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  1. I agree with you, I have always pulled for the Lobos and have gone and watched them play if Tatum or Carthage was not playing, but with some of these Lobo posters, I find my self thinking I don;t care if they ever win a title. East Texas should support evey team unless your team is playing them.
  2. You just showed us what you know about football and that is not much. You said name a 3A team that could of and would of beat the paints off Tyler Lee. How about Chapel Hill with 12 signed college football players. I can name many that would beat Tyler Lee last year.
  3. You do know Carthage played in the semi final game in 4a, right. They crossed the fifty yard line one time.
  4. I have a question for the guy that called you that. Name any team in Texas high school football from 1a to 5a that could of held every team Daingerfield played in 1983 to 12 inches every time the ball was snapped. The Daingerfield offense was average or good, but the D was the best that ever played at the high school level. If memory serves me right, only one team crossed the fifty yard line. Here is one for you to think about, divide 560 feet by 16 games = 35 feet per game is what they allowed.
  5. We understand, if you loose to a team that you should beat, you are not a very good team. Oh wait that can't be true because the Lobos get beat when they are suppose to win and they are still the best East Texas team. I am confused, oh well, I"ll just keep believing in my Tatum Eagles and my Carthage Bull dogs. We will keep bringing the Titles back to East Texas. Even though we get beat in the regular season some times.
  6. The running backs were Donnie Anderson, also the starting linebacker, and Marlon Bolten in 91. The receivers were Pope and Westmoreland, both over 6' 4" They lost Brandon Miliam in the Henderson game, which would of helped big time in the state championship game. He was the leader on the Defense and one heck of a football player.
  7. I hope none of the Lobo fans read this one, they will eat you up. They will tell you quick if you loose a game in the regular season to a team you are suppose to beat, you are no good.
  8. Unless you saw them play, there is no way you can believe how good they were. You can not name another team of any year that could stop every team daingerfield played that year from scoring. Carthage had Rosco Tatum that year which had world class speed. Gilmer was ranked in the top ten. Sweeny was undefeated and scored a lot of points until they met the Tigers in the SC game. They managed only 46 yards for the game. Daingerfield only allowed 12 inches every time the ball was snapped. There was 560 plays run against the Tigers in 16 games for a grand total of 560 feet. The 85 yates team or any SLC team or any team in High school football you want to name now or in the past could hold every team they played to 12 inches a play..
  9. No contest, go look at the film on them, they were big, fast, quick, and just plain good. I saw them play and I am 56 years old. I have missed maybe 10 friday nights of watching high school football. They were the best I have ever seen. A once and a life time team at the high school level.
  10. I thought you new high school football. Ford has won 1 title as the head coach at Celina in 3a. He help win four as an asst. in 2a. Your turn, name another coach with 4 titles in 6 years.
  11. You have failed to name any coach with a better resume anywhere in 3A. Your turn.
  12. I don't believe Carthage will have a punt block to loose a big game or run a tail back all the way down to the five yard line then give it to another running back and fumble it. We can go on and on if you want to. If your are going to dog the Carthage coach that is ok, but how do you explain a coach with five rings in 7 years and one of those was in 4a. Now your turn.
  13. I find it funny that you responded only to the remark about Katy football. Why don't you respond to the remarks about 4 state championships in six years with two different teams.
  14. Evans at Tatum = 8 years, came in 2004 Suratt at Carthage = 5 years, has three state championships
  15. Wrong again, Coach S at Carthage, the Coach at Gilmer, and coach Evans at Tatum are three of the best anywhere in the state. Look at there records since they arrived at those schools. They have 7 state championships and played in 10 state championship games. Name me another coach or coaches anywhere in East Texas with that resume. You can throw Daingerfied's coach B in that group as well.
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