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  1. How do you know the ref didn't make a racist slur? Not saying that even if he did, that would justify the boys/coaches actions.
  2. Pet peeves...people who make political comments in the High School Sports forum.
  3. This post is for those who are truly interested in looking at the facts and evidence to decide for themselves what to believe about global warming. First, realize that many (most?) of the naysayers here believe, often for religious reasons, that man-made global warming is a hoax. Notice that I said 'believe'. They have faith in their belief. Then they look for 'evidence' that backs up thier preconceived faith. That is the opposite of good science. One should go wherever the evidence leads, regardless of the destination. So where does the evidence lead? Since none of us here, I venture, work climate science for a living, let's look at what the real experts says. The vast, vast majority (something like 97%) of climatologists agree that the earth is warming at an unprecedented rate, and the cause is largely man-made. When judging whether the information you a reading is reliable. See who is making the claim. Does that person's view represent the concensus? If not, why don't the majority of his/her peers agree? I can no doubt, find an 'expert' who will say the earth is flat, or men didn't land on the moon. I give far more credence to the consensus opinion of the expert body, than to a outlier individual or group (can you say 'Discovery Institute'?). I will not get in to an online debate with deniers. It would be a waste of my time. I guarantee they will never be persuaded by evidence. They already KNOW the answer, and it is not science based. If you want to learn for yourself, a good place to start would be the National Center for Science Education. http://ncse.com/ This is an excellent summary of global warming and climate change myths. http://skepticalscience.com/argument.php
  4. The massive grey walls of the Temples rise from the heart of every Federation city. Rush/2112 ------------------------------------------------------------------ "Don't forget what your good book said"
  5. Time after time we lose sight of the way Our causes can't see their effects Rush - Natural Science This is too easy in the Google age, I'll try to make this more challenging... When I get to the ______ I go back to the ___ of the _____ Where I ____ and I ____ and I go for a ____ Till I get to the ______ and I see you _____
  6. Hold Me Tight - The Beatles [apologies if it's already been used, not gonna wade through 43 pages to see]
  7. On the road to try to make ends meet...Boston Please allow me to introduce myself...
  8. Wow, where to begin? 1) Guns will never be banned in this country. There is no law even under consideration to ban all guns. There is not public support to ban all guns. NOBODY in the administration has said ANYTHING about banning all guns. SOME guns are ALREADY banned ('machine guns' for example, as well as tanks, RPGs and surface-to-air missles). This is a GOOD thing. There is SOME support for banning certain additional guns [e.g. assault weapons], but even that limited change doesn't have public support and probably won't happen. 2) I am a hunter and have a dozen rifles and shotguns. Responsible hunters don't need and wouldn't use rapid fire weapons with large clips. I don't worry one second that my hunting weapons will be taken away. 3) Any law that was passed and found to be unconstitutional would be overturned; and you can bet any such law will be challenged. Ergo, no unconstitutional law would stay on the books. 4) Since when is owning guns a "God given" right? What holy text addresses gun owership? 5) There is a name for people who want to rise up in open revolt against our government. They are REBELS and TRAITORS to our founding fathers vision of representative democracy, and you can bet that I will support the government's lawful and constitutional enforcement our OUR laws. In the oath of enlistment, I swore to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC [my emphasis]." I WILL honor that pledge.
  9. There is no SIMPLE answer. Humans are complicated organisms who have evolved a wide variety of possible behaviors. Mental illness and the abundance of guns are the proximate cause. http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/fareed-zakaria-the-solution-to-gun-violence-is-clear/2012/12/19/110a6f82-4a15-11e2-b6f0-e851e741d196_story.html?tid=wp_ipad
  10. If the kids don't want to run on Saturdays, boot'em. It's the coaches who don't want to be there on Saturday.
  11. Brook Hill complaining about teams running up the score on them? That's rich!
  12. The Republican alternate reality is expanding. Can't wait to see the handwringing and excuse making come November 7th.
  13. Yes, vote for the man who wants to do the least, for the least among us... ...take away health care coverage for the most needy. ...take away the common man's job (and keep his unemployment benefits as low as possible), send his job overseas, all while ensuring enourmous profit for himself. Rig the tax system so the rich pay even lower tax rates than the common man (whose job he has no qualms of eliminating). If only he truly believed he is making his job more difficult than that of the camel (who must thread the eye of the needle)
  14. Call 911, there's an old man beating up a child on myTV! - Bill Maher describing the debate.
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