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  1. I'm trying to understand why they let him leave in the first place???? Heard it was a mess...
  2. You are the fourth person to express that concern that I have seen. I just have to question how the OLINE can stop a team from scoring 71 points. And without them, 46 of the 53 points came on offense. So to say the OLINE was the bigger problem, well, I just can't buy it.
  3. Your PLAYERS are a reflection of YOU!!!
  4. HMMM. That's what everybody said about Harmony. How'd that work out?
  5. Great post, as always. I agree with what you have stated. To add to the conversation, what are the chances an athletic department gets a return on its investment. How many tickets do you have to sell, and how many playoff games do you have to host to pay for the stadium. I understand the community pride that comes with it. But the last time I checked, that JUMBOTRON didn't raise test scores. I do know Melissa has high academics, so I can't argue that. However, I do believe facilities, like indoor facilities, can benefit the district as a whole. Just curious though, why does a school like Henderson have one, and a perennial power like Gilmer not??? And that my friends is where you will find the answer to most of what is being said on here.
  6. That’s because administrators and Supts have turned into pansies and cow down to the board It’s pitiful how some of these people are now. And the bad ones just get promoted up. I’m off my soap box now.
  7. Yes they did.. And…. I don’t think this hire is gonna be a splash. More like ripple…
  8. If they call for a bond every year, they will eventually get it passed. I know of a local district who kept at it and wore people down. It finally got passed. Not saying they didn't need it. But the yays can outlast the nays in most cases.
  9. Rumor has it they have narrowed pool to 12 for interviews. I'm sure a committee will choose.
  10. So....I am confused. Is this AD only, and they are still looking for a HC. Or is Pullum the new HC too????
  11. A former old coach from there told me one time to run a play a minute..Yes, before the play clock.........
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