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  1. Our team did the exact same thing when our 13 was hurt, doesn't mean we were disrespectful
  2. Malakoff 46-20 Teague 33-28 Newton 48-14 Crockett 41-33
  3. Understand that, responding to Franklin talking about moving down into d2.
  4. Also think Newton out of region 3 could compete with Brock, they are outstanding
  5. Teague play disciplined ball and make cameron earn there yards (frustrating them) by not allowing big plays is the main key...easier said than done when 1 missed assignment can lead to 6 points. Then special teams, turnovers and field position is a must for teague to win Teague 34 Cameron 28
  6. I believe he is #33 and we wish him the very best and hope if he chooses to continue his fb career he is able. But don't be fooled, recognize that traion Smith arguably the most complete 3a back in the states history was limited to 70 yards against us when we faced cameron. With most of those coming in 2nd half after we adjusted to try and cover pass and he had a couple of good draws to get that
  7. We know about your d1 prospect and yes he is a beast, 2 years ago we lost our all state rb in 2nd qt against malakoff, last year we lost our all state rb/lb and he was only able to play defense aga8nst yoe 8n playoffs at about 50% he has worked his way 8nto the starting lineup at southwestern. So we feel your pain. What you don't know is all 3 starting Sr linebackers have missed at least 5 games to injuries that you as well as everyone since west has played us without our 2 fastest players both play receiver and defensive back as well as major contributors on special teams and yes their Sr leadership on the field is hugely missed. POINT IS NEXT MAN UP YOU PLAY WITH THE 11 YOU GOT AND OUR 11 DOMINATED. Rushing according to announcer was 193 for yall, there was 15 negative plays yall had as well
  8. Teague Malakoff, 40-36 koff packed house a goal line stand and gw drive of 99 yds in last 3 minutes. Disappointed we lost but let our kids know we belong and boosted confidence along with importance of finishing. Teague at West 14-10 us. Just the huge momentum swings in final 3 mins
  9. I think all 4 teams from reg 3 can win it all
  10. Go back and watch the film on the td called back. It was a 3rd down and he would've rushed for a 1st but saw #7 open and hit him in stride. It was a legal forward pass instead we had to punt it away so we missed opportunities aswell
  11. 50-60 yards came on 1 play, busted assignment. The others had excellent pass defense on them just a very good throw and outstanding catches for yall.
  12. Won't play same defense against yoe. Sloppy??? Penalties were 4 or 5 for teague for each 1 of Franklin's. Yall keyed on our #1 and slowed him down, we came in looking to stop inside run and feel very good about that. Teague swarming and relentless defense was the difference imo. Franklin's youth will do nothing but get better, pass defense is a must playing in d9 and 10
  13. Really nice and I don't m8nd emotion and excitement but love him getting it to the ref like that, be nice if some of our pros learned from this
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