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  1. Freshman isn’t half bad and they got some size on them.
  2. i know that why we moved to terrell. for cheaper housing.
  3. All I am going to be looking at is the offense, and that’s about it.
  4. Let’s have a good showing later on tonight Cujo.
  5. That’s out lying area with the apt. The houses that are being bought aren’t being moved into. I would know I live out here now. That is what I’m talking about. The new house that bring built are on the north side of town which is where most of the black families live.
  6. Houses are being sold in Terrell but people aren’t moving in. Houses sold but are still empty. Or they go up for rent for 1,800 a month, and no one is Terrell is going to rent a house for that much here.
  7. Wasn’t that the range when Wilson wa there, also?
  8. Why did the other radio station close that air JT football?
  9. Until Tyler High fix the qb problem the out put will always be the same
  10. I know that are doing for their offense, that's all i can see them doing for.
  11. I am 39 so yes I am. I don’t remember the guys back in the day that called for JT. I never listened to smoaky when it came rel. only when he did JT games which wasn’t very often.
  12. I am use to the unbiased radio play by play. KTBB calls it right down the middle for the most part.
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