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  1. I’m going to guess that he’s offense is going to spread base. Is coach trahan going to keep the 3-3-5 defense?
  2. Having to two coaches from Oklahoma is a bit shocking. Seeing that coach was from Mississippi if I am not mistaken.
  3. Well, I can’t worry about how you see stuff
  4. I wanna know why are you so concerned about anything that I say that’s factual. Because you can’t argue against it.
  5. Point something out to you I don’t care. Oh, I was only pointing out who they hire for that school. but this topic never comes up when they only hire white coaches for legacy.
  6. I just told you what TISD’s hiring practices were, and y’all jumped over me for stating a fact, and said it could be anyone, so I didn’t say anything I went along with it, but TISD proved my point. Nope I am not worried. I just named coaches that I thought would be the right fit for TH since TISD went in the direction all of the time.
  7. What I stated was based on what I said about TISD only hiring Black HC for Tyler High.
  8. well I was right about tisd staying in line with what they been doing when it comes to hiring HC for TH. What is the offense that he ran EHS?
  9. Every program wants the big name to come to their school to coach
  10. You understand that Tyler have gotten in fights with Longview in football while he was there right?
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