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  1. This makes multiple games this year that teams could have scored as many points as they wanted to. Some teams could easily have busted the scoreboard.
  2. I believe the last time anyone put up 70 points on New Diana they looked for an almost entire new staff. I can't wait to hear what the excuses will be for this one. I'm sure the new Diana faithful and the mayor himself will have some great ones.
  3. Not butthurt at all. Just stating the facts. Can you disprove them TT?
  4. Rebuilding? I seem to remember when someone said that last year on this forum, they got hammered and everything was blamed on the coaches, not the fact that these kids were predominantly sophomores a year ago. Most of them had a year of varsity experience before this year. I think what this year amounts to is let's of folks at BD are eating crow because of the hype of bringing in a big name staff and getting about the same results if the last couple of years. Oh wait, no, a couple of years ago when ND went 3-7, the went into the playoffs. That wasn't good enough for the Eagle faithful then but this year it is all roses, and excuses (injuries/rebuilding) with that sane record and no chance of making the playoffs. Daingerfield would have filled with ND having everyone healthy. What a difference a year makes! Still, ND has good kids but lack a killer/hard nose attitude that it takes to make a football program. ND has had some decent teams over the years. If you don't believe me, go sit in the stands and listen to how they "used to do it" back in the day. Of course back in that day, you could have gone to Pittsburgh, Gilmer, Carthage, Henderson or Daingerfield (all powerhouses in these days) and they would have never known New Diana was anything but a blinking light a little north of Longview.
  5. This game came down to a game of coaching. Neither team has a plethora or athlete but kudos to the OC staff for out-coaching the staff at ND. Five rings didn't seem to matter Friday night. I guess the staff from Diana better get their resumes updated because the mob of Diana will be looking for a scapegoat. Good luck fellas!
  6. If practice time dictates anything, ND should roll for sure. Practicing by 6:30 or so every morning and then again in the afternoon should get you ready. I have seen both teams play and neither will be a force beyond any form of district play. They are lucky this year to be in a weak district and one of them should make the playoffs. I wouldn't spend much on playoff shirts though.
  7. TreeHugger....you are as stuck on yourself as the person who is behind the debacle that has gone on at ND since November. Seems you must have an inside man...unless you are the inside man. Or just someone with an ax to grind because you weren't the athlete you wanted to be, or your kids, etc. I don't know. As for me, since only some people on here have the right to ask questions, and it is certainly not me, this is my last post. I just asked about the baseball coach yesterday and it got removed and I got warned. Goodbye forever Smoaky as it seems there is bias everywhere.
  8. I don't have a spring break, but my kids wanted to see some old friends and it was nice to see mine too.
  9. It's been a while since I have talked to anyone but this past week I spent a couple of nights there since my kids have been on spring break and we wanted to see old friends. I did hear that maybe they have found a DC in Hector? What does that do to the current baseball guy if he comes? Is he already out? I did hear that a couple of coaches have already turned their stuff in too. Was one of them the baseball coach? I was told the same crowd that wanted the old football coach gone also wanted him gone now. Maybe more meetings with the supt? Anyone have any word on any other hires or possibilities that might be coning to ND? I would imagine it will be tough to get anyone to come from where he has been due to money and location.
  10. That is exactly it TexasSt. Get your buddies on the board and then push the supt around to get what you want. The "Do what we say or you'll get fired" good-ole boy inner workings at its best.
  11. Yes capntmo, that is what I got when I called about it. I did hear some interesting things though about one of the Diana bigwigs having a private meeting Sunday afternoon with the supt about who he wanted. Thought it might go another way until then. I'll be glad to use Coplin come in and get things started for the fall though and wish the coaches and kids at New Diana the best.
  12. Been kind of quiet on here. They've had it narrowed down to 2 finalists for 2 weeks and no action has been taken? I'm going to have to check with my Diana people to see what is going on. Either the loud people have gotten their way or Diana has dripped the ball. I'll be checking for an update.
  13. Well it seems as if the committee might as well be made up of 2 from what I gathered over the holidays while visiting friends. One of the committee members has been telling others that he and another committee member (also a board me member) have narrowed down the applicants to whom they feel will best fit the district. Then I heard one of them even was talking particulars and negotiating employment particulars over lunch this past weekend. Not real sure about the ethics of all of this but this process has been a farce from the beginning. If it was me that was being catered to, i believe i would pull my apllication immediately. I'd hate to know I was going to be going to a school to where I was going to be working for a couple of parents in the district. Now it seems ND will very possibly playing on a turf field and running on a new track next year. Granted from what I have seen, the stadium needs upgrades but so do the schools. Half I don't pay taxes there or I'd have to attend a meeting or 2.
  14. Every coach that has coached anything from Little League to professional football knows there will be people that disagree with him. That is just a given. My problem is that he insinuated that the coaches at ND were throwing little hissy fits at people's suggestions. As I said, I bet he has not tried to sit down and talk with them. It is one thing to disagree but from the games that I attended, fans were running down the coaches and the players. Diana has its share of supportive fans, but the non supportive ones by far overpower the comments and suggestions. If play action is a Coach, I will compare him to the magician that gets on TV behind a mask and gives away the trade secrets of the other magicians. It is never okay to stab your family members in the back. And for the record, my sons played for very successful coaches who they felt would go to Hell and back for them. My sons would have for them too. That's what we call respect.
