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  1. Winona over ND? Hahahaha!!! ND manhandled Big Sandy and Winona squeaked by with a 2 point difference. ND by as many as they want (as long as they keep 2 in check).
  2. I've participated in and attended many practices over the past 30 years and never once have I wanted to #### my pants. I guess that's because morals and ethics have always been a big part of the programs I have been associated with. And of course during those 30 something-odd years, I have been a part of a losing program 1 year. Not because of me, as I quit playing long ago, but because we didn't have to have a "scary" program to get results. Our kids play and played hard because that is what we demonstrated, and the only thing we accepted. Obviously if the "scare" tactics are being used in PT, maybe it is time to change as some schools win more in a season than PT has in the last decade.
  3. I'm just curious about how many people that get on and post on these forums ever played (not suited up) football. Maybe that's why I don't post. I let the boys decide it on the field and realize that my time in the spotlight has gone past many years ago. I do know that Atlanta played down for down with Jefferson in their scrimmage and Gilmer handed Atlanta a beating last night, but on the other hand, New Diana hasn't played a formidable opponet yet in 1A Big Sandy and private school Grace. Neither team has yet to prove themselves so tonight could be a good matchup. I hear ND has more talent than in years past and has a year under their belt with the offense they run, but Jefferson is always athletic and are again this year I am sure. I will agree it is hard for a D2 school competing with a D1 school just as it is for a 2A D1 competing with a small 3A. Good luck to both teams Godspeed that they come away healthy.
  4. Ok, first of all I wish both teams good luck tonight and an injury free game to both teams. Both teams are playoff contenders and hopefully can stay healthy to make a long run for each. Second, I just have to comment on the HS smack talk to Daingerfield. I will have to say that, no offense to HS, but HS shouldn't even be mentioned in the same post as Daingerfield. Not for the last 30 years at least. Daingerfield ahs a far superior program and has had for many years. Even a bad year for Daingerfield, they would dominate HS. Sure Daingerfield is down a little this year, but HS would not be able to be on the same field as them. I have seen both and yes I do know what I am talking about. Not taking anything from HS as they have a very good program and have had for a few years, but to put them in a class with Daingerfield, not happening. Again, good luck Mustangs and Eagles and someone please keep Smoaky updated so I can keep up with the scores.
  5. I know it's all in good clean fun, but let's let the kids do the talking on the field.
  6. Just an outsider looking in, but why would the ND faithful not ne as confident? Is it because all the "has beens" don't get on here and talk smack? Sure, Hughes Springs has a talented group of athletes, and I am sure are favored in the polls but just because people decide not to get on the forums and talk smack, I wouldn't say that's a lack of confidence. I would probably think that there is not one coach, athlete and hopefully ND fan that thinks they will get beat. Just the way they should be.
  7. I've read on hear that ND won because of Waskom's mistakes, etc. Ever think the superior play by the ND special teams might have had something to do to put some of those points on the board? Football is played for 48 minutes in all aspects of the game and the winner tonight was ND when time ran out. At the end of the night all that matters is both teams are 3-1, but the 1 for Waskom happens to be a district game.
  8. Diana can't match up speedwise? Really. I believe there are 3 of the 4 state 4x100 relay kids on the team. I've seen them run, they can match up. Turnovers will be the key as I believe Diana has a tendency to give the ball away. If they correct that, they will win.
  9. Still lots of "rumors" about Hargett not going to be back at UG next year. Supposedly from UG employees. I can't see them running him off though. Too good a coach with too much experience for that. What about Diana though? Did he make it past the first round? Who else did along with him if he did? I know there were a few coaches that applied inside and they interviewed those but not sure who else or if they have even done callbacks yet. Word is Hargett will definitely get the job as the "buddy system" seems to be well in play over there. I was informed that on the committee is a buddy of his that he worked with for 20 something years and they are still loyal friends, a former player of his back in the day and a coach that worked with him that he hired many years ago. Seems like the deck is stacked against many, if not all, of the other applicants. Some of the community members are crying foul because of this. A friend of mine even heard that once they saw who was on the committee, applications may as well not have been taken. Don't know for sure about any of that, but have heard it from several folks. Nevertheless, Hargett is a seasoned proven coach but will his style of offense, if he continues to keep it his usual "run and grind" style work with that group of kids Diana has. They have lots of skill kids but are not very big or deep at the lineman position. Willie will need an OC that will spread it out a little more than they have in the past several years but not as much as when McDaniel was here. Some sort of compromise between the two would be great. Good luck to all and especially to the kids.
  10. Is it true Coach Hargett was non-renewed at Union Grove? Sources are saying that UG chose not to renew his contract this coming year. If so, would New Diana pick up a coach that has been non-renewed? I know he has been a good coach for a long time. Also, it is my understanding from talking to someone that if a current applicant that is selected for interviews does not currently have their Masters/Principalship, they will have to agree, by contract, to get them in a timely manner. Will it be in Coach Hargett's interest at this stage of his career to return to school to pick these up just for a job in New Diana? Just some questions I was curious about.
  11. With the qualifications listed, how many coaches on the current staff meet them? I would not think many do as not too many staffs have too many coaches sitting around with their Master's degrees. If they do have any, and if they are interested, I hope they give them a good look. There is something to be said about loyalty. Unless of course the board already has something up their sleeve, as we see way too often these days. Good luck coaches and kids in the process of getting a new coach. I hope the process is fair to all.
