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  1. No it isn’t working I don’t think he has the mind to be able to change system. A pro style offense could work
  2. This is why I said 20-21, 11-21 personnel bro. That extra guy can help with blocking. Not to mention, OL tend to have a little more leverage when running from under C. Either way, the current system in place straight up doesnt work because there is no QB.
  3. If he has been there Ratliff. He isn’t going to anywhere. He is going to retire from Tyler high. He is the oldest coach on at Tyler High. I don’t think that he just wants to teach and that’s it. We need like Pulaski academy. He knows what type of players that he has, and he does things on offense that puts what he has in great position to score. He defense was small, and he knew that he would give up points, and his players where almost always where they needed to be to make a play. They schemed the heck out of Legacy.
  4. You have to have a good Offensive line for a good running game to work. From the things that I saw this season. It would be more of the same. Would it make things easier on Sanchez yes, but they could not run the ball this season out of the gun. What make you think that they can do it from under center?
  5. It’s hard for me to say this, but, I don’t see anything being any different than what we saw this past season. If that happens. Tisd should look to get rid of him. If not then I guess they got Tyler were they want them.
  6. That's the whole reason why Ford's parents took him out of tyler because they don't like coach Holmes.
  7. I defended him as long as I possibly could because of his results.
  8. I would like to see him talk his way out of this. Your job is based on you winning. Not just helping kids be better men in the future. If you can’t keep players in the program you’re not teaching them to better men, because they don’t want to listen to you.
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