  15. Well, playaction, I for one find it hard to believe you are a coach being that you are running down many in the profession. From the coaches I was coached by and those I have known for a long time, including those that coached my sons, coaching is like family and a true coach doesn't run others down in the profession. I'd hate to know you were ever on a staff that coached my sons since you would turncoat any chance you got. As I have said before though, good luck kids and keep working hard. In the end, it will be as much about how bad you want it as it is about who will be leading you.
  16. Agreed Dawg. From what I saw, the team will not be built around the QB from last year. He threw interceptions and fumbled the ball all while doing his best to avoid contact. Playactionpass sounds like he might be the dad of one of these kids if not the QB dad. Also, Playaction, have you spoken to any of the coaches to ask them questions? Just curious because from what I know about the staff, any of them would be happy to answer anything you have for them.
  17. Just spoke with my friends from Diana. Seems the new coach is going to "help" be selected by the QB's dad. I bet a coach that has a QB for a son gets tossed out of the pile. Some interesting events going on at ND as he is good friends with a board member also who supposedly gets to help narrow the candidates down. Looks like a 2 man hiring team from what some in the community think. I'd hate to know I was spending my time on a committee for things to be predetermined. This process seems to get more clouded every day. Good luck kids because it seems you have people looking for your new coach that has their own son's interest at the forefront.
  18. Basketball won't be successful until they get kids with a little talent but more than that, DESIRE. Again, these are good kids, but that doesn't win games. These kids look like they are out there to pass time instead of win games. The coach looks frustrated with the effort from the kids. Come on kids, step up your game and let's try to be competitive. Quit jogging around the court and get in their faces. This isn't little dribblers anymore!
  19. Agreed Fiapoly. I've been taking to my friends at New Diana, who have children in the school, and funny thing is that their kid came home and heard the coach was going to be reassigned and what his duties were going to be before the school staff even knew anything about it. The kid said that thy were even talkin about the coach bein recruited to be brought in as i stated earlier. That says someone was talking when they shouldn't have been. Coincidence there was a school board meting Monday night and most would assume the AD's future and responsibilities would have been discussed? Seems as if someone may have spoken out of turn after the meeting. I do believe this stuff happens all the time in small towns though. A few people who bark loud and want things there way go after the jugular and get people to fall in line with them. Maybe can even stack people who can vote in their favor in the right places. That's why I don't live in a small town. I don't want homers, those hat can't get away from the small town for whatever reason, in my business and trying to make decisons on my behalf. Again, good luck kids in Dina as y'all are a fine group of of young men and good luck Coach Ratliff and the rest of the staff. Time for me to move on and leave this saga behind.
  20. I would say that the 2 you refer to have the potential of being a good athlete. Didn't see much this year when I watched the older one play though. I know he is young but needs to be reined in. From the word on the streets coning from the kids in New Diana, they are recruiting a coach from Gilmer. Maybe he knows these kids and their potential. Although to go from the Gilmer athletes and facilities to Diana would be quite a step down.
  21. Love reading the posts Any good points on both sides. Nobody has moved to Gilmer because the parents and kids know they can't play with those kids there. Diana has good kids, but not necessarily good athletes. Being a good athlete doesn't make you a good kid, it doesn't mean anything about character. As for the facilities, I do agree they are bad. Probably the worst in East Texas. I don't see that changing anytime soon either. I make a lot of ballgames every year and it seems like Diana has the worst upkeep of any around. Bad grass, bad bleachers, press box, etc. Of course it takes money to build new, but I do believe a little better upkeep would help. That's not on the coaches tthough, unless they are all part of the maintenance crew. I hope the best for ND. I hope they get a quality applicant with the lack of athletes (no backs, etc), lack of facilities, and a school that from what I hear is ran by a couple of community members with am agenda. Good luck ND and I will forever be a fan.
  22. Playoffs 3 of the 4 years. Well, except when Waskom had to forfeit games and it put another team ahead. One bad year and ouch! Small town heroics by a disgruntled few is what I'd say happened. I watched a few games this year and they were outmatched in personnel. Unless some athletes move in to fill in with a good group of young kids, Diana may not see much success in the next few years. They need someone in the backfield to take control.
  23. I was at the game last night sitting on the EF side as the last time I sat in the ND stands, I had to listen to a couple of loudmouths who make the game unbearable. EF was by far the superior team with better athletes but I was glad to see the young ND kids play hard to the end. Keep it up ND by working hard and preparing every week. Coaches, players, parents and community need to all rally behind these kids and support them as they are working hard. Keep your heads up boys!
  24. I was at the game myself and I agree the coaches looked frustrated. If my players kept dropping the ball, fumbling and not being on the field when they should, I would be frustrated too. It seemed the QB threw the ball well, but the receivers did not capitalize on the passes. What I did not see was any of the coaches giving up. They seemed to coach until time ran out, although with as many backups on the field as they had, it may have seemed like it to the unknowing. Keep working hard kids and coaches and positive things will happen in the future.
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