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    i'm very big on high school football. it shouldn't matter that i'm gay, just who i am as a person. i'm still in school trying to get all of thsat out of the way...
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  1. We ate at juicy burgers very good food.
  2. This is off topic, but however, I will be in Marshall Sunday. What are some good places to go out to eat at??
  3. They said that they will have that. When the doors open for school year in the fall.
  4. In two year Forney will be in This district.
  5. I hope gas prices are down by the time this game will be played. So I can drive to Marshall.
  6. This coaching staff has seen this offense that Marshall will be running. Since it was at Ennis. Back when they were in the same district.
  7. Since everyone one else has started I guess I will as well. I will put more in later.
  8. If Legacy is a playoff team I will be shocked.
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