  12. I understand a lot of people from Diana want Willie Hargett back but as far as I know, those are the ones that grew up in Diana and played for Willie and have loyalty to their head coach. I applaud them for that but is that what is really the best move for Diana these days? I would imagine in most small towns/schools in East Texas that you would find an allegiance to their past head coach. What Diana needs to do is look at the kids they currently have and look for a coach, either inside or outside, that fits the current athletes instead of bringing in a coach that makes the athletes fit them. It is too long of a building process for that and from what I understand, the program is headed in the right direction. I just hope it is looked at long and hard by the right people and if Willie is best fit for the district I am sure people would be glad to welcome him back to the program. I hope they consider people from Willie's past as well as people newer to the district in forming a committee, etc. to make decision. It is also my understanding that, with the district currently facing such financial hardships, that it may be in the best interest of the district to promote from within, therefore saving the district money. I don't envy the decision makers in this task, but hope they work hard and consider all options in this process and have the athletes at heart and not personal interests.
  13. I think it should be a good game. ND is improving from week to week and if they put it all together they should show lots of improvement. They did get beat by Malakoff last Friday 41-12 but that was with putting the ball on the ground or in their hands on interceptions more than 10 times. The offense looked more crisp and the defense a little stingier than previous weeks. I know Winnsboro plays smashmouth football and usually runs the ball well and can pass when necessary also but I have not seen them this year. I wish the best for both teams and hope both improve in the areas they need to before entering their district play. Good luck to both. I just feel like it will come down to the one that makes the least amount of mistakes.
  14. Any word on the happenings over at New Diana and their baseball program? Hear the head coaching position is open. Would be a loss for the Eagles.
  15. Coach Taylor as much morals, ethics, values and class as any man, much less any coach, I have ever known. He does more than anyone knows behind the scenes. He is truly in it for the kids, not the glory. If he ever does get any glory, he gives it to God. He is a Chriatian man, on and of the court, and doesn't try to hide it or ever show an shame in it. I wish him the best of luck and I know it must be God's will since Coach T would never make this decision without the Big Man Up Above.
  16. I just got on and caught up with the topic here. I see so many more schools with a higher number of powerlifting athletes, than baseball, basketball, tennis, volleyball and all the other sports except for football. I guess WEAK people would want to do away with it. I was never any good at basketball (guess I lifted too may weights) but that doesn't mean I would want to get rid of it. There is not another sport out there that is funded less than powerlifting is. So if we are going to cut, start with the sports that take more money to operate such as basketball, track tennis, etc. instead of chipping away at a mountain with a rubber mallet. Of course anyone with a picture of Obama, who would expect less.
  17. Don't know how they are getting outcoached? If that be the case, Coldspring must not be any good. Allowed 30 points in one half but being coached like it is the superbowl? Going to be one high scoring superbowl.
  18. Nope, I'm not McDaniel. I would imagine he has better things to do than get on here and worry about what anyone has to say on here. People used to say he wouldn't get a scholarship and then after he did, they said he wouldn't play. Guess those words must taste pretty good right now. Green, maybe you missed him after he was hurt or only watched one of the first 3 games of the season. He started 4 weeks in a row starting with Houston. Roll, you got any better ideas about a better athlete? Any other ones go D1 in any sports, much less start for a D1 school? Sure ND has had some good athletes but without the accomplishment McDaniel has had at the next level. I will say thought that Derrick Peoples might deserve the honor as best athlete in a while. He didn't have the God-given size that TM has but he made up for it in heart. He was a multisport (football, track, powerlifting and even baseball for a while) athlete and was on scholarship to West Texas A&M as a nose-tackle. He also excelled in the classroom and as a young man there were no better. I'd probably go with him as best all-around athlete. Oh and for the late 80's and early 90's, they aren't in consideration as it was supposed to be in the past 10 years. If we want to go back that far, we can compare those Diana athletes to the athletes that I was a part of at Daingerfield. Too many D-1 players to name and several teammates (T. Everett, E. Everett, D. Whitmore, G.Evans, D. Mims) went pro after going 46-1-1 in 3 years.
  19. MeanGreen, you obviously must have slept through last season where McDaniel started several games before becoming injured breaking his tibia and tearing some ligaments in his knee. I watched several games where he was starting. You need to check your facts on that one. "LT Terry McDaniel was starting at left tackle prior to his knee injury and I think he had the potential to hold that position for the remaining three years of his eligibility." This was copied from doubletnation.com and I am attching the link as well. http://www.doubletnation.com/2010/1/5/1234...t-season-awards
  20. Hollis and Westbrook were good baseball players and great young men but I have a hard time with anyone who is a "one-sport specialist" being in contention for the best athlete. They may be the best for their specific sport but an athlete is one who is well-rounded and participates in several sports. I would have to say Terry McDanial would be the best athlete New Diana has produced in the last 10 years. He is the only Division 1, athlete of any kind that has come out of Diana in a long time and one of the few in years dating back long before the 10 years in this post. McDaniel participated in football, track and powerliftring so he meets the qualification of a multi-sport athlete. He also was starting as a red-shirt freshman at Texas Tech last year as an offensive tackle until he had his leg rolled up on and broke last year in the Nebraska game. Not may athletes in East Texas can say that, much less from New Diana. I know many people thought he had it easy in New Diana, and maybe he did, but his level of collegiate accomplishments are by far over and above that of any other athlete from New Diana. As for the program notbeing what it was back in the Hargett days, it is. Not saying that Hargett was not a good coach. He was and still is. The program at New Diana went down when they had someone inside the coaching staff who penalized kids for playing anything but a certain sport and that took many good athletes out of other sports. As far as I know, the current staff, headed by Coach Adams, encourages athletes to participate in all sports and they assist with and work with each other making this possible.
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