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  1. When I was on Smoaky.com multiple times each day I could see a thread about a coaching change, grab it, contact the specific school and coach and check on the validity of any rumor, speculation or fact. We have let you the membership down by being to strict and I've instructed our mods/admins to let these topics play out without pushing them aside or moving them. HOWEVER, I still ask you, regardless if you know for a fact a coach is leaving, especially in football to EMAIL me so I can also check on the status of a pending coaching change or hire. My email is [email protected] I've had a handful of members over the last few months mention "well, I had this information a day or two before...but Smoaky.com hid the thread or moved it." That shouldn't and won't happen any longer. Thank you. David Smoak [email protected]
  2. I wish you would have contacted me personally. Smoaky.com took it down but had you contacted me like our rules state on a coaching change you would have been given the credit but I would've called Barry Norton myself to confirm. There's a fine line that most coaching change(s) information on this site from members is legit, unfortunately what ruins it for you and others are the nasty, personal vendetta's throwing out, "Is Coach XYZ really out at School XYZ" and then the blank-storm begins.
  3. It's been awhile since we did this but would like to know if we can compile a list of members who want to be the beat reporter for a specific district and/or team. Your insight and stories, game previews and/or summaries would be featured on a special link on Smoaky.com. Of course I don't have enough money to pay you but there are other ways including gift cards from local restaurants or a Smoaky.com tee-shirt featuring you as a "Beat Reporter." And, if you wear one you can either get a "damn, that's so cool," or you might need to duck. Who knows? But, interested in your feedback. Smoaky
  4. Coaches, When your season is completed, please take a few minutes to nominate deserving players from your team for the Texas Sports Writers Association All-State Softball Team. Players do not have to be seniors. Deadline to nominate is Friday, June 10 (the week after the state softball tournament). To nominate, please return the following information to Jack Stallard with the Longview News-Journal. Email: [email protected] PLAYER(S): TEAM: CLASSIFICATION OF TEAM: (1A, 2A, etc…PLEASE INCLUDE THIS) POSITION: FINAL SEASON STATS: (Feel free to include any postseason honors you know about, or if the kid has signed or given a verbal pledge to a college) Note: if a kid played more than one position, PLEASE tell me what position you prefer she be considered for. If they played multiple positions, you might want to consider nominating for Utility…ALSO…if the player is an infielder, PLEASE be specific about what position since we select a 1B, 2B and SS.
  5. Arp ISD promotes Wes Schminkey to head football coach & A.D.
  6. After 19 years as head coach, 22 years at Arp ISD, athletics director Dale Irwin has announced that he will retire effective June 30, 2022. The 53-year old Irwin is making this decision at this time in order to spend more time with his family. In the 90 year history of Arp High School Tiger football, Irwin is its winningest coach and the longest tenured. This article https://www.arpisd.org/article/708732 has all the information you will need along with a quote, pictures and video that already have the appropriate courtesy burned in. Irwin will continue to lead our student-athletes, and to oversee the transition to a new A.D. until his last day of work. He fully expects Arp Tiger athletics to continue to be strong going forward. The process of finding Irwin's replacement is ongoing. Mike Alzamora Arp ISD Communications Coordinator
  7. I have and I will continue beating the drum that Coach Alexander be elected into the Texas HSFB Hall of Fame, I'm on the committee, I tout his accomplishments all of the time and I'll never give up the fight. But, being inducted in to the THSCA "Hall of Honor" will only validate my passion and the cause!
  8. He is...Ragle still wanted to meet with the team.
  9. I am looking at a handful of options to do a few things and trying to figure out how to get them done, thank you all for the suggestions.
  10. Heath Ragle sent me a text he informed Mineola he was leaving and will be recommended and accept the AD/Head Football job at Canton.
  11. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AUSTIN, Texas — The District Assignment Appeals Committee of the University Interscholastic League heard 6 appeals regarding reclassification and realignment Wednesday. The committee, composed of UIL Legislative Council members, heard testimony from all interested parties in regards to each appeal. The committee granted an appeal from Forsan (BB) to move from District 2A-6 to District 2A-7. The District Assignment Appeals Committee voted to deny appeals from Farmersville (FB), Grapeland (FB), San Antonio Alamo Heights (BB/VB), San Antonio Alamo Heights (FB) and Winona (BB).
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