1 game series. Good luck to both teams... this region should be well represented at state either way.
  3. It's clear NW believed the was no way to beat W.O 2 out of 3! NW is putting a lot of pressure on one boys arm... against the best bats he'll see all year. Looks like the bunny is showin his A... Quite a celebration for nothing they did!
  4. Saw the games on Saturday... Way to Go Harleton! True champions guys... Y'all wore the hair off em'. No sour grapes, but a couple of calls (I thought) made the difference. Sure would've loved to have a W.O./Harleton matchup... think y'all are the better competitors!! Congratulations on your season.
  5. Looking for a pickup player? 10 yo has played Select year round for 2 years on established team.
  6. Looking for a pickup tournament player? 10 yo has played Select year round for 2 years on established team. We're looking for games. Love baseball, no problem for travel!
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