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  1. This game will be over when they show video to the kids, if they even do that.
  2. Yup.. Napping on the job. Can't pay attention to save my life!!!!
  3. Have I been asleep and just missed something....Gipson leaving?
  4. This districts don't have the budget to compete with higher salaries. That's what people don't realize.
  5. I would like to redact any previous post made. This is the post of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Can I vote early for post of the year????????? Fantastic!!!!!!!!!
  7. HMMMMM.....That's funny. Because Alan Metzel is the one signaling the plays in. Are you saying he's garbage. I would think he has veto power on any play called.
  8. My question is, how do you know they failed the test. If someone told you who had access to them, then they broke the law. If the kids said they failed, then I wouldn't trust them. Sounds a little fishy to me......
  9. And why did he get put on administrative leave?
  10. If it's true that he's out, and I find that very hard to believe, then good for him. He is so much better than New Diana. He needs to go get a big time job now.
  11. OMG. Now that's funny right there. I don't care who ya are.
  12. In 2018, ND did away with the AD position and created coordinators. HFC was only in charge or football. And had to teach classes. The boys and girls each had a coordinator for all other sports. The principal had to handle all of the “director “ jobs. I guess someone finally came to their senses and realized what a failure that was. And good for Diana. He needed to go. But you better support whoever gets hired and tell the baseball parents to quit whining. Spring Hill is fixing to find out how the split works.
  13. Just in my thoughts right now...... Which job would you think is the better job???? Spring Hill, or Sabine???